Thursday, October 30, 2008

wooooooo !

The moment that i waited for a long long LONG LONG time...
yay...exam ended!

9 days exam...who can tahan lar wei. damn suffer these days!
Before the exam, should i say much thing happened?

I went to hospital for CT SCan. (yea.brain scanning) and costed my dad rm380++.
After knew something, i realize that everyone is so care about me. I mean it.
They r trying to solve my problems. And figure out this and that.
I appreciate what have u guys done. REALLY!

Love u all~ and im quite enjoy my life here~ (i moved to grandpa's house =)

I am speechless..dunno what to say. Just feel EXCITED : EXAM FINISHED!!!
yay! i just can't wait to hang out with friendsssss!

Oh..i feel i wanna go for jungle tracking eh ;)
Call me anytime for cheong-K, yum-cha or whateva~

=) this is big test...i dun think i can get good result. but then...i PHEW-ed~ cause it all ENDED!