Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm really dumb.
Wait like a stupid. I'm really dumb.
Dumbo mambo (random words).


Good night!

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Hello! I've been busy with studies... I mean exams! Yeah, exam once a year.
Finished Tort paper, I got a strong feeling that I wanted to cry while writing the answers. 3 hours, 4 answers, not enough for me at all. After the paper, totally no mood. Not that difficult, but then its more difficult compare with last year's questions. Mind totally blank the moment I got the answer, but thank God, I still managed to write something, at least many many many many many many MANY PAGES of answers!
After the paper, reached home and slept whole day. Too tired. Cried a while. After that pray so hard, hopefully won't fail.

2nd, Law of Trusts. Screwed gao gao. Or I should say all the Zone B students kena screwed? I was prepared. Although not FULLY PREPARED, at least I believe that I can pass it maybe? OH HOLY. I got the question paper, 15minutes reading time (as usual). I looked at the questions, wtf?

First ques, essay - Charitable trusts (Fine, I just did refreshing on this topic few mins before entered exam hall, can recall A BIT. I expect it to come out with problem question, but it was not. I won't do it).
2nd ques, problem ques - Totally no idea, not that panic yet, still have 6 questions to read thru.
3rd ques, problem ques - NO IDEA AT ALL AGAIN. Wonder if I took the wrong paper. Why the heck a 3rd party that not inside the will are claiming? There's no main issues, weird. Skipped.
4th ques, essay - Private Purpose trust. WHAT DA HELL. IT SHOULD BE IN PROBLEM QUES. WHAT THE HELL. THE QUOTATION THEY GAVE I NEVER SAW BEFORE. Damn it, I left only four questions to do!
Same goes to 6th... 7th... and 8th questions.

15mins reading time has ended, and candidates started writing answers. I was looking around, and lying on the table and start rereading the questions. I decided to take the challenge and did problem question, not even half of the answer, I put a big cross on the answer sheet, and gave up, proceed to write another.
I only managed to do 2 essays which I hardly squeeze my brain juice only manage to write 5-6pages. The third one, I have no idea which to pick, I picked another essay question again, and took the risk, put down all the knowledge I had which I didn't know whether it related with the quotation. Totally messed up!

Entered exam hall not more than one hour, witnessed a scene that SELDOM happened. Many students walked out from the exam hall. I wanted to do so, but I was so afraid of being alone at outside. (wth). Time's up. Passed the answer sheet, no one was actually wanted to talk. In a sudden, everyone is cursing. Seriously la, what happened with the examiner, why so mean? It's too hard for us. Surprisingly, I still survived after the kinda-strong wind came from super cold aircond plus I was using my free time to conteng on the question paper.
Whatever, this paper, confirmed failed.

No appetite. And slept for whole day after the paper. Very tired. I am very afraid that I can't get second lower in this second year degree, if not, I can't even get a chance to practice and become a lawyer. Instead of giving me a pass of four subjects, please do fail me. Or these two subjects just gimme a pass (though Trust is impossible to happen), and other two papers treat me better please. I need ur help for my future.

Sigh. Stress!

My friend posted on facebook. Caption : Fundamental mistake.

Haha. Life goes on dude!

Answers submitted, being emo or cry also useless. Unless someone goes to London and burn all the answer sheets. Ha. What can I do is only do better on next two papers *pray pray pray pray pray* I need a more powerful energy booster and I hate MIB for stealing all my knowledge at the moment I open my eyes from my precious sleep! Hahhahahaa.

Oh ya. My classmate shared something fun indeed true on college's page.
"Lesson for 22/05/2013 
Watch ALL TV series because examiners might just set a question involving the characters. I suggest, How I Met Your Mother".

And thanks shan zhu for talking to me after my freaking exam! Two papers to go! ;)
Yeah, shan zhu - wild boar. ngek!

Monday, May 6, 2013



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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I SAW MY 428 post on my blogggg!!!!!

This is scary! Two days ago it wasn't there. -___- !!

Bye. Happy Labour Day!

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Taken on 28th of April, 2012.

Time flies, its already a year. More than one year. Phew. Two days ago I wrote a not-too-short post for 428, but failed to publish it and the post has gone. I've no idea why the post will disappear, I've checked draft and others, failed to get it back. Suan la. Anyway, everyone who attended 428 are all warriors. Still can remember the sweats and the tears that day.

5th May coming soon, means LL.B exam coming soon too. Stress to the.max. Sigh. Anyway I will be driving back to Gajah Land tmr, and gonna revise as much as I can. Its more comfy n convenient to study at home as I do not need to worry what to eat everyday. Hehe.

I saw two articles written by my lecturers about elections. Really admire them. They're all my role models, knowledgeable or smart guys or girls really attractive ;)

Quoted from Mr. Edmund's random note on facebook: Vote for change. But don't vote for politicians or political parties - never put your faith in man. Vote for values you believe in. Vote against the arrogance of power. Vote against corruption. Vote courageously and reject the politics of fear.

I hope my country will be cleaner and safer. I love Malaysia. Good night.

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