Friday, July 29, 2011


When there's a camera, JUST SMILE!!!! =)


Credits to Yoon Doojoon. :)

Surprise given by them.

I thought the so-called birthday surprise ended (I am really satisfied with that!), not expecting a more surprising surprise, but... they did it! WOW!!!! This time really got cheated, I always thought I am very intelligent... but that day, I was such a noob. hahaha.

Very special cake! Just taste like sponge (it covered the whole cake, saw it?)
Very nice! I bet it must expensive.. I really paiseh leh...
And this cake need to q-up so long only can get de... more paiseh...

At first I forced by Jocelyn to use my mouth to take the candle up, =.="

Look at the thing beside cake? Jocelyn brought it! hahaha.

My presents. I like anything you girls gave me! :)



Thank you again.

I was struggling whether should go to Malacca for Law after got my A-Level result, my dad and sis keep encouraging me to leave KL and go Malacca to study as the course is less stressful. I insisted to stay in KL, I told my dad, but dad seemed disagree with me and asked me to think properly, it's Future.
I think and think, it troubled me. I was suffering emo for some time few weeks ago. ATC is too competitive and many good future lawyers. I started class two weeks ago, but I still have no idea wth am I studying. How useless. Do not dare to switch to other courses as I am sucks in Maths and Science, and I hate it. But I really afraid of can't handle the thing that I will study in the future, Now it already torturing me. Law - the noble yet strong word, people asking what are you studying, "Oh, I am taking Law now.," people started to adore me. Until I opened my mouth and speak the idiotbroken English, I bet they have a doubt with me. (Haha.) Law is too noble, I don't think I can get along with it. Haaaa! (How lifeless is me if this heard by my sis!)
And another thing, I heard this for thousand billion times : Degree is not same as A-level anymore.
What a stressful sentence that been told by them.

External system is 100% exam base, MMU isn't the same. This changed my mind. I am planning to go to MMU. And, it exempted CLP exam, this is the main point. After a month, I told my dad, I am considering MMU, seriously.

But thoughts changed.

Ha! Two weeks time in college, I had many superb moments with my buddies. Heavy heart to leave them (if really have to leave). =/ I still want to celebrate birthday with them, no matter mine or their birthdays, I wanna hang out with them, I wanna tease them, I wanna beat them, I wanna laugh at them, I wanna chat with them during class, I wanna I wanna I wanna.... still lots of things want to do with them.

I know this might be a easy choice for you, but for me. Sigh. U can choose to stop reading the post and close the blog if you think I'm it's too free to think all about it over and over again..

Anyway this post is going to end! Blahh!

So, Follow my heart?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Alright, yesterday was my birthday!!!
My 19th birthday was celebrating with all the beautiful people.

Had a very beautiful moment with them. :)

Yes! Them! and Woon Yee too.
(The bday photo was in Evonne's phone, so pinjam pasar malam pic first).
Thanks for all the Surprises! haha.
AND DURIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WU XIA with Jocelyn and Alex!
I laughed like siao yesterday before, during and after the movie! I really can't control myself.
And.. Alex is such a Philosopher!
And, three of us suspected there was a rat inside the theater.
Freaking disgusting!

CMM aka my sis treated two birthday girls (me and 2nd sis) Balinese food! yummy!
Overall everything's good! The environment too!
So Bali-ish!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes... unexpected Phone calls... and funny pictures!
And.. VIDEO! How amazing! Hey people, You know who You are. :)

I feel so lifeless today, I laughed for wholeeeee dayyyyyyyy!
zzz. Image dah spoilt.

Happy Belated Birthday to myself.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Define Cute.

Picture talks.

Welcome to Malaysia, again! I know you guys gonna rock on the stage again. Why MTV World Stage not on 26th but on 24th... =((

Credits to Prince Jang's twitter.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The first time...

L O L. I watched this.

Normal human will think : There is one girl and one boy in the poster.

I was searching a movie named Friendship, but I found that almost all the Thai movies in youtube disappeared and deleted, most probably is because of the copyrights thingy. I keep searching and my laptop was just left 50% of battery. Failed to search it, but don't know why another movie named Yes or No caught my attention, I went to facebook and search to look at the poster. Yeah, I thought it was a normal love story, so I decided to load it, so that I can watch the whole movie when I'm back to condo (Neighbour switches off his connection these days, tourtured!).

Battery used up. I got to leave (was at Mont Kiara's Wendy's that time), reached home, I clicked the PLAY button... within 10minutes... I sensed something wrong (NOT THE NARROW DIRTY THING U'RE THINIKING RIGHT NOW!!!).
Not being discriminative, but that time, I insist to continue watch it, because I can't believe I watch Lesbian movie for the first time in my life. (These few days always have FOR THE FIRST TIME appeared in my post). In a nutshell, it is really a girlgirl-love-movie. (aww...)

I don't know what to say about this movie, but hey... Let's watch it! Dare to love, peeps! I really like the tomboy inside the movie... AHH, I THINK I GOTTA STOP PRAISING HIM... er.. I mean HER.
I keep imagining that SHE is a GUY, then I only manage to finish the whole drama. hahaha.

Oh sheet. What can I say about this boy! Wait, I mean... the boyish Girl.

=) People, I am still normal. I like b-o-y-s. Don't suspect me. :)

Still having thai movie fever! Gotto load another Thai movie!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grand and... Noble!

I never went to KL pasar malam before. Wednesday, for the very first time in my life, went to Connaught pasar malam (longest pasar malam in Malaysia), with a bunch of awesome people. I REALLY MEAN IT, A BUNCH, which MEANS... I went out with 10 human beings! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I WENT WITH SO MANY FRIENDS TO PASAR MALAM! ;P
How grand! Hahaha!

The girls.
Photo credits to Jocelyn Wuwu. hehehe.

We're best friends, we keep teasing each other, we care everyone, we like and we love anyone of us. We help and trust each other. The bond of friendship between us got stronger! It's not just friendship, it's a special kind of feeling towards each other, its like... a big family. =) I like them because just simply really like them! When I'm down, they always cheer me up. We got closer and closer. I love to be with them and I appreciate all the moment with them! (Do you feel... touching? :P)

From the day I came ATC until today, I met a lot of people with double or triple or uncountable faces humans, and the best friends are always the people who stand behind me and backup me whenever I need help. Yes, I am lucky, really.

Cheer for our friendship! Yay!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am exhausted. Very exhausted. T.T

Degree started since last week.
I cannot stop doing revision, if I stop, I can't catch up with what lecturers teach.

I cannot stop walking as I am not as good as other people.
Brush up... Still brushing up my broken English and study skills.

Don't have idea whether I can continue LLB or not, its external exam, I am not confident enough that I can get great results for the exam and get 2nd honour in Part II, then continue my CLP. CLP certificate holder can only be a lawyer. But then law graduates from local uni are exempted from CLP.
I have a doubt with myself. My dad encouraged me to continue in MMU, but... sigh.


This is so me.

I am a 24 hours thinker, I cannot stop thinking this and that except when I'm unconscious. lol.
I am really tired, tired of myself and my brain! =/

Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you remember ?

Yeah, Full House. Do you still remember? :)
The song 'I think I love you' by Byul was playing in my mp3. It reminded me of Full House, one of the most popular drama in Korea in 2004 (oh gosh, 7 years ago!).
I like this song so much, my mind will play the romantic scene of Rain & Song Hye Kyo and and and... the one that I have a crush on. :) HAHAHAHA!

Was wondering will the same story happens in reality too.?

Simplicity. Beauty.

Remember them? The foxandwolf. lol.

So sweet.

Hyun Bin and Hyo Kyo broke up :/ So sad!
They're sweet together anyway!


She's Hot.

That's all. Went to AHHH EEEE OHHH UIII class today! Had fun and met some new friends!
Hope I can catch up next time, cuz' I'm a bit slow compare with them! I don't want myself to be leftout.... oh huhu.

Bye, and again look how beautiful is Song Hye Kyo! :)

Have a fun weekends peeps! xoxo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lost time is never found again.

What a windy morning. Good morning readers.
Ate butter toffee to kickstart my beautiful day. Today has no class. Started my Intermediate class 3 days ago (Monday), 4 subjects, I still have no idea which one is my favourite subject, but I think Public Law is pretty interesting. Although only 3 days class a week, but I cannot loosen up myself. Anyway, I will have an addtional language class tomorrow, I am sooo excited!

Blink blink eyes, I am here at KL for a week already. Past few weeks, I was having fun at Perak. Check what I did at Perak.
-I straighten my hair at Des saloon.
-I went to SYS to watch singing competition, wear MM's uniform.
-I had breakfast with Kar Mun and See Mei.
-I had lunch with Chia Hui, Pei Ley, Rong Pin, Sin Yee and Mei Kee.
-I finished a HK drama named 刑警.
-Noobshit migraine attacked twice.
-Check out the Samsung Galaxy 2, took so many brouchures.
-Hometown food yum yum! Homecooked food also yum yum!
-Had KFC for several times as my tea-time. hahaha!
-Hung out with kai yan and others to De Garden. Missing all the strawberries now. hehe.
-Yeh yeh dated me go eat breakfast. hahaaha.
-Watched Beast, KBS channel for so many times!
-Dad danced Penguin dance by Beast for me! Errkk! ;P
-Went Tanjung Rambutan.
-Borrowed a HK drama from ah pan to bring back to KL.
-I can't recall anymore events. hahaha.

First of all, second sis graduated almost a year, FINALLY Taylors' held a convocation for all the students. Congratulations AGAIN. hehehe.

2nd, elder sisters and parents joined Bersih rally. Due to my health, my dad was not allow me to join the rally, he was struggled, he wanted me to witness this priceless historical moment, but at last, he said No. They went outside to stay overnight and updated me with the latest info. Thank God, they're safe. Really. Not wearing yellow is for the warriors' safety, if not they will be caught by the police before joining the rally, so colour is not important, the most important is all the rakyat attend the rally. Disappointed with a number of tv stations and newspaper, *shakes head*. Anyway, I salute to those who joined the rally especially those being fired by water cannons and teargas. The legal gangster, they're bullying the rakyat instead of protecting them. Damnit. So farking angry when watching those videos.
I swear I want to be a good lawyer, to fight for justice.

3rd, Miss Praveena entered common law tutorial class, and asked everyone to stand up to introduce ourselves and tell them why we want to do LLB and become a lawyer. I think such introduction will motivate oneself to do better, and do not forget why we wanna take the Degree.

4th, Tell me what to do. I can't do anything till the release of the result. MMU?

5th, many HK drama related with law nowadays, haha. Really inspiring!

Goodbye. Want to gao dim another episode of 怒火街头 first.
Next will be revising Criminal Law! :)

And yes, Lost time is never found again! Appreciate!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Same as Mei Mei , just random XD

I am happy.

I can jump even higher than them! ;P

Don't know why, just happy. :D

yeah. ur smile!

Lazy! Started LLB since Monday, will update tomorrow! Having 3 days class in a week. Amazing?
The lazy me hope the class will be 4 or 5 days a week! :P

Cya bloggers and readers tomorrow! :)