Friday, July 29, 2011

Surprise given by them.

I thought the so-called birthday surprise ended (I am really satisfied with that!), not expecting a more surprising surprise, but... they did it! WOW!!!! This time really got cheated, I always thought I am very intelligent... but that day, I was such a noob. hahaha.

Very special cake! Just taste like sponge (it covered the whole cake, saw it?)
Very nice! I bet it must expensive.. I really paiseh leh...
And this cake need to q-up so long only can get de... more paiseh...

At first I forced by Jocelyn to use my mouth to take the candle up, =.="

Look at the thing beside cake? Jocelyn brought it! hahaha.

My presents. I like anything you girls gave me! :)



Thank you again.

I was struggling whether should go to Malacca for Law after got my A-Level result, my dad and sis keep encouraging me to leave KL and go Malacca to study as the course is less stressful. I insisted to stay in KL, I told my dad, but dad seemed disagree with me and asked me to think properly, it's Future.
I think and think, it troubled me. I was suffering emo for some time few weeks ago. ATC is too competitive and many good future lawyers. I started class two weeks ago, but I still have no idea wth am I studying. How useless. Do not dare to switch to other courses as I am sucks in Maths and Science, and I hate it. But I really afraid of can't handle the thing that I will study in the future, Now it already torturing me. Law - the noble yet strong word, people asking what are you studying, "Oh, I am taking Law now.," people started to adore me. Until I opened my mouth and speak the idiotbroken English, I bet they have a doubt with me. (Haha.) Law is too noble, I don't think I can get along with it. Haaaa! (How lifeless is me if this heard by my sis!)
And another thing, I heard this for thousand billion times : Degree is not same as A-level anymore.
What a stressful sentence that been told by them.

External system is 100% exam base, MMU isn't the same. This changed my mind. I am planning to go to MMU. And, it exempted CLP exam, this is the main point. After a month, I told my dad, I am considering MMU, seriously.

But thoughts changed.

Ha! Two weeks time in college, I had many superb moments with my buddies. Heavy heart to leave them (if really have to leave). =/ I still want to celebrate birthday with them, no matter mine or their birthdays, I wanna hang out with them, I wanna tease them, I wanna beat them, I wanna laugh at them, I wanna chat with them during class, I wanna I wanna I wanna.... still lots of things want to do with them.

I know this might be a easy choice for you, but for me. Sigh. U can choose to stop reading the post and close the blog if you think I'm it's too free to think all about it over and over again..

Anyway this post is going to end! Blahh!

So, Follow my heart?

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