Wednesday, October 24, 2007

bla bla and BLA!

Oh my godness. I only can use the word CRAZY to describe MYSELF. CRAZY with anything, everything.
And i can be CRAZY everyday, everyminute and every second.

Well, my nerves got some problem now.

Don't SCREAM when u watching their videos.

Don't LAUGH alone when u r watching their videos.

Don't SMILE to the comp while watching the videos from YOUTUBE.

Don't IMAGINE they are ur boifrens when watching their video.
Don't PRAISE them everytime u saw them from tv.
Those DON'Ts i think my family want to tell me SINCE IM CRAZY WITH TVXQ!
I knew my problems!

If u have the same problem like me, i would like to meet and be ur good friend.
Hmm...should i say NO to TVXQ now?

Friday, October 19, 2007


Micky u r so cute duhh!

I am definitely CRAZZIIEE with TVXQ! All is tht Popo and M.Q's fault.


They influence ME. But im darn enjoy it! hahahaha!!

Hmm...2day really have a great time ^^ But then i spent so MUCH money!
Anyway, im so generous today. And i don't want to talk about it again.

That's all. Im busy watching TVXQ's videos n waiting for the kindest gal -Kar Mun send all my Micky's photos for me!!!


Gorgeous? Cool? Funny? Handsome?

Anyway, my MICKY already have all these. Dont ever touch my MICKY again. hehehe. Ya! Im saying YOU! :-P

Sunday, October 14, 2007


First, i got a lil bit dissapointed ystrday night. But then, i am quite happy and i am satisfied.
But all happened in-a-RUSH.

but still happy until WALALALA~~


Okie. Took this photo UN-PREPARED-LY. My hair so messy. Sigh. Anyway, i do not like the photo. I do not look great. But the guy...hohoho!

He was so cool~ Waahhahaahhaha!
Anyway, thank GOD, he still remember me :D

Well, i talk a lot with my cousin sister ystrday.
And we just walk around Parade, then she talks a lot abt her school to me, and tell me that ACTUALLY PARADE HAVE MANY GANGSTER. haha.

Yupp. I know this. And have many La La Zai too~ =P

柯有伦~ Alan Kuo~~~ A brand new rocker's voice 'flies' to my ears.

What can i say, i listened his album all day LONG. Don't believe, can asked anyone at my HOME.

All his songs were great!

Now i like ROCK. walalalaa~ ^^

Thursday, October 11, 2007

8th Oct,2007 (Wednesday)

I went to school on 8th Oct, 2007. Tuesday only 6 boys are going to school. And 2day is only 18 or 20 something. Gosh...separuh pun tiada! And...we have no textbooks, class, own table/chairs~ We were placed in the small dewan. And i was soooo boring. So me n my friends keep UNO, UNO, UNO and UNO till 12:40p.m.


I wasted my time like this. And if im at home, same lar. Stay in front the comp ALL DAY LONG.

I will be MAD one day.

I think u should know them-GANGSTER. They r just a POP-Singer and a very very terrible dancer in a drama named OVER THE RAINBOW!
(Someone always complain to me : WHY THIS GROUP IN ONLY IN SERIES? WHY IS IT NOT A REAL ONE?!)

Anyway, they cannot sing lar, but i do like their dance! That's why cannot be a singer~

Ahem...if u r reading. Don't bla bla to me again ar~~

The 1st guy, got a lil bit looks like RAIN. but i prefer RAIN. I like the 2nd girl and the last guy.

The last guy really good in dancin and singing. Dont believe, pls go to YouTube ^^ (he is one of the member of FLY TO THE SKY)


Well, i DO NOT like this ending of tis series. Haven watch it yet, but whn i go to a forum, and every1 is not happy with that. Just watch urself! Cya all!

p/s: Thanks Si Tzen! ^^

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Weeeee! Finally my PMR is finished. This feeling was great.

All the stress seems leave me, i was so relax.

Now i just want to enjoy myself in these 2 month, i cant imagine the day i get my result.

I just dont have confidence to get straight As!


Feel that everyone is changing. Its a good thing. Everyone changing become more mature. One of my friend, she is kinda weird these few weeks. I don't know what happened with her. She just doesn't want to tell her things to anyone. She just keep saying she got a lover. But sometimes she seems lost control, i started don't know who is her.

She changes a lot! She seldom talk with me. She seldom hang out with us! Everyone started hate her. Everyone complain to me. They told their problem to me. And i was just like "Ohh...hmm...mmm...oo...yea...okay...."

What can i do? I already do what i should do. Her attitude already got problem these days.

Change. Changing. Everyone is changing. IN DIFFERENT WAY.

Mun Yi C~
9th Oct, 2007.