Thursday, October 11, 2007

8th Oct,2007 (Wednesday)

I went to school on 8th Oct, 2007. Tuesday only 6 boys are going to school. And 2day is only 18 or 20 something. Gosh...separuh pun tiada! And...we have no textbooks, class, own table/chairs~ We were placed in the small dewan. And i was soooo boring. So me n my friends keep UNO, UNO, UNO and UNO till 12:40p.m.


I wasted my time like this. And if im at home, same lar. Stay in front the comp ALL DAY LONG.

I will be MAD one day.

I think u should know them-GANGSTER. They r just a POP-Singer and a very very terrible dancer in a drama named OVER THE RAINBOW!
(Someone always complain to me : WHY THIS GROUP IN ONLY IN SERIES? WHY IS IT NOT A REAL ONE?!)

Anyway, they cannot sing lar, but i do like their dance! That's why cannot be a singer~

Ahem...if u r reading. Don't bla bla to me again ar~~

The 1st guy, got a lil bit looks like RAIN. but i prefer RAIN. I like the 2nd girl and the last guy.

The last guy really good in dancin and singing. Dont believe, pls go to YouTube ^^ (he is one of the member of FLY TO THE SKY)


Well, i DO NOT like this ending of tis series. Haven watch it yet, but whn i go to a forum, and every1 is not happy with that. Just watch urself! Cya all!

p/s: Thanks Si Tzen! ^^


tzen said...

Are you sure?
18th OCt?
*comment[first part]*

Mun Yi said...

Ahh!! Thanks a million for telling me. hehhehe ^^
I will change it NOW!!!

tzen said...

you know..
when i was scrolling down..
and SUDDENLY i saw my name..
wo scared me..
and then i saw the [THANKYOU]