Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Weeeee! Finally my PMR is finished. This feeling was great.

All the stress seems leave me, i was so relax.

Now i just want to enjoy myself in these 2 month, i cant imagine the day i get my result.

I just dont have confidence to get straight As!


Feel that everyone is changing. Its a good thing. Everyone changing become more mature. One of my friend, she is kinda weird these few weeks. I don't know what happened with her. She just doesn't want to tell her things to anyone. She just keep saying she got a lover. But sometimes she seems lost control, i started don't know who is her.

She changes a lot! She seldom talk with me. She seldom hang out with us! Everyone started hate her. Everyone complain to me. They told their problem to me. And i was just like "Ohh...hmm...mmm...oo...yea...okay...."

What can i do? I already do what i should do. Her attitude already got problem these days.

Change. Changing. Everyone is changing. IN DIFFERENT WAY.

Mun Yi C~
9th Oct, 2007.


sunshineoceansand said...

enjoy ur holz to the maximum ler! why dont u go to brunei for holiday??!!

c_lsung@hotmail.com said...

u also found i'm mature already ah????? very terharu....
i want to cry.....

MunYi C said...

yalor. u are so mature. When u play UNO, u and that KKH berpakat one. and sing for us! see...how mature u are! =)

mun yi~