Friday, February 12, 2010


Yo~ I am still doing great here. Not really wasting my time everyday!
I went to plenty of places, met many kinds of people, driving skills got improve a bit, read many books :) , lepak in some forum, went out to eat many types of food, shop for clothes XD, TV EVERYDAY, ONLINE EVERYNIGHT and blah.
I used my time wisely :)

The Kite Runner. Please do read it. This is just so nice! it's all about
friendship, betrayal, and the price of loyalty. Thanks to GG for bringing me this book since last month. I watched the movie in youtube too, but... the movie seemed cut out many important parts, I prefer book :)
Hassan was so cute ! =)
The sentence that he told Amir Jan is still playing in my mind. O.O

4th February, 2010.

Please tell me that this picture looked nice. I spent a night to edit it *sweat...
Don't u saw that actually it's in gray scale, but WHY THE EGGS and curtain got c o l o u r ?

That's all for today. I still need to clean my room. I am very disappointed with myself, I told myself to clean the wardrobe after SPM, but didn't change anything too. Got to do it faster, cuz' maybe biscuit will ask me out soon :)

Will be meeting my lovely friends again during this CNY, but some of them are working, can't get a longer holiday =/ They asked me to hang out on the second day of cny, but...aikz, anyway, will spend some time with them =)
EATING GANG! MISS U GUYS!!!!! *love love love*

p/s: Got sms from Pn. Jeya 10minutes ago. I think I need to find one day to back to school and meet her since she misses me so much :P
Frankly, I miss her too! :) *it's warm when got her lovely wishes*


I felt that this is so funny :P
But I do love this video.

Hope everyone of u have a
prosperous year!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

P字頭 \\\\\


—— 尽力演出 ——

( there's 3 strangers there, I have no idea with who are them :P
anyway, this is the only group photo included Director. What the weird facial expression I showed =.=||| )

陪伴 左右。 朋友

p/s: William San is HOTTT =)

Since this day, I knew that
Mei Mei is still very RICH $_$ and she is still weird =.=
Mun Ee likes handsome, still loving Nicholas Teo. hahaha
LiYoong wasn't that quiet as I thought and SHE BETUL-BETUL TAK KELIP MATA WHEN LOOKING AT MR.JIAN.


Hey, saw it this morning ;)