Tuesday, July 15, 2008


YES. I am really should be happy. Leo Club organized a talk and we invite Tan Chia Yong, from 8TV. I never ever expect there's lots of people attend the talk! i was WOW. GOSH. Its great to have a such a GREAT report to send to Lion Alan soon. MUAHAHAHA.
It really SHOCKED me man...there's 270++ attended!!! FOOO~~ WOOO~~ YAAYY!!!
hehehhe. But i think the whole ceramah spoilt by my welcome speech? urgh. blame myself lar, never get ready and sweat a lot, run here run there, then suddenly its my turn to deliver the speech! I never read d speech before, never tried the mic before too! And...i went up the stage with my messy hair n reddish face. god~!!!

Photos will be coming very soon=)

I really want to thank HUI YEE and FAN YOU to entertaint us that day! hey hey, there got most popular singing group in school o~ THEY GOT FANS!!!! i never lie! they ROCK!!!!
And surely our school most famous boys group - Mr. Lemonssss!
uhuhhuhuu!! Lemon Boys! *thumbs upp!*
And most important, is my MOMMY. thanks a lot, my dear chilie padi~
I LOVE YOU :) and congrats my dear!

I wonder what the h*ll made me so suffer n sad. LOL. mayb i should say dissapointed?
Or im too stressful?! gosh.
These affect my mood everyday. sigh. trying to make my EQ standard higher!
ahahaha =P
jie will help me, i knew it :-P
Its very late at nite now. Ciaoz guys~!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I felt that I want to stop everything.
Acted like nothing happened.
Its damn weird if its keep moving on.
I just cant believe in you.
I am damn enjoy my days at school these days. With friends. Talk or BLA BLA BLA a lots at skul. And my new place to lepak these days : LIBRARY =) Gosh. my place to release all the STRESS! And...i can LAUGH LOUDLY there. My friend told me. When i be with u, i really can LAUGHed a lots. ahahahahha xD
I knew I knew. I knew i am important for u guys' LIFEee! =P

Stress, Can i just please stop all those projects? and leave me alone, n jump here jump there like an idiot or CLOWN? Stop asking me those anything about the clubbing! I wanna stay at home, n be alone. I hate going out now. Its hard to let me hang out with my friends! how SH*T.
Board a bus, spend my time in the bus, look at the people in the bus. Experience the WIND in the bus.
Reach the place, say HELLO or HI, start meeting, and spent 3 or 4 hours there.
Honestly, my EQ gets more LOWER since in the president of that club.
I am not a good ones. Please choose another one!
If i stop now, mayb its too irresponsible action. But...i already do my best. Stop asking me or telling me about those STRESSFUL ISH-FUL GRR-FUL stuffs to me while im OUT or enjoying my life with my friends!
I am trying my best...doing my BEST!!!!!

My shitful life here. GOD, GIMME A SIGN!