Friday, September 28, 2012


收藏他的韩国专辑已有一年,今天终于拿出来用心地听全部歌曲,旋律真的很YG!也就是说很Big Bang还有2NE1。不愧是同一家公司。

I feel weird with my mandarin, haha. Anyway I'm still hoping Se7en will come to Malaysia!


Readers, I am back! (As if I'm a popular blogger that everyone waits for my new post). Sweat*
Back to the point.
Everything is settled 2 weeks ago, but still that insurance agency was very irresponsible, I hope our complains are workable. Seem settled, but mentally, I don't know. Even myself is still thinking about it, sometimes will get emo over it, so imagine his parents? He's his papa's son and best friend some more. My heart is still aching whenever think about it, even though its been happened for nearly a month.
Wonder how are you? I miss you. Everyone misses you. What should we do? :( Anyway, hope you're happy in another world and rest in peace. You live forever in our heart. :)
I really hope everyone can be strong, and love each other more. Yes, me, always the weakest, please be stronger cmy! People, you will never know when the people around you will be leaving, so please appreciate them! Ahh... this is life. =/
After that, back to college. Having class on weekends. Weekdays as well. I don't know why, but I like Year2 tutorial classes. Lesser students and can be more concentrate, can pick the lecturers that I prefer too. The only thing I dislike is, lectures on Sunday is too long, time got slower especially Sunday. I spent almost 8hours in college every Sunday. Hahahahahhahaha *tearing*

Had migraine on Wednesday. Unexpected, as usual. But this time really got a worse migraine compared with last time. I suffered for half day, I really thought I am dying that time. So helpless, half blinded and home has no people. My head gonna explode that time. The pain that you all can't imagine. I really hate myself of getting this migraine illness, I really hate me and hate it. But what to do! No one can cure! I am still consider as lucky one. The lucky thing is, all these 4years, it happened when I'm at home. Really lucky that I wasn't driving. Its still saddening... Whenever it happens, everyone starts worrying. I worried and worry too, cause I know that migraine can actually cause brain cancer or eyes can be blind. Especially me, having bad migraine. I did CT Scan for my brain few years back, everything is normal, but doctor was telling me that migraine is cureless, when it attacks, you can only consume panadols. Sigh. This month happened twice, I really worry my health now. So I decided to scan it again next week. Specialist gonna earn my money again. -.- So people, be grateful that you are all healthy and don't be too stress, take it easy! I am trying to relax all these days. Reading this might let you feel down or even pity me? Anyway, don't worry. =) I am still able jumping around! Okay, dance gangnam style also fine! ;)

I am now having lunch alone at Wendy's that nearby my home. Accidentally met one of the Year1 lecturers. He taught me thrice *i think* before, so it's normal he can't recognise me. I didn't notice him at first, I only saw a blind lady walking with a man, and then the man went to order food. When he sat down, and I could only able to look at his side face, I still cannot confirm whether that's my lecturer or not. He was taking good care of his wife, so soft, feeding her fries, get her tissues and all that, and I slightly can see his face, and I can confirmed he was my lecturer. Those scenes just happened right in front of me, they just sat in front of me, I don't know but I feel like crying. What a good man! And he's one of my favourite lecturers! I guess I can pass THAT subject because of his teaching. Yeah.. so, all the best to them, and I hope his wife will get well soon, I hope that was just temporarily blind. So sweet, really.

I hope my sis able to be back and have dinner with me tonight, I don't wanna solo again. =( I'm a little afraid of being alone nowadays. Sigh.

Hahhaha, there's a korean family, and the elder bro fighting with younger bro, and that fatty younger bro cried. Elder bro is actually same age with me? or younger than me 2 or 3 years. Hahahaha I am tahan-ing my laughes here, all alone. (sounds lonely -.-)

Have a nice day people! Happy Friday! :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Everything is so unreal. I thought this will only happen in drama. Drama equal life, life equal drama. Chinamen are right. Always right indeed. My mind is all blank these two days, I guess it will continue to be blank for whole week. People coming and start crying when I open the door for them, this happen and happen again. Couldn't sleep well these days, I believe everyone the same.
Hardly to smile these days. Too unreal, till now I still cannot accept it. My heart aches after listen that and more ache when looking at my aunty uncle and my grandpa. What to do what to do. What to do. What should I do? Everyone is busy, too many procedures and regulations wanna follow. For this time, I hate weekends a lot.Everyone is damn busy, while I stay at home stay beside my sis and my grandpa. I am now the eldest at home, but I feel scared, I feel I am useless. Life is so unpredictable. I cannot stop asking why why why, and WHY! Too many family challenges after my mahmah gone. Talk about mahmah, I miss her a lot. Though its already four years, the feeling is still there, I can remember her smile and smell of the powder that she always put on herself. All the memories are still clearly on my mind.
I feel so tired. Only can wait for you to come back so maybe I can only accept the truth. I hope all these are dreams, slap me, I wanna awake from this nightmare. Slap me hardly.... My brain never stop functioning these days. Coincidentally, many buddies asking me out this week, I am really sorry that I can't make it. I don't wanna explain. I bet they must start to think more to negative sides. Ok, human nature, if me, maybe I will think so too? Too happening and saddening. Headache. I wanna stop writing this, I don't wanna let my grandpa aware of my sad face again.

Windy day. 2nd of Sept., 2012.
Miss you.