Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good day!

Today is Wednesday. Should not be having any classes today, but replacement class for Commercial forced me to spend 5bucks for parking again, means I got class la. What the heck I was talking about. Sweat. Before class, I went Leisure Mall for movie. Met my friend there, we decided to watch different movie cause we think its too geli to watch a romantic movie together. She watched Breaking Dawn ; Me watch Cold War! Anyway I'm so satisfy with Coldwar till now! This is the movie that made me eyes feel so comfortable all the time, so many good looking! And quite ci gik, cause suddenly will have BOMB. -.- Watching movie alone is not as pathetic as you think. I enjoyed! :D

After that, bargain bargain! Speedy got sale! I bought a Japanese drama named The Boss, The Hero starred by Tomoya Nagase! My very first Jpop idol. Hahaha. Then bought Alan Kuo's 5 years ago's album! The album that I really loved it! I loved all 10songs by him! This album is really worth! Lastly, brain dah rosak I guess, I bought Kim Hyunjoong's this year album - Break Down. Haha, cheated,cause it has only 6 songs, two songs are the same just one in normal another in Instrumental version. Its okay. My mood very good after the movie!

After movie, Cds, lunch then head to college. Rain and thunder are distractions. Can't focus on 2nd part of tutorial. -.-
That's all! Too much fun things! Tired of pressing my phone, haha. Good night and November going to end real soon. :( Means my bestie gonna leave to Bangkok soon. =/

Life goes on cmy! And and and I'm so happy that I studied these two days! :) Nights!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Nowadays society is too over reality. You can say anything if you're pretttaaayyyy, if you're ugly, just shut ur mouth up.

If I write more, the more I emo. So k gotta stop here. People, trust yourself! I don't know why this little issue influenced my mood, guess that I'm just a childish kid who suddenly found out one of the true faces of society, then I got a little bit sad and this is so pathetic.
Ok. Bye.

Another thing that bothers me alot, studies. I feel so energyless whenever I'm having class. Procrastination getting more serious. Procrastinate like a lou sai since year2 begins. I'm trying hard to focus. Damn it. I dislike today's me! Nights!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tired again n again!

Stress. I'm tired! (I don't know how many zillion times I complain this!) I feel very tiny that I can't speak good English. Haih. I'm not good in speaking, I'm in 2nd year and I still speak like a noob. I'm getting smaller and smaller. T_T
I really feel small. Haih.
Heavy eyes. Good night.

Monday, November 5, 2012


At this late night, I'm thinking a lot again. I'm actually suspecting someone dislikes me. I don't know what's happening, ehh tell la please -.-
Mr.Suresh back in action today! Feel so happy when I stepped into class and saw he's standing there start lecturing! Normally he will b teaching in JB and Singapore only! My energy are all back and I manage to pay full attention in that 2hours & 30mins lecture! Trust is one of the subject I'm blank with, but with his guidance, at least there's one topic is in my hands now. Weeee! Seriously, he should teach in Kl! I'm ok if its him teaches me all four subjects. -.- Bcause of his appearance during my first year revision class, I managed to get higher marks in contract. Hehehehhee. Bangga!

Anywayyyy... Its 1a.m. now,gotta sleep! Good luck to my sis who gonna face SPM tmr! Should be today! Best of luck! :D

Tomorrow my class till 8:30pm. Zzzz!

Miss kawan karibsss ku in Perak! Aih. Its been a long time never see them :( Hopefully can have a crazy... I mean happy gathering during deepavali. Hehehehe.

Sweet dreams people!

P/s: In case u miss me, I attached one silly photo of mine along this post! Haha. If you're moody, hopefully this will cheer u up! If you're mad, pls close my blog immediately, don't curse me. -.- Hey! My mouth can insert one cow already. Haha.

Friday, November 2, 2012


I really abandoned this blog for a long time. 2nd year Degree started and I have no time to update my blog. I miss my A-level time a lot! I slacked around and just playing non-stop that time! After that proceed to first year Degree, I was really stress that time. Till I wanna give up. But then the good thing is I still manage to have fun n had random hang outs with my buddies. Now... oh sheet. I feel tired everyday after class, I don't have the mood to open my laptop to go online, I don't feel like having night shopping session with my sisters. I'm just like an old boring woman. I've been wondering for a long time, why my other friends are so freaking free and always ask for outing? Hahahha. I asked them but no exact answer. Is it my problem? Am I too draggy? Aish. Don't know la! Just feel super tired! Especially weekend classes and my Monday class sometimes till 9pm. #yeahWTH.

Zzzz. =/

The most hyper event happened on October was BigBang Alive Tour Concert! Damnnnn awesome! I was sick that day but I have the urge to join Bigbang and VIPs by buying last minute tickets! I wanna slap myself. Hahahhaa. But its all worth! Damn this concert was so freaking awesome! Till now my mind is full of Taeyang! Hmm I mean five of them. Teehee! I bought 188bucks ticket but I sneaked into 98bucks seats there. Cause that time started to rain n I prefer to sit at above watching them rather than standing there. My tixs were free standing one -.- Too much stories about this concert! Even if u ask me to tell u the whole story, I'm still hyper and energetic like a monkey! But then really thank god rain stopped in a sudden, like there's a miracle. Hahaha! There's hope! Do u see that? :P Maybe u will find me annoying like my sis cause I just can't stop talking like a parrot after the concert. But I can feel that my friend enjoyed my 'talk' a lot! And she can even shout with me along Petaling Street when I told her Taeyang was trying hard to tear off.his singlet! Hahahhahaa! The next day, the concert made me can't concentrate at all during class. Mainly, I was still in the hyper mood, second was I just busy telling them how awesome was it. Lolololololllll!
Really lazy to type much through phone. Update u guys next time! Oh yes! I saw MH that day xD !

Another annoying thing happened. It bothers me quite a long time and it comes again. About the gas inside my stomach. For one week. -.- I went to consult doctor last two days cause I can't even stand properly and vomit for few times already. The doctor said maybe there's bacteria inside and need to do a bloodtest asap. I told her I wil discuss with my sis. (I was driving alone out to clinic that time cause I really can't tahan!) I rest a while in her clinic then only back home. Okie, the climaks part... I paid 105bucks just for consultation and medication. I was so shocked as I'm just a little poor student :( You bloody pretty doctor, why.... T_T
Parents went overseas, don't even dare to tell them I'm not feeling well cause scared they'll worry about me. Sigh. Anyway I will be going to do a bloodtest tmr. I feel better today, Fai-na-li. -__-

Can't recall anything else, just bigbang and studies. I've no idea what's going on with my class and everything, I don't know what are they talking about. Am I retarded or what? Seriously I don't hv any single idea abt it except law of Tort. Kill me la. Essays every week somemore, haih.

Take care people! Bad weather! Bad bad weather! Wanna clear my mind and sleep early! Wow I did write a lot! My fingers are so tired now! And phone low batt! Ciao!

Friday, September 28, 2012


收藏他的韩国专辑已有一年,今天终于拿出来用心地听全部歌曲,旋律真的很YG!也就是说很Big Bang还有2NE1。不愧是同一家公司。

I feel weird with my mandarin, haha. Anyway I'm still hoping Se7en will come to Malaysia!


Readers, I am back! (As if I'm a popular blogger that everyone waits for my new post). Sweat*
Back to the point.
Everything is settled 2 weeks ago, but still that insurance agency was very irresponsible, I hope our complains are workable. Seem settled, but mentally, I don't know. Even myself is still thinking about it, sometimes will get emo over it, so imagine his parents? He's his papa's son and best friend some more. My heart is still aching whenever think about it, even though its been happened for nearly a month.
Wonder how are you? I miss you. Everyone misses you. What should we do? :( Anyway, hope you're happy in another world and rest in peace. You live forever in our heart. :)
I really hope everyone can be strong, and love each other more. Yes, me, always the weakest, please be stronger cmy! People, you will never know when the people around you will be leaving, so please appreciate them! Ahh... this is life. =/
After that, back to college. Having class on weekends. Weekdays as well. I don't know why, but I like Year2 tutorial classes. Lesser students and can be more concentrate, can pick the lecturers that I prefer too. The only thing I dislike is, lectures on Sunday is too long, time got slower especially Sunday. I spent almost 8hours in college every Sunday. Hahahahahhahaha *tearing*

Had migraine on Wednesday. Unexpected, as usual. But this time really got a worse migraine compared with last time. I suffered for half day, I really thought I am dying that time. So helpless, half blinded and home has no people. My head gonna explode that time. The pain that you all can't imagine. I really hate myself of getting this migraine illness, I really hate me and hate it. But what to do! No one can cure! I am still consider as lucky one. The lucky thing is, all these 4years, it happened when I'm at home. Really lucky that I wasn't driving. Its still saddening... Whenever it happens, everyone starts worrying. I worried and worry too, cause I know that migraine can actually cause brain cancer or eyes can be blind. Especially me, having bad migraine. I did CT Scan for my brain few years back, everything is normal, but doctor was telling me that migraine is cureless, when it attacks, you can only consume panadols. Sigh. This month happened twice, I really worry my health now. So I decided to scan it again next week. Specialist gonna earn my money again. -.- So people, be grateful that you are all healthy and don't be too stress, take it easy! I am trying to relax all these days. Reading this might let you feel down or even pity me? Anyway, don't worry. =) I am still able jumping around! Okay, dance gangnam style also fine! ;)

I am now having lunch alone at Wendy's that nearby my home. Accidentally met one of the Year1 lecturers. He taught me thrice *i think* before, so it's normal he can't recognise me. I didn't notice him at first, I only saw a blind lady walking with a man, and then the man went to order food. When he sat down, and I could only able to look at his side face, I still cannot confirm whether that's my lecturer or not. He was taking good care of his wife, so soft, feeding her fries, get her tissues and all that, and I slightly can see his face, and I can confirmed he was my lecturer. Those scenes just happened right in front of me, they just sat in front of me, I don't know but I feel like crying. What a good man! And he's one of my favourite lecturers! I guess I can pass THAT subject because of his teaching. Yeah.. so, all the best to them, and I hope his wife will get well soon, I hope that was just temporarily blind. So sweet, really.

I hope my sis able to be back and have dinner with me tonight, I don't wanna solo again. =( I'm a little afraid of being alone nowadays. Sigh.

Hahhaha, there's a korean family, and the elder bro fighting with younger bro, and that fatty younger bro cried. Elder bro is actually same age with me? or younger than me 2 or 3 years. Hahahaha I am tahan-ing my laughes here, all alone. (sounds lonely -.-)

Have a nice day people! Happy Friday! :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Everything is so unreal. I thought this will only happen in drama. Drama equal life, life equal drama. Chinamen are right. Always right indeed. My mind is all blank these two days, I guess it will continue to be blank for whole week. People coming and start crying when I open the door for them, this happen and happen again. Couldn't sleep well these days, I believe everyone the same.
Hardly to smile these days. Too unreal, till now I still cannot accept it. My heart aches after listen that and more ache when looking at my aunty uncle and my grandpa. What to do what to do. What to do. What should I do? Everyone is busy, too many procedures and regulations wanna follow. For this time, I hate weekends a lot.Everyone is damn busy, while I stay at home stay beside my sis and my grandpa. I am now the eldest at home, but I feel scared, I feel I am useless. Life is so unpredictable. I cannot stop asking why why why, and WHY! Too many family challenges after my mahmah gone. Talk about mahmah, I miss her a lot. Though its already four years, the feeling is still there, I can remember her smile and smell of the powder that she always put on herself. All the memories are still clearly on my mind.
I feel so tired. Only can wait for you to come back so maybe I can only accept the truth. I hope all these are dreams, slap me, I wanna awake from this nightmare. Slap me hardly.... My brain never stop functioning these days. Coincidentally, many buddies asking me out this week, I am really sorry that I can't make it. I don't wanna explain. I bet they must start to think more to negative sides. Ok, human nature, if me, maybe I will think so too? Too happening and saddening. Headache. I wanna stop writing this, I don't wanna let my grandpa aware of my sad face again.

Windy day. 2nd of Sept., 2012.
Miss you.

Friday, August 17, 2012


The outcome was good. Unexpected. Again and again, I am lazy to use words to describe how I feel. Mixed feeling. My friends can't get through the barrier and my gang got smaller. The friends who we used to have study group and travel together. Sigh. The class for year2 is confirm much smaller. All these are not the main influences in my study life, but the human being who gonna be with me for the next one year. You will feel I'm selfish for sure, but I'm not comfortable with them. Hahaha. Maybe many people dislike me secretly? Who knows right! When I mentioned this point, will you suspect you yourself? Lol. Well, I know my family hopes that I continue what I'm doing these years especially my parents. Checked my results, it was not as sucky as I thought. I swear I can't remember what I wrote and I just knew that I wrote...err... shit on that 3 hours! 4 papers means 12 hours! Still remember each time finish each paper, I don't let myself cry till I reach home. How torturing! Finally its all ended. The burden that I carried since the beginning of my exam till the result day...finally gone! I'm now officially a law student? I told myself that able to finish first year only can 'announce' or call myself a law student. Ha. (Ah so bangga. lol.)
My heart being so strong these days. Tried to be honest to myself and listen to my heart, actually... I dislike the subject or wholly environment there? Haaaaahaaaaaa. *jump!* Anyway all the best to my friends. You can do it! :) you guys are the best!

I'm tired. Haha, still remember I did researches about other courses and ready to be a part of UTARians. Still thinking switching to a new environment. Hobby or future?
Last question, I am too lucky or what?  Or I really that smart? ahhh ignore me!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There's a trap and I fall into it willingly.
Hahaha. Human being.

5more hours, miracle? lol.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I must be crazy. KKKKKKKrazy. B2ST's come back really the best thing happen on July! weewee.
And, another sigh thing, feeling very hard to fall asleep these few days. Thinking the same problem again. Aih. Maybe I shouldn't think too much, too over much, but... I just can't control!
Anyway, ....
#Same people creates same problems again. Urrgh.
#Beast made me hyper these few days. I wanna sob after heard the song 'When I Miss You'. Overall, all songs also nice! Yeah, one of the best album of them. :D
#I am creating problems for myself. Follow the flow, cmy!
#Jobless but I like it. Since that not what I want!
#Many other problems, but I choose to not to recall it! Hopefully can sleep and just wait for my bday!

ahh. I don't know what am I writing. So, I think better stop it.
yeah... bye and sweet dreams. Sorry blog. I gonna shut up. bye.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

oh dear! its more than 3 years!

Yes! My top bias!
BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been liking them for 3years. Missed out the hangout session with them yesterday night, =( if not I will get the chance of picking by them and had a video call session with them. Nevermind, I am still happy! They announced that their next come back will be end of this month!
Why not 26th oppa? hahahhahahahaha. I got too high!!! It's been a year to wait for their next album! DO COME MALAYSIA!!!!!

 Wonder where is it! So cute! Art gallery somewhere in Korea....MAYBE. hmm.

Shooting latest album in New York!

Yesterday's Hangout Session in Google+.


The video that shows everyone can sing! WHYYYY. WHY beast will appear. -__-

Friday, June 22, 2012

Betty gang.

I am one of the members of Ugly Betty's gang. Haha. Okay, you guess yourself.

I got great news yesterday morning, I guess I am an intern of them now. I can't recall what she told me ystrdy cause I was just woke up from my beuty sleep. I am noob I know. Anyway, middle of July gonna work! I am so excited about it! Made me so hyper! hhahahaa. 
Short post again for today, I am really very lazy and... lazyyyy! I feel damn boring at home and I have nothing to do. The lazy me lazy to loasd movie or drama or any other things to watch. Even tv, I got bored with it. Add more interesting shows in afternoon pls :P
Oh. A day wasted. I am waiting for Running Man! :D

Happy Birthday to YungHwa from CnBlue! Really like him a lot when seeing him hugging and playing the guitar duet with Juniel, and he got more muscular. Hiak Hiak Hiak. Never knew that he can be so muscular. ahh ahh. 

Anyway, bye. My eyes are so tired now.... -.- I feel like studying public law now. wth. bye.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hahahaha. I know the truth. hahahhahaa.
Take it easy lor cmy, and life goes on without that.
I should plan for everything, job, studies and others.

I allow myself to be emo for one day.

Friday, June 8, 2012


I just feel stupid. Which is very very stupid.
Been so directionless these days. oh shit shit shit.


Monday, June 4, 2012


Okay. Questions. Just be honest la.

Let's see who can bear longer! There was hint. -___-

I am having a weird holiday. And I want to have a job.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hypothetical person will get a different judgement and conviction.  I think.

Been thinking too much. Brain overload.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

fkdjfkaljdk. =)

Exam ended today, I did not manage to finish all the four essays in 3 hours. Ha. If I can pass this paper, either is too lucky or the examiners are blind. The moment they collected my answer booklet, my hands were shaking. I submitted an incomplete answer. My mind was so messy and I couldn't imagine this is what actually happen to me, well... contract paper, the one I should I have confident with.
Can't take it. Can't breathe. Feel too cold in the exam hall even though there were 300+ students having exam together. Everyone showed a satisfied smile and grinned like a champion after the paper. My mouth was bending downwards. Sigh. Just..... E.M.O.

The finally-get-my-precious-freedom-after-exam-mood is totally different with the one when I was in A-Level. I really got hyper and smiling like an idiot after the last paper last time. Still remember, my last paper was Economics Paper 3. Time flies. I spent 9 months for first year degree, 4 D-days to decide whether you're qualified to stay for the battle or not. HAHAHA. -Disqualified-. No, stop telling me good luck there's always a hope or whatever, I knew how I did. I knew whatthefuck that I actually wrote. I knew my standard. Still remember how I force myself to memorised all the cases and principles and those twisty Latin words, I found that I really torturing myself. I am actually doing something I don't know and I dislike. Law is really an interesting subject, for me, yeah, hell yeah, true, but about wanna study it, Hmm? Anyway, was wondering whether can take action against exam under Article 4 of human rights act? This really satisfy the requirements and elements inside the article, Right to freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment. Hahaha. Get rid of it cmy! Leave it leave it!
And I know why the hell my seniors who stayed inside the library all always show a serious and stress face, and the got-annoyed-face when someone accidentally forgot to set silent on his phone. Law students really hate that. They hate noises. Something I really like about them is the way they talk, the fluent English that I think I can't learn it for whole life. Having education for 2 years there, I met a lot of English educated classmates, but I speak like shit. Alright. Hallelujah! Law students love asking questions. Law students love to do something different.
What is a must have of a law student? THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS OF ESSAY wrote by themselves. See, all these characteristics do not suit on me. I am lazy. Okay, i will keep my mouth shut and stop finding excuses for myself.

Mentally prepared. I'm finding some other courses to match my hobby or...hmm, character? Everyone says hobby can only be hobby. Not sure whether will stay and fight against it again or not next year, but I do wanna try on others courses first. Sound so lifeless and damn rich, but actually, I'm damn freaking poor and I just hope to find something that I really like so that I won't waste my time anymore!
Urgh. I feel so complicated right now!


Happy Holidays to all law students! Yeah! :) Cheers.
Lol. Random.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I don't know why but I already did that. Many people asked why the hell I chose university of London scheme. This is totally a stupid yet risky choice, especially for me. The stupid me. I really prefer the semester type course, but it's all too late. Really too late. My exam is 100% exam based, once you failed, you will waste another year in that again. How I wish I can do some coursework to help in my exam marks. I feel stupid everytime. Uol gave us a task, we need to finish research paper, wtf, wtf and wtf. If its an normal essay then okay, they need to make sure us to do it by asking us questions during exam. How to access to online library also can be a question in exam. Fark. We need to have quote by whoever Lord, some unique quotation. The main point here is, ur research paper won't help you in exam. They make sure you pass up the research paper, if not, they will confirm and 100% fail u! I'm sad, like really.

Besides that, you need to write a diary about how you feel and how you use the online library, because they will ask you every steps of finding those case law and anything inside ur essay. Shit. They just want to make sure the essay is written by yourself. Of course no need to pass up the freaking diary. Okay, I need to start all overagain, because lecturer said that need to use at least 5 online libraries, HA, I googled everything, I USED GOOGLE. And this is what examiner hates a lot.

I feel my life is so sucky. I am headache about it. Countdown 21 days. I've no idea with what I've studied. I am dying. Really dying. Stress level 999999999999%!!!!
There's another thing annoyed me for a long time. Shit.

Bye. If I'm efficient and IQ level 300%, I can surely finish my research paper today.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm a great procrastinator ! A very Pro one. I did nothing on yesterday and today. hahahhahahhaha.
You're so dead chengmunyi.

Yesterday was public holiday, everyone was enjoying it, and I supposed to have class, but I skipped it. All because the day before public holiday, I enjoyed a lot with 'heaty' food. I went to watch movie with friends in the late morning, then we had lunch at BBQ Plaza, after that night my sisters asked me to suggest a place to have dinner, and my brain popped out STEAMBOAT, so I told them, they said OK.
Next morning, sore throat not feeling well and raining heavily in the early morning, so I decided not to go. I texted my friends with my eyes half opened. Then I fall asleep very quickly.

I woke up, and I got shocked. 12something. Was so energetic and feel like going to the next class at 1pm. Lastly, not going. Went to have dim sum with my sister.

Then read criminal law for 30mins, I felt tremor. I thought I'm going to faint or what, I thought it was illusion or hallusination. So I closed my eyes. My sis asked whether we feel the pic's shaking or not, I nodded. Suddenly, the door also moving. Sis suggested that we should run down and stay away from condo. We sat quietly. I think for 3 minutes like that, it stopped. Sis went google see any tsunami or earth quake happened.

Then, she went facial. And left me and 2nd sis.
I used my lappy to watch Kang Xi Lai Le while sis fall aslept. The picture shaking again, I was so scared, but luckily it just happened for a very short period. I hope everything will be okay. People, please, should love mother earth more. Seriously, I can't farking take it the way people in college use toilet roll or toilet paper. I don't understand why they can't take two or three or few slices or pieces, I feel like scolding them but urgh. The length of the toilet roll they took can wrap themselves, are they going to be mummy while they shitting? Wtf. They are so irresponsible to our earth and they don't know about recycle!? Shit.

Night, we went Publika to have dinner.

I've spent a lot on these few months. Money waster.

And yeah, I finished Welcome to Beast Airline concert! Beast's first concert!
So awesome! \m/

my current desktop wallpaper :P

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I just want to express my feeling out, but not brave enough.

Borrow me your courage. But still, I don't think I can do it.

Exam left 31 days.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Slap me! I fall asleep after I read the first pag of my note! Only left 40days but end up with sleepin. Everyone is struggling while I was having a so called nap. I slept for two hours!!! In fact... I slept for more than 2hours.

I'm sucks... sucks!!! SUCKS!!!!!!! Stressful... this is so crazy!!!!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Just a random mannom post. Obviously the mannom just a random word came out from my mind. Ahhhh. Lolollollol.

Complicated feeling today.
Sounds like almost everyday my mind dah kik already. Zzz.
Just so complicated till I don't know how to describe it.

Duhhh study! Don't think too much!
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stay for me.

Would you stay longer? :(

My blog is like a California Hotel right... I can leave and stay whenever I like.
I would like to jot down every thing happened in my life, but study time occupied my blogging time. Haha. Class on weekend still OK, but night class really made me frustrated. I think night time goes slower. Everytime I feel like coming and write a lot about my shitty lawstudentlife things, but ended up with blank mind. Ha Ha Ha.

I'm speechless. Exhausted and missing my friends in Perak a lot. :(
Fine. I will get all my freedom after May. Should I apply for jobs now? After my exam, I think I should go to law firm to work as at least office girl or... cleaner? Lol. I'm kidding with the cleaner that I mentioned. :)

Shit. Public Law, why are you torturing me this much? How many times I study you, but it all can't get into my mind... or I can't understand what the heck are you saying at all. No matter how many times I read it.......... Brain stucked.

Gotta go.
Wish me luck and I will be back anytime I feel like writing lovely things here. xoxo.

Oh ya, currently I'm in love with a drama named Hippocratic Crush. It really motivates me. (Y)

Time, stay for me. Would you stay longer?

I reread my blog and noticed that it quite messy, anyway... just close it after u read it! :P

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm very very very very very tired!!!!
Why revision classes will be on weekend? :(




DAMN! Research paper also a headache thingy. I AM SO FRUSTRATED NOW!!!!!
Time..... don't leave me too fast.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random fifty.

Etude House earned my money today. I never tried buy more than 50bucks at any thistypeofshops. Alright I sound stingy but I really rare to spend money on these items... I mean products.

5 little things only. I guess I must b crazy today. Stress made me crazy, crazy made me simply buy things. The power of studying law until you can't control your mind! Duhh. I'm so tired now, just finished class. Bye! But still want to mention again that. ETUDE HOUSE is damn lucky today! Hhahaha! :P

*lying on the floooooor*

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I don't know what happened, I feel that I'm a changed person. Wtf I want????

Damn tearsrollingdown.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I couldn't believe that I've sicked for more than a week. Left 93 days now.

Chengmunyi stop procrastinating !!!!!!!!!

Stress level increasing can't sick anymore!!!
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Fuifneisgiwj ktifnejkxnfnr ffwuidchsbj djejfxnkdpogbog sdoseksmjrjsj wodiropqqpsq pmzfksjjrdj !!!!!!!!!!!! Daaammmn!!!!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012



不懂不懂不懂,我就是很伤心啦!!!! =_______=

Friday, January 20, 2012


Sitting at condo playground.

Planned to go Subang for migraine treatment but in the end not going.
Half way I went to Time Square, see whether there's any new clothes that I can buy, but end up with nothing but food shopping. Failed to buy clothes, bought lots of food n a cup of bubble tea. I enjoy being alone these days. Yeah, life without facebook still fine although I feel bored. Well just wanna have some peace.

Gonna cook tonight.

Don't ask me why I deactivated it. Even myself also not sure.

I feel so lifeless while at Time Square. #truefeeling.

Going back hometown at 4am, hopefully no jam.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've deactivated my facebook account. Just temporary.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I decided not to finish the essay. Really headache. :( and Bye!

And people, I'm joining sports carnival that held by my college. I'm playing netball. Unbelievable? Honestly, me too. Hopefully I won't get hit by the ball. Nights and sweet dreams. :)

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday blues.

It's Friday again people. Ups and downs happened.

1. Celebrated sweety Judy's birthday. Everything happened randomly and in a sudden, all of us not in prepared. Photos will be uploaded next time, not really in mood.

2. Heard a conversation between them. Errk.

3. Found that one of them was freaking fake. YOU FAKER, and LOSER.

4. Fade up.

5. Skipped contract lecture due to the late bubble tea. lol.

6. At least had a great conversation between Judy in the car on the way going to Viva.

7. I feel that I'm dumb, silly and stupid.

8. Still feeling that I'm retarded.

9. Try to make it ten.

10. Finally. And, I am not in a very good mood.

Blue Friday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


The coffee boy who killed me with his eyes, nearly to be killed. I'm still alive here anyway.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hell yeah. I rushed to Viva Home just to take a glance at him. Been waited him for so long cuz' he never come KL, usually his favourite spot are Genting, Batu Pahat, Yong Peng etc.

His smile with dimples made him looks so much cuter. He talked to me and I just can't stop looking at him. Nearly fainted. Hahaha. Okay, I know its funny but I really like him. :P His eyes nearly killed me though he's wearing shade. Well he has the reason why he wanna wear. I look through it. Hahaha.

Yeah. Will share another awesome photo here soon!

Inspired! Yeah. Gonna study and will be watching Beautiful Boxer, a Thai movie later! :D

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I promise I promise I promise I will only touch my lappy after I finish doing revision on Human Rights!!!!

Sucks. Its so boring!
Must finish it! Left 16 pages!!!! Fighting!!

Can't wait to watch Running Man after that. Jia you!
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012