Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm a great procrastinator ! A very Pro one. I did nothing on yesterday and today. hahahhahahhaha.
You're so dead chengmunyi.

Yesterday was public holiday, everyone was enjoying it, and I supposed to have class, but I skipped it. All because the day before public holiday, I enjoyed a lot with 'heaty' food. I went to watch movie with friends in the late morning, then we had lunch at BBQ Plaza, after that night my sisters asked me to suggest a place to have dinner, and my brain popped out STEAMBOAT, so I told them, they said OK.
Next morning, sore throat not feeling well and raining heavily in the early morning, so I decided not to go. I texted my friends with my eyes half opened. Then I fall asleep very quickly.

I woke up, and I got shocked. 12something. Was so energetic and feel like going to the next class at 1pm. Lastly, not going. Went to have dim sum with my sister.

Then read criminal law for 30mins, I felt tremor. I thought I'm going to faint or what, I thought it was illusion or hallusination. So I closed my eyes. My sis asked whether we feel the pic's shaking or not, I nodded. Suddenly, the door also moving. Sis suggested that we should run down and stay away from condo. We sat quietly. I think for 3 minutes like that, it stopped. Sis went google see any tsunami or earth quake happened.

Then, she went facial. And left me and 2nd sis.
I used my lappy to watch Kang Xi Lai Le while sis fall aslept. The picture shaking again, I was so scared, but luckily it just happened for a very short period. I hope everything will be okay. People, please, should love mother earth more. Seriously, I can't farking take it the way people in college use toilet roll or toilet paper. I don't understand why they can't take two or three or few slices or pieces, I feel like scolding them but urgh. The length of the toilet roll they took can wrap themselves, are they going to be mummy while they shitting? Wtf. They are so irresponsible to our earth and they don't know about recycle!? Shit.

Night, we went Publika to have dinner.

I've spent a lot on these few months. Money waster.

And yeah, I finished Welcome to Beast Airline concert! Beast's first concert!
So awesome! \m/

my current desktop wallpaper :P


asiaorientedheart said...

I love your blog. I suscribed haha! Hugs for this you do for B2ST they are my K-pop boy band bias!!

Helloimmunyi said...

Hahahaha omgg! Hello Beauty! :D
yes! And they will have come back real real real soon! can't wait. :D Thanks for subscribing ;)