Friday, May 25, 2012


Hypothetical person will get a different judgement and conviction.  I think.

Been thinking too much. Brain overload.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

fkdjfkaljdk. =)

Exam ended today, I did not manage to finish all the four essays in 3 hours. Ha. If I can pass this paper, either is too lucky or the examiners are blind. The moment they collected my answer booklet, my hands were shaking. I submitted an incomplete answer. My mind was so messy and I couldn't imagine this is what actually happen to me, well... contract paper, the one I should I have confident with.
Can't take it. Can't breathe. Feel too cold in the exam hall even though there were 300+ students having exam together. Everyone showed a satisfied smile and grinned like a champion after the paper. My mouth was bending downwards. Sigh. Just..... E.M.O.

The finally-get-my-precious-freedom-after-exam-mood is totally different with the one when I was in A-Level. I really got hyper and smiling like an idiot after the last paper last time. Still remember, my last paper was Economics Paper 3. Time flies. I spent 9 months for first year degree, 4 D-days to decide whether you're qualified to stay for the battle or not. HAHAHA. -Disqualified-. No, stop telling me good luck there's always a hope or whatever, I knew how I did. I knew whatthefuck that I actually wrote. I knew my standard. Still remember how I force myself to memorised all the cases and principles and those twisty Latin words, I found that I really torturing myself. I am actually doing something I don't know and I dislike. Law is really an interesting subject, for me, yeah, hell yeah, true, but about wanna study it, Hmm? Anyway, was wondering whether can take action against exam under Article 4 of human rights act? This really satisfy the requirements and elements inside the article, Right to freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment. Hahaha. Get rid of it cmy! Leave it leave it!
And I know why the hell my seniors who stayed inside the library all always show a serious and stress face, and the got-annoyed-face when someone accidentally forgot to set silent on his phone. Law students really hate that. They hate noises. Something I really like about them is the way they talk, the fluent English that I think I can't learn it for whole life. Having education for 2 years there, I met a lot of English educated classmates, but I speak like shit. Alright. Hallelujah! Law students love asking questions. Law students love to do something different.
What is a must have of a law student? THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS OF ESSAY wrote by themselves. See, all these characteristics do not suit on me. I am lazy. Okay, i will keep my mouth shut and stop finding excuses for myself.

Mentally prepared. I'm finding some other courses to match my hobby or...hmm, character? Everyone says hobby can only be hobby. Not sure whether will stay and fight against it again or not next year, but I do wanna try on others courses first. Sound so lifeless and damn rich, but actually, I'm damn freaking poor and I just hope to find something that I really like so that I won't waste my time anymore!
Urgh. I feel so complicated right now!


Happy Holidays to all law students! Yeah! :) Cheers.
Lol. Random.