Monday, November 2, 2009


I don't know what am I afraid for? SPM? or FUTURE? I'm confused!
I can't sleep well and tight these days, and I can't imagine what will happen to me during my exam! Maybe I've thought too much or over-worry? Stress...stress...GO away! I do not have high expectations with my SPM results, but I just hope I can do my best and get better grades. and hell...I just can't concentrate with what I've studied! I am serious! Do I need some milk? I mean childrens' milk? In all those commercial, there were many kinds of milks, and inside got DHA, MMA, and WHATEVER A to tingkatkan my daya ingatan. Seriously, I do need it.

Well, I am speechless with myself. I am lazy. TOTALLY LAZY. I've forgotten my promise with my sisters. Sometimes fade out lah! All these made me felt so panic !


A bit annoyed of having him as friend in fb. The words in his page used quite DIFFERENT. urgh. He used to be a very very great guy, I treasured my moments with him, but lastly all ended, I am sure he cheated me, though he denied. I can't do anything. I am the one who wished to say byebye. I believed he never cheated me until my feeling gone. Well, I am not sure how's his condition now. I hope he is doing g-r-e-a-t. (sweaty) Anyway, all past! Almost one year now..I always hope will not recall all the memories. What can I say is...我只是一步步地陷入这种大量被肯定及需要当中,当已经失去了之后,不敢接受事实.Anyway, I am sure he * me before. Well,just crapping here.
I wonder, why nowadays all the teenagers need a boyfriend or girlfriend? (I mean those who aged 12 or 13 or 14 and even younger? U all should enjoy ur time to the fullest with buddies!) I just cannot understand, maybe its my own problem,if me [FOR NOW], I can't even manage my time to go out and dating or what. Texting each other I think will waste my time? This is my thinking for this year la. maybe its the SPM fault. hhahahaaha. I am enjoying my single life! Single life not bad, even I know that coupling will be sweeter. naaw. Maybe it will happens with me after SPM? wHO knows!


Pn.Jeya talked with me today. She's such a nice teacher. tHAnks teacher! Hmm...god blessed, yesterday I enjoyed my night with my gang. Thanks for supporting me! haha! U guys are surely are the best!

Kisses and Huggies for u guys! ♥

It was exhausted, but energy regain when u all beside me!

Today went back to school. TAK-TAU-NAK-CAKAP-APA.
Why u guys just can't speak?! I gathered u all and u guys should discuss about our graduation day! Everyone seemed fight against HER. or fight against another HER. Pn.Foong really have a difficult year(her first time to become a guru tingkatan). Because of our class. Not cooperate langsung! Pity her lar, but she should feel lucky cuz' she still got me and others good students!
Finally there's a conclusion, I felt satisfied. (FINALLY THERE'S CONCLUSION! I DIDN'T WASTED MY TIME~!)

I've wrote too much for today. No picca for today!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Kisses for u all!

p/s: I really hope my class can cooperate.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

rusty brain.

I am easily affected by anything. i mean it. anything.

Kinda rush here, can't write too much, I got to ask my mom to fetch my friend to my gang's house soon.
Seriously, I hope I will enjoy my night. or should I say "I am sure I will enjoy my day." ?

My brain rusted. Hardly to think anything. Well, hardly to memorize important things too!

Gang will surely entertain me? bahh! :P
Friends Forever~ Can't wait to get u guys' presents =] naaww.

=) I will enjoy my night right?

p/s: WTH...Ful*** won the football match ystrday :( Liverpool...sigh! Shit la..they've got 2 red cards! And the "coach" kept Torres! He is the main player lar wei! Jerrard was injured :'( Bennayoun looked tiring ystrday! Not a good game + match.