Saturday, November 8, 2008

thanks :)

我不懂我要说些什么......但我真的很感谢你 =)

Your advice and ur experience~ and really thanks for listen to me :)

Don't say thank you to me too :P

Glad to have u in my life. hahaha.

And to my family too, thanks for giving me all supports~

I love u all!!!

korean fooddiiee

6th November, 2008. I have my first time in korean restaurant.

There are only two korean foodie shop in Ipoh. I searched in net~
I wonder this shop is the food problem or actually is no problem?
My two fake korean friends shud say thank you to me lar, i let them try such NICE food here~

The menu~ =)

Korea's famous for Barley tea~ I think this is not bad ;)

Food that before u have ur korean food. I know their REAL taste now.

One of the fake korean =P
She is so excited when i asked her OUT!
(we r sitting on the floor =)

My food! It looked super TASTY and smells good!!!
I can't finish it, and i only drink one spoon of soup. Finally i knew the taste of KimChiSoup~
Including my friends~

It costs RMXX. not going to say here :P
Its expensive lar anyway =) I saved my money and all spent here. I dund are to tell my parents eh! hahahaa. but then, its a really good experience. and we all enjoy sitting on the floor, enjoy the food, listening them to say Annyeong-haeseyo, Kasamhamnida~ and hearing korean songs~

And the conclusion for today is : I am not suitable to be a korean. still waiting the day that im going to Korea~ =)