Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys!

Rush...RuSH...i needa go now ;)

Later still need to go to couzie's house to countdown!

I will be FUN yea?

Okie.I will miss 2008 =( Much thing happened in 2008, time really flies.

i miss SU MUN !

Holiday haven't finished yet, PART2 haven't finish. ehehehhhe :P

take super GOOD care guys.


Say YES for more HOLIDAY!!! :P

Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday PART1 =P

Heyyoooo! I’ll let u guys know how I wasted my time in this holiday. I am lazy I still dare to say it out, I do have a SUPERB THICK face. *admit-ING*
This post is just like ROJAK, I forgot when happens first or last. So just have a READ ya guys. *winks*

Well, I have watched 2 movies in a month. But then it should be THREE okay? I just flied my couzziees’ aeroplane (sweat) but it’s not my fault. So we just yum cha in HONG KONG FOOD&TEA. Tastes great :)


I went to Ipoh with my funniest and greatest best friend watch TWILIGHT. Edward Cullen u’re mine. DEFINITELY MINE. Aww. He’s a hottie. HOT AND SPICY! Then we had our lunch in The Black Canyon. ( I am not rich!) Anyway, from that day I only knew that I can play basketball well. Not that type in basketball court :P

Conclusion : I had a very great day with her and I wasted a lot of money =) pay me back stingy gal!


Another week, I went out with her and another girl again. She brought us souvenir! Thanks ya ^^. And we watch IP! Oh my goodness. I have fall in love with DONNIE YEN. His wushu…my eyes and mouth just can’t close when I watch the movie! Because I have no money, they got to eat lunch with me in FOODCOURT. Wahahahahaa!!!

Conclusion : My day become brighter after watched Donnie Yen and the MOVIE. Never regret spent RM9 for the movie. All money GONE =( I am waiting for IP MAN 2! (Donnie Yen called me and tell me this! Ngek ngek ngek!) But its true IP MAN 2 will be shooting soon. I felt that im childish? hmm.

CAN U LOOK AT IT? hehehhe.

And….YES! I got my first ear-piercing. Kinda shames to say it here, sweet sixteen BIG GIRL only pierce ears! My uncle FORCE me to do so, I have to follow okay. I shouted in POH KONG, its damn shame. My cousin bro recorded it ALL!!!! I am just like a little girl…shout, and then my tears almost came out. Sigh. I know it all for MY OWN GOOD. Anyway, I know I looked great now. Buahhahahaha! Just joke okie =P

Organized by 5 or 6 Leo Clubs in Ipoh…and Gopeng?
I saw ZAINAL BAKI. I think he’s the cutest host in 8TV? He knew how to read and speak mandarin! Hahahaha. I know he felt so ‘shuang’ when I said I LIKE TO WATCH U HOST!!!! And he asked for my name. And surely I gave him my name card. And he asked me to go to facebook to add him =) teeehheeeeeeee!

Soong Huey asked : Are you really going to open a facebook account?
I replied : YES. MAYBE. *grins*

Soong Huey & LION MARY GOH & Mun Yi.
She's so 'yeah' on that day. ahhaahhaha!

WE lurv TRACY!!!! i met a new friend =)

Kwai Sheong snapped photo with me too. He is a kind guy :P I admit I like him as friend, but not that LOVE okay? LOL. Photo at his side. Thanks ya buddy!

Oh ya ya. I saw some numbers of Japanese boys and girls, they are coming cause having Youth Exchange. The boy was look so girlish and he’s cute. Ahahhaha. Well, I am not joining Y.E Programme this year, cause my private problem. But I feel quite sad about it. I will replace it with my China Camp next year =) wahahahhaa.

To Be Continued :) Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


heyyyyaaaa buddies! Once again..i know I should post this on NOV. know lar, i am TOTALLY a LAZY person =P
But then I still can write out how i FEEL on the beginning of the holiday.

YAY! The holiday...I've been waiting for a SUPERB LONG TIME.
I can scream at home : HOLIDAY ! weeeeeeee!

Firstly, wish u guys have a super duper cool holidayyy =]

9th Nov., 2008. my darling's bday. I dint make many cakes this year.
aww.i am sorry =(
What I hope is just only can go to ur concert....... :'( Come to MALAYSIA babe!

I miss this BABY. DEFINITELY...i miss him =(
When I was still in my own house, he came to our house every evening.
He's my little chubby cutie neighhbour =P
I moved. ermm...moved to grandpa's house since September.
When i back to my 'old' house to take my thing, he saw me...n din't say anything to me ANYMORE. He forgot me!!! What to do...this feeling like 'PUTUS CINTA'.
but...he's really cute >.<
Really look like J.J... :-P

My NEW house's CAT - mou mou~ look at its FUR.

Before that, my grandma take SUPER good care of it. But since my grandma got sick, she nvr mandi...i mean BATH! GOSH. and Mou Mou hates water! hahahha.

It has 3 colour on its body. It's cool u know. SHE should be proud cause' SHEs the first FURry animal i touched! i love HER. :) Everyday it loves to lepak. I wonder where IT went to. But its FUN, she will knock the door or kept meow-meow-ING to ask us to open the door for her at nite. SHE LOVES TO SLEEP. =P

I went to Cameron with cousin and cousin's DADDY & MOMMY.hehe. FUN MAN. Weather was still Ok. You can go there anytime when u're bored. Because it isn't tooooooo COLD or HOT.

I went to K.L too. ERM.SHOP SHOP SHOP. i lurv PAVILION. =P

Besides all these...I forgot what I have done in this holiday. But then I know i have a great time. hehe. One thing i am so SURE is...i never STUDY. except 29th Nov, hold and READ BIOLOGI book for 15minutes. :)

I do not wish my dad see this! He asked me DON'T pretend study. I told him I NEVER PRETEND. hahahahhha!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

what to do?
what to do?
what to do?

and the last question :


Saturday, November 8, 2008

thanks :)

我不懂我要说些什么......但我真的很感谢你 =)

Your advice and ur experience~ and really thanks for listen to me :)

Don't say thank you to me too :P

Glad to have u in my life. hahaha.

And to my family too, thanks for giving me all supports~

I love u all!!!

korean fooddiiee

6th November, 2008. I have my first time in korean restaurant.

There are only two korean foodie shop in Ipoh. I searched in net~
I wonder this shop is the food problem or actually is no problem?
My two fake korean friends shud say thank you to me lar, i let them try such NICE food here~

The menu~ =)

Korea's famous for Barley tea~ I think this is not bad ;)

Food that before u have ur korean food. I know their REAL taste now.

One of the fake korean =P
She is so excited when i asked her OUT!
(we r sitting on the floor =)

My food! It looked super TASTY and smells good!!!
I can't finish it, and i only drink one spoon of soup. Finally i knew the taste of KimChiSoup~
Including my friends~

It costs RMXX. not going to say here :P
Its expensive lar anyway =) I saved my money and all spent here. I dund are to tell my parents eh! hahahaa. but then, its a really good experience. and we all enjoy sitting on the floor, enjoy the food, listening them to say Annyeong-haeseyo, Kasamhamnida~ and hearing korean songs~

And the conclusion for today is : I am not suitable to be a korean. still waiting the day that im going to Korea~ =)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

wooooooo !

The moment that i waited for a long long LONG LONG time...
yay...exam ended!

9 days exam...who can tahan lar wei. damn suffer these days!
Before the exam, should i say much thing happened?

I went to hospital for CT SCan. (yea.brain scanning) and costed my dad rm380++.
After knew something, i realize that everyone is so care about me. I mean it.
They r trying to solve my problems. And figure out this and that.
I appreciate what have u guys done. REALLY!

Love u all~ and im quite enjoy my life here~ (i moved to grandpa's house =)

I am speechless..dunno what to say. Just feel EXCITED : EXAM FINISHED!!!
yay! i just can't wait to hang out with friendsssss!

Oh..i feel i wanna go for jungle tracking eh ;)
Call me anytime for cheong-K, yum-cha or whateva~

=) this is big test...i dun think i can get good result. but then...i PHEW-ed~ cause it all ENDED!


Friday, August 22, 2008

olympics druggs!

I was so darn busy till I forgot how’s my blog now. LOL.
Leo Club ; Olympics! ; cleaning my stuffs?! ; hanging out with family and friends? ; and bla~
Early in the morning now, ayam dah berkokok, I know its time to update my blog.
I was so addicted to my Olympics these days. But…now, no lar, stop already. Liu Xiang got injured =( I stopped and switched to watch others. No only because Liu Xiang okie, all my favs finished.

Anyway, lets get started ;)

I was so glad that Lee Chong Wei got SILVER medal for us. Stop blame-ing him! He already done his best! Those ppl who said he played like SHIT that day, why don’t u join in a small competition in ur school and see how’s ur standard?! LCW is World No.2 =) I think he will beat Lin Dan another day. Just another day. Ahahaha. LCW bakal menerima gelaran Dato’ daahahhahaha! 26-year-old got Dato =) Not bad not bad.

Mr.Liu Xiang

Hmm. Kinda disappointed. Honestly, I’ve been waited to watch him again. And I waited him for 4 years. Duhh. I never lie okie winks* That day I watched it LIVE in Florex Restaurant while having lunch with my mom. It was kinda blur and I gotto watched it FAR AWAY though there was showing by a thingy…LOL,I forgot what it called,school used it That’s why I feel the way he walked was freaking weird! Until he RUN slowly and looked at his expression, I can predict what the h*ll is happened. While he walking out formt here, everyone was looking at him. Some of them were cried a lot,their face full of tears. Urgh. Im definitely sad sad sad sad. Nvm. More 4 years. LONDON =) Rest more Xianggg!
Its better if he quit from the competition. 医学教授:刘翔退赛是保护 没有特效药复发率高 (credit: Sohu)

“我相信刘翔能跑到2012年伦敦奥运会。”孙海平肯定地说。HAHAHA. Great!

I watched it LIVE through TV :(

Those reporters. Uhmm :’(

I bet that THIS FELLA must very happy now. Ish! Blackiesh! Watch out!!
Like a MOO MOO face!

刘翔退赛后,古巴名将罗伯斯毫无疑问拿下了110米栏的金牌。看看他超“牛”的表情,没有了刘翔的赛场仿佛成了他一个人的舞台。(credit: SOHU =)

U will break the RECORD again and get GOLD medal while in London! 2012!

The Robinhood - CHENG!!!

Ok, Malaysia still Boleh.
Cheng Chu Sian =) (Malaysia’s Robinhood. daaahahaha) :P
He got into top8! Yaysss!

See his perfect SHOOT. Final shooooooot! ;)

Blogging is good and GREAT. But...i have to take almost an hour to updat this post.
I am slow or what? whatva~
haha. Have a cool holiday!

Friday, August 1, 2008






Tuesday, July 15, 2008


YES. I am really should be happy. Leo Club organized a talk and we invite Tan Chia Yong, from 8TV. I never ever expect there's lots of people attend the talk! i was WOW. GOSH. Its great to have a such a GREAT report to send to Lion Alan soon. MUAHAHAHA.
It really SHOCKED me man...there's 270++ attended!!! FOOO~~ WOOO~~ YAAYY!!!
hehehhe. But i think the whole ceramah spoilt by my welcome speech? urgh. blame myself lar, never get ready and sweat a lot, run here run there, then suddenly its my turn to deliver the speech! I never read d speech before, never tried the mic before too! And...i went up the stage with my messy hair n reddish face. god~!!!

Photos will be coming very soon=)

I really want to thank HUI YEE and FAN YOU to entertaint us that day! hey hey, there got most popular singing group in school o~ THEY GOT FANS!!!! i never lie! they ROCK!!!!
And surely our school most famous boys group - Mr. Lemonssss!
uhuhhuhuu!! Lemon Boys! *thumbs upp!*
And most important, is my MOMMY. thanks a lot, my dear chilie padi~
I LOVE YOU :) and congrats my dear!

I wonder what the h*ll made me so suffer n sad. LOL. mayb i should say dissapointed?
Or im too stressful?! gosh.
These affect my mood everyday. sigh. trying to make my EQ standard higher!
ahahaha =P
jie will help me, i knew it :-P
Its very late at nite now. Ciaoz guys~!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I felt that I want to stop everything.
Acted like nothing happened.
Its damn weird if its keep moving on.
I just cant believe in you.
I am damn enjoy my days at school these days. With friends. Talk or BLA BLA BLA a lots at skul. And my new place to lepak these days : LIBRARY =) Gosh. my place to release all the STRESS! And...i can LAUGH LOUDLY there. My friend told me. When i be with u, i really can LAUGHed a lots. ahahahahha xD
I knew I knew. I knew i am important for u guys' LIFEee! =P

Stress, Can i just please stop all those projects? and leave me alone, n jump here jump there like an idiot or CLOWN? Stop asking me those anything about the clubbing! I wanna stay at home, n be alone. I hate going out now. Its hard to let me hang out with my friends! how SH*T.
Board a bus, spend my time in the bus, look at the people in the bus. Experience the WIND in the bus.
Reach the place, say HELLO or HI, start meeting, and spent 3 or 4 hours there.
Honestly, my EQ gets more LOWER since in the president of that club.
I am not a good ones. Please choose another one!
If i stop now, mayb its too irresponsible action. But...i already do my best. Stop asking me or telling me about those STRESSFUL ISH-FUL GRR-FUL stuffs to me while im OUT or enjoying my life with my friends!
I am trying my best...doing my BEST!!!!!

My shitful life here. GOD, GIMME A SIGN!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Woah. I never knew that being a leader such a hard thing! Mayb im not the one who is suitable to be a leader, or GOD wants to train me?
I am so darn busy with my studies & school activities, clubbing too! Organising a camp, having a major project, speak louder n clearer, be active & bla! Its what a leader should have!
Suddenly everything come true to my mind, I can manage it. Everything for me just so suffer. Next Saturday is Parents' Day at school. I am so worry how's my parents react when they knew my result! I had been promised them I need to get good result and go back to the first class.
Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

I felt I wanna cry, but i told myself to be tough. Everything doesn't goes smoothly, i think this is what we called- LIFE. I think i need to oevercome all these FEARs and SCAREDs and for surely, PRESSUREs. And really thanks to the friend who always ready to listen to ME.
Thank you very much. I really do feel better when i told u guys all these things.
Ohya. The feeling that wanna go to find a counsellor teacher was GONE =)

Just hope i can do better now.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

im in love....

I mean I AM IN LOVE with this super CRAZY gang.
keep rocking! MUAHAHAHHAHAA!!!
We all totally looked DRUNK, but actually we were not.
1st June, 2008.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


After my Chemistry tuition today,i decided to go to KFC with my friends ot have my breakfast.
I chat a lot with my good friend, she's really a great friend, what can i say, she is very understanding. I listened to her stories, quite touched. haha.
Suddenly she talked about her grandma, I can knew how happy n how GREAT her smile when she talked about it. I knew she loves her, and her grandma loves her much too.
What to do,i can't control myself n talked about my mah mah too.

I still remembered how cute is my dearest mah mah. She will shout at the tv when she knew a KILLER putting some 'toxic' into an actor's cup, she keep asking the actor not to drink it.
Finally, the actor was not drink it. Haha. I felt so funny and how can an elegant lady so cute like this!

Sddenly,i really miss my mah mah. I cried alone. I cried, i cried, tears rolling down...
My family members all went out.

I cannot control my tears.

Actually I blame myself that im not always beside u when u're sick. I felt so sorry. I knew u love us. I really do! How can i complainso much when mom said we need to go to ur house. I wish to see u sit in the living room and watch tv with us, having breakfast with us, go n shopping with us, went to morning market with u, dance or sing for u.

I remembered u asked me don't be too sad when i only got 2As in PMR. That time i was so shame n dun dare to face anyone. Thanks for all the loves n encouragement in my life. Sometimes i felt like missing something when u're not here anymore. I miss u when i looked at ur photo in yeh yeh's home. U really look pretty n nice.

I remembered that nite u're very very tired, i called u so much times u opened ur eyes for a while n say ERM? Then u close ur eyes again. I was so worried that time. I wish i can RUN into KFC n get some mashed potato for u. Since u said u feel u want to have some.

My tears rolling down again. I really miss u. I really miss u.

Please don't worry about me, ok? I will study hard n enter a great Uni. U told me before right?
I will nvr forgot what u told me. We will always go to yeh yeh's place to accompany him. no worries =)

I love you.
mah mah, rest in peace.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I miss her.

I wanna hug her more.
I wanna KISS her more.
I want her to stay beside us.

Unfortunately, she can't stay longer time. It already pass a week.
I will miss her, and i won't forget how she looks like.
She is always the elegant n pretty lady in my heart.

I love u, grandma.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Everyone was saying tht im crazy.
All my friends.
Because i can laugh every single thing.

OMG. (I think of Doraemon's round hand again. OMG.OMG.OMG!)
They said im childish.hahahhaa. but i think...its great to be childish right?
ho ho ho!

Till ystrday nite, someone told me that :

One is never too young or too old of being crazy.

And i was totally agree. Be crazy, maybe u can bring some happiness for others?

So keep on rocking n crazy-ing gurls! =D !!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

no more good looking =)

I think this year really don't have good looking guys.
But much more CUTIESSsSsSS! I am serious, though!

I was really like Elson, Will and Hau's performance.
Even though they do not have a very very handsome appearance, but i do like their voice. *touching*

And I hope 2 of the judges will be FAIR a lil bit, cause i think got 2 of them the taste were the WORST. Hope can be a little PRO~
Anyway, i think GuanQiYuan is the most honest =)

p/s: I voted for HAU ystrday nite, even though my phone doesn't have much $$. But its enough to send 1 VOTE! I voted for HAU on 9:29p.m.! And the line closed on 10p.m.
I WAS FELT SO BLESSED WHEN I KNOW THT THREE OF MY FAV DO NOT KICKED OUT FROM THE COMPETITION. =) *wheeees* Cause i tot i already paid the voting-moneyyyy.

Its been a long time i din't get any reply from 8TV. After the result show, i got the SMS.

It wrote :

RM0.30 : PSS. The voting time is closed. For more info ..... ~~~

I think i gonna repost this to 8TV.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

busy lifeeee

I felt so sorry to my blog cause i really have a long time not really update my blog.
OMG. I was so shock when i knw my last updated is LAST 2 MONTHS!
Darn busy these days.
Studies, school activities, homeworks, clubs, tuitions and lots.
(including watching the second toufu? LOL)

Now...I really felt that TIME isn't enough for me!
My brain really can EXPLODE when i think of the AddMaths questions. OMGODNESS.
And Chinese New Year passed, also don't have any special feeling.
On the first day of CNY, I feel its so...hmm....NORMAL. haha.
Maybe I grow up already or I AM OLD ALREADY? or no ones really cares abt CNY?
Everyone was so busy, UNTIL NOW.

Yeap.My sister's friend from Japan came to Malaysia for two weeks or three weeks? She came Batu Gajah to celebrate CNY. Japan doesnt have CNY! I think its really a good experience for HER. hehe. Even though she can't speak English well,i still feel sad when she wanna leave us. SIGH. We will miss u, Chie =) I will surely go to find u if i have a chance to FLY to JAPAN ^^

I treat her eat and drink. HEHEHE. Anyway, i looked fat in tis photo. The REAL of me wasnt that FAT =)

I woke up early and make myself to look good. BUAHAAHAHAa. Coz i want to look at my BLACK PRINCE. muahahhahaa. Okie. Just think that i was joking. Take it easy guys.
I would like to announce here that


omgggggggg! I was feel so proud cause im from RED HOUSE too. Though i doesn't give any sumbangan. LOL. hehe. But...i think this is the best year tht red house have! And plus, wish nex year is our YEAR too! RED IS THE BEST EVER!
Anyway,this year really have to thank our ketua rumah. Bcoz of him we got lots of points!
St.John WON the best MARCHING TEAM!
Okie, i was so so so glad to listen it. (i am not a St.John memeber,i am a prefect =)
Cause St.John is always my IDOL. I think they r cool. *winks*
I do not join any abt marching this year.
I was DEFINITELY n INCREDIBLE-ly REGRET! At first, i think of my own health. I was just recover from fever! Second,i felt so bored to march under the HOT SUN! And now..i was regret, can i back to last week? I want to join RED HOUSE marching team, n not prefect's :-P

HEHEHEHE. i am not a betrayer.

CHENG MUN YI felt so PROUD at this moment.


Exam will be coming soon, cannot laugh too much d. Must keep my playful mind. And crazy thinking. Okay, good luck to me! I wish i can get the 1ST in my class =)

All the best to me!!!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

getting bored.

I am getting bored to listen the SAME thing.

I am getting bored to chat with them the SAME thing.

I am getting bored to advise someone SAME thing.

I am getting bored in the new class.

I am getting bored with some friends.

I am getting bored with my Chemistry teacher.

I am really getting BORED with these things!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

the latest meeeee

The latest me still OK lar. Didn't bully by anyone in the class.
This class, i dont know how to describe. But im sure 4sC1 is still the best. I misss all of them, seems all of us having different timetable, different teachers, different thinking now.

dAMN busy these days. Just hope my interest to Maths n Science will be IN and IN.

Gtg, later need to tuition again. Ciaoz~

Dec, 2007.

Okie, i know i should posted these all on Dec, but im busy! hehe. ReaLLY!!!
I would like to share with u guys coz i really have fun on Dec except on 28th~ :'(

24th Dec, 2007.

Xmas Eve (previous post) HEHE. FUN FUN FUN!

25th Dec, 2007.

Went to Ipoh again,and i forgot where i am going. Jusco? Snap the photo using a machine,im still wonder which day is that. whateva! Anyway, having FUN again. Meet my cousins from Aust. and talk lots with them too =D

27th Dec, 2007.

I just want to have FUN before the day get the result! We r wild-wild-wet tht day! LOL!
(Just surprised tht all of us gether together! all the cousins! This is the good chance to know each of us MORE =)
What am i talking about?! All of us just like blind gals running around there! And those games n activities killing me! :P
TOOOOOO FUN! (others dunno where r them,we played our own!)
*thanks to the one who style like DannyOne snap for us.* Dont think too much, he is not leng cai. :P

28th Dec, 2007.

Don't want to talk about it. =] But from that day, i know everyone (EVERYONE!) also care about me~ thanks for the loves!

29th Dec, 200.

MY PLAN again =))
I asked my eldest sis to bring n treat us to HALO cafe. WALALA~ I am soooo happy coz she say YES to ME! We went there at nite.
My mom was going out with my aunt from Aust. coz wanna gather with their old friends! My dad follow house's 5 girls for sure!

Our drinks. Mun Yan's, Mine and my eldest sista - MunMun's.
Each of us got different taste. but daddy and MunTeng's were same.
Its nice anyway =D

9:20p.m. FINALLY GOT 3 PERSONS SANG FOR US. Great day i have AGAIN! :)

Christmas Eveeeee!

Christmas Eve (24/12/2008)
My 2 sisters came back from K.L already. On Xmas eve, I asked two of them don’t go OUT anywhere, coz I got a plan with them tonite. They keep asking me WHY. WHY. WHY.
I told them I want to play candles with them tonite. My eldest sis nvr think too much and say YES. (Even though she bathed d!!!) And I was like WEEEEEEEEE!!! =D And my 2nd elder sister say NO NO NO to us. Me, my eldest sis n my younger sisters beg her again n again, she still say NO. (Coz she said just bath, later become very smelly again.LOL.) Finally, she say SEE HOW LAR.MAYB I WILL JOIN U GUYS. *yays*
We went to grandma’s house first. Then very late only came back.

12:05a.m. We started our plan. We don’t know what shape we need to do. So we just simply put the candles around. *serious*

Then my 2nd elder sis came out and say…just do a ROUND shape lar. HO HO HO! She will be JOIN us! *winks*

Finally the not-so-round-shape is ‘gao dim’!

We all gather inside and snap photo non-stopppp! There’s too much funny photos and some we-look-fleshy photos. When we looked at the photos again, we just can’t stop laughing! Especially my eldest sister. HAHAHAHA. *We r sorry for laughing at u, but we love u. U r our idol!* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

This is the best Christmas Eve tht i had! I love my sisters and dad who non-stop help us snap those photos! I love my mum tooo! HEHE.

p/s: Just few photos here. Others unavailable :P

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Oh NOOO. I almost forgot what is school.

Time flies! Give me back my holidays!

Tomorrow school will open.

I gotta fit into a whole new gang.

I hope i can do better this year!