Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday PART1 =P

Heyyoooo! I’ll let u guys know how I wasted my time in this holiday. I am lazy I still dare to say it out, I do have a SUPERB THICK face. *admit-ING*
This post is just like ROJAK, I forgot when happens first or last. So just have a READ ya guys. *winks*

Well, I have watched 2 movies in a month. But then it should be THREE okay? I just flied my couzziees’ aeroplane (sweat) but it’s not my fault. So we just yum cha in HONG KONG FOOD&TEA. Tastes great :)


I went to Ipoh with my funniest and greatest best friend watch TWILIGHT. Edward Cullen u’re mine. DEFINITELY MINE. Aww. He’s a hottie. HOT AND SPICY! Then we had our lunch in The Black Canyon. ( I am not rich!) Anyway, from that day I only knew that I can play basketball well. Not that type in basketball court :P

Conclusion : I had a very great day with her and I wasted a lot of money =) pay me back stingy gal!


Another week, I went out with her and another girl again. She brought us souvenir! Thanks ya ^^. And we watch IP! Oh my goodness. I have fall in love with DONNIE YEN. His wushu…my eyes and mouth just can’t close when I watch the movie! Because I have no money, they got to eat lunch with me in FOODCOURT. Wahahahahaa!!!

Conclusion : My day become brighter after watched Donnie Yen and the MOVIE. Never regret spent RM9 for the movie. All money GONE =( I am waiting for IP MAN 2! (Donnie Yen called me and tell me this! Ngek ngek ngek!) But its true IP MAN 2 will be shooting soon. I felt that im childish? hmm.

CAN U LOOK AT IT? hehehhe.

And….YES! I got my first ear-piercing. Kinda shames to say it here, sweet sixteen BIG GIRL only pierce ears! My uncle FORCE me to do so, I have to follow okay. I shouted in POH KONG, its damn shame. My cousin bro recorded it ALL!!!! I am just like a little girl…shout, and then my tears almost came out. Sigh. I know it all for MY OWN GOOD. Anyway, I know I looked great now. Buahhahahaha! Just joke okie =P

Organized by 5 or 6 Leo Clubs in Ipoh…and Gopeng?
I saw ZAINAL BAKI. I think he’s the cutest host in 8TV? He knew how to read and speak mandarin! Hahahaha. I know he felt so ‘shuang’ when I said I LIKE TO WATCH U HOST!!!! And he asked for my name. And surely I gave him my name card. And he asked me to go to facebook to add him =) teeehheeeeeeee!

Soong Huey asked : Are you really going to open a facebook account?
I replied : YES. MAYBE. *grins*

Soong Huey & LION MARY GOH & Mun Yi.
She's so 'yeah' on that day. ahhaahhaha!

WE lurv TRACY!!!! i met a new friend =)

Kwai Sheong snapped photo with me too. He is a kind guy :P I admit I like him as friend, but not that LOVE okay? LOL. Photo at his side. Thanks ya buddy!

Oh ya ya. I saw some numbers of Japanese boys and girls, they are coming cause having Youth Exchange. The boy was look so girlish and he’s cute. Ahahhaha. Well, I am not joining Y.E Programme this year, cause my private problem. But I feel quite sad about it. I will replace it with my China Camp next year =) wahahahhaa.

To Be Continued :) Have a nice day.


Alyson said...

euw!!edward is not urs ok!
he is mine!
i met him 1st!
if u like yip man so much marry him la dun grab my edward
hey u goy facebook acc?
add me there la

MunYi C said...

alright.i will surely open an account just for u, daughter =P gosh! i am not OLD okie!!!