Sunday, January 23, 2011


I viewed some photos and it reminds me one little dream of mine before.
Although it's hard to achieve it, but hey let's realize it. You might laugh at my this little dream, but because of this dream, I did some silly things to achieve it few years ago.

That was my little dream, and wonder how dare I forgot it.

Let's keep this as a secret, after I achieved it, I will tell everyone that I DID IT. =P

Tomorrow is A-Level students' D-Day.

Allow me to do this :P

Ah. Still Panicking.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


A-level result will be coming soon. Monday. Tension and panic!
Can't do anything except waiting for it. Tuesday will have biz assessment.
Totally big ass!

Yesterday had law assessment.
I did two things that made myself feel so guilty, until now. I feel bad.

Hello, he is JunHyung the joker.
Lights Go On Again. This song keep repating in my mind, and the way he plays his fingers. LOL.
This is only the way to calm myself down now. Hahaha. I know it's a bit crazy. Whateverr.

YEAH. Staying at home alone, and watching Jhyung. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hyung! ♥

Kill me please.

JunHyung, seriously fall in love with you! Now I am damn regret for not going you guys' first showcase in Malaysia last year AND K-Pop DiGi concert two days ago!!!

Still checking G.NA's video on that night concert! I think JunHyung rap for her!!! GOSH.!
K-pop spirit :P

Friday, January 14, 2011


Freaking much things to update. Hardly remember what awesome events happened before.Hehe. Felt sorry to my blog as I neglected my blog for quite a long time.
Okay. I try to check all my photos in facebook so that I can remember what had happened on the past. :)


- Kar Mun came to KL for fun. She had one month sem-break and finally, finally, finally she can spent time with me and see mei. TCC GANG gathered on that month. It's been a long time I never see her, I do miss her a lot. She's prettier and taller. hahahaha. One thing, she's become ROOOOOUNDer! I bet she must be cursing me when she's reading this. xD I just spent a day with them cuz' I've got class everyday. :( We went to Times Square, Pavillion and Fahrenheit 88. They shopped a lot, A LOT, A LOT! Two rich people! Tsk tsk tsk! But when I brought them to have BBQ for dinner, they complained that it's very expensive. wth. -.-" They loved to go to high class place but complain the price! Shit la. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! They will be MAD when see this! :P
Missed the time we had fun that day. :))

- Happy Birthday to ZiHui aka Zi Zi! Celebrated with her birthday with Jo & Judy earlier cause holidays coming soon. Her birthday was on xmas eve. How amazing. Friends forever and love u always. :) Although I always look moody and emo, but I am really nothing. Don't be scared when my face turns to a moody face. :P Love uuuu!!! =)

- Because of Christmas, I got a chance to have one week holiday! Awesome holiday I had in hometown. I hung out with Mun Ee and Mei Mei. :) My best friends forever. We went to Parade during Christmas, I DROVE! :D
Had Kenny Roger Roasters as lunch.
And, took some "da tou tie". Hahaha, no quality at all, actually, the moment to get the photos, I felt angry, but as long as my friends happy, everything is alright. :)

- Secret adventure with a low battery GPS. Guess what! A home visit to Tronoh became a visit to Teluk Intan! I didn't feel scared at all! Hahahaha! I just feel that's very excited and I can't wait, cuz' I've never been to Teluk Intan before! I googled a few famous places, but finally... ended up only went to Menara Condong and Lana Tea House. And I forgot to take the paper full of interesting places of T.Intan, wait, it's Mei Mei forgot to take it out!!! =P
Pooi Yee, Rong Pin and Mei Mei + Munyi The Great Explorer. :)
Make sure next time we go to eat soya bean and eat chee cheong fun!!

- Few days before going back to KL, I managed to meet Pei Ley, Chia Hui, Rong Pin and Sin Yee. We went somewhere nearby Station 18, a kopitiam named.... Oriental Kopitiam I think. Nice surrounding but kinda hot. Never know that there will have many customers too! Haha! Our plan just go and yum cha and chat for whole day, but... due to some circumstances, we went to 'cheong k'. Money wasted too. Haiya, as long as Sin Yee happy, then we all happy lor. BECAUSE SHE TOLD US SHE NEVER CHEONG K BEFORE. ahhhh. HA HA HA!

- New Year Eve. Went to have dinner with local + foreign relatives and cousins. They're so shocked when saw my new hair. AH HA. It's alright. Anyway, I am not a changed girl, please talk to me more.
Didn't stay at their home for longer time cause the next day I'll be going back to KL and I was superb tired. @.@

- I think that's all for December. I think*.


One word to describe my life - Exhausted. Every subject is getting tougher. (I know I repeated this sentence for many times, but this is the fact.)

- Went to eat bak kut teh with Lobster and Jo. It's in Subang. According to Lobster, she said not every restaurant from Klang is nice with bak kut teh. And the place she brought us there really SUPPLY bak kut teh yang delicious! Yum yum! Lobster and Jo are my best friends. Lobster told me about her stories, I mean those Glory Moments. Seriously admire her. I admire her a lot. She's an English Debator. And she got MANY AAAAAAAAAAAA on her SPM! She taught me a lot of things and she always borrow her notes to me and Jo. This kind of good friend, where to search la. Eh, praised u, err.... more notes in the future? :P
And our next target, steamboat!

- Happy Birthday to Woon Yee! My quiet and nice friend! She's in our gang now :D
We brought a cake for her and celebrated in Palm Cafe. :) Even though she's cool, and I still remember the first time I talked with her, I felt so hurted and bad, cuz' I talked so much to her and she just replied me with a cool face and a word Oh, Yes or NO. Now, HAHAHAH! Good friends! BEST FRIENDS! Eh, u promised me to take care of me this xiao mei mei! xD

- Mr.Khor called my name during class. Many times. Mr.Khor, stop calling me la. -.-"

- I've take the first step! I believe will be better in the future! I am really happy with that! Hope there are more changes in my life!!!! :)

- After class, went to Cheras just to buy bags. Hahahah. School bags. Went to Cheras's Jusco with ZiZi & Jo, luckily got Zi Hui lurrr, she showed me the direction. Then we went into Body Gloves, yeah, GOT A BLOODY RED BAG! =D I think it's very very nice! Cuz' I really like bright colours! Then we went to Food&Tea to have our early dinner. Went back home and checked the photos that we took, I really look like a GIANT. They're so evil, they don't allow me to delete the pictures. Duhh! This time in KL really got fatter already :'(

- Don't know which day, went to add petrol. Then tambah angin, thank God I have Jocelyn. HAHAHA. She must be smiling evilly now and feel very proud. LOL! ;P

- Went to Times Square frequently. Times Square just like my second home, almost everyday I will be going to lepak there. Everyday might be quite exaggerate, maybe 3 or 4 times a week. Me and Jocelyn went there to watch movies and BBQ or lunch or dinner. -.-"
I bought a pair of shoes in Times Square, that's sooo lovely. :) And that rich Jo bought so many clothes, she said it's for CNY. Where's ur treat to PappaJohn la!??! :P

- Seriously in love with G.NA. Don't know why! I think it's after the song I listened from C's blog! Featuring DooJoon and Junhyung~ Nice song with hot guys! Opppaaaaa~~~ Haahahhaa.
I checked more videos from her, I liked her song named Supa Solo and Kissing Me! weeee!

- He's Beautiful. Missed out 6 or 7 episodes of the drama! No time to complete the drama, I'll only watch when i'm free. Watched the last episode :) Tai Qing with Mei Nv. Hahahaha. A happy ending but I don't satisfy, because I feel that the ending just like END like that. It's a Rushy Happy Ending. LOL.

- Purposely leave my lappy at Perak. Let my father to use it and control myself from sticking in front of lappy too long time. It doesn't help, ish, okay, just helped a lil bit. Disappointed with myself. Even though my sis's lappy lag like hell, but I use it everyday. /.\

- ATC will be having a play real soon - Importance of Being Ernest on the 22nd of January.
Friends, do you guys wanna support? Come come! XD
I feel bad cause I can't attend that, not free that day. =(

- Had Law tutorial and Econs class today. Tiring. Law....oh shit, hard to get what's lecturer trying to say. Some smart dudes in my class real smart, scared me. Sleepy in class cuz' slept very late yesterday ~.~
Econs class was fun. Hahaha. Mr.Khor told many cold jokes.

- No idea what to write! That's all! :D

Results will be coming out soon ! Hopefully DO NOT NEED TO RETAKE THE EXAM.
Study hard and smart cheng mun yi for ur future!
Wishing that holiday will be coming faster. I AM SO DAMN TIRED!

No pictures, using sis's laptop. =))
Have a great great day! And, stop raining cats and dogs, my parents will be coming to KL soon. Stop Raining. And the thunder scares me.
*I published it and the fonts with colours ended with no colour. I don't know what the hell is happening with blogspot. I tried twice to re-colour it. Damn. Anyway, tired, chaoz!