Sunday, January 23, 2011


I viewed some photos and it reminds me one little dream of mine before.
Although it's hard to achieve it, but hey let's realize it. You might laugh at my this little dream, but because of this dream, I did some silly things to achieve it few years ago.

That was my little dream, and wonder how dare I forgot it.

Let's keep this as a secret, after I achieved it, I will tell everyone that I DID IT. =P

Tomorrow is A-Level students' D-Day.

Allow me to do this :P

Ah. Still Panicking.


Mei said...

eh eh eh... ur recent post so much junhyung ah...

John said...

i wonder whats that little secret of yours... =)

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Munyi said...

Hey JoHn, welcome to my blog :)
Haha, really want to know? Be patient, haha. :P