Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good day!

Today is Wednesday. Should not be having any classes today, but replacement class for Commercial forced me to spend 5bucks for parking again, means I got class la. What the heck I was talking about. Sweat. Before class, I went Leisure Mall for movie. Met my friend there, we decided to watch different movie cause we think its too geli to watch a romantic movie together. She watched Breaking Dawn ; Me watch Cold War! Anyway I'm so satisfy with Coldwar till now! This is the movie that made me eyes feel so comfortable all the time, so many good looking! And quite ci gik, cause suddenly will have BOMB. -.- Watching movie alone is not as pathetic as you think. I enjoyed! :D

After that, bargain bargain! Speedy got sale! I bought a Japanese drama named The Boss, The Hero starred by Tomoya Nagase! My very first Jpop idol. Hahaha. Then bought Alan Kuo's 5 years ago's album! The album that I really loved it! I loved all 10songs by him! This album is really worth! Lastly, brain dah rosak I guess, I bought Kim Hyunjoong's this year album - Break Down. Haha, cheated,cause it has only 6 songs, two songs are the same just one in normal another in Instrumental version. Its okay. My mood very good after the movie!

After movie, Cds, lunch then head to college. Rain and thunder are distractions. Can't focus on 2nd part of tutorial. -.-
That's all! Too much fun things! Tired of pressing my phone, haha. Good night and November going to end real soon. :( Means my bestie gonna leave to Bangkok soon. =/

Life goes on cmy! And and and I'm so happy that I studied these two days! :) Nights!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Nowadays society is too over reality. You can say anything if you're pretttaaayyyy, if you're ugly, just shut ur mouth up.

If I write more, the more I emo. So k gotta stop here. People, trust yourself! I don't know why this little issue influenced my mood, guess that I'm just a childish kid who suddenly found out one of the true faces of society, then I got a little bit sad and this is so pathetic.
Ok. Bye.

Another thing that bothers me alot, studies. I feel so energyless whenever I'm having class. Procrastination getting more serious. Procrastinate like a lou sai since year2 begins. I'm trying hard to focus. Damn it. I dislike today's me! Nights!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tired again n again!

Stress. I'm tired! (I don't know how many zillion times I complain this!) I feel very tiny that I can't speak good English. Haih. I'm not good in speaking, I'm in 2nd year and I still speak like a noob. I'm getting smaller and smaller. T_T
I really feel small. Haih.
Heavy eyes. Good night.

Monday, November 5, 2012


At this late night, I'm thinking a lot again. I'm actually suspecting someone dislikes me. I don't know what's happening, ehh tell la please -.-
Mr.Suresh back in action today! Feel so happy when I stepped into class and saw he's standing there start lecturing! Normally he will b teaching in JB and Singapore only! My energy are all back and I manage to pay full attention in that 2hours & 30mins lecture! Trust is one of the subject I'm blank with, but with his guidance, at least there's one topic is in my hands now. Weeee! Seriously, he should teach in Kl! I'm ok if its him teaches me all four subjects. -.- Bcause of his appearance during my first year revision class, I managed to get higher marks in contract. Hehehehhee. Bangga!

Anywayyyy... Its 1a.m. now,gotta sleep! Good luck to my sis who gonna face SPM tmr! Should be today! Best of luck! :D

Tomorrow my class till 8:30pm. Zzzz!

Miss kawan karibsss ku in Perak! Aih. Its been a long time never see them :( Hopefully can have a crazy... I mean happy gathering during deepavali. Hehehehe.

Sweet dreams people!

P/s: In case u miss me, I attached one silly photo of mine along this post! Haha. If you're moody, hopefully this will cheer u up! If you're mad, pls close my blog immediately, don't curse me. -.- Hey! My mouth can insert one cow already. Haha.

Friday, November 2, 2012


I really abandoned this blog for a long time. 2nd year Degree started and I have no time to update my blog. I miss my A-level time a lot! I slacked around and just playing non-stop that time! After that proceed to first year Degree, I was really stress that time. Till I wanna give up. But then the good thing is I still manage to have fun n had random hang outs with my buddies. Now... oh sheet. I feel tired everyday after class, I don't have the mood to open my laptop to go online, I don't feel like having night shopping session with my sisters. I'm just like an old boring woman. I've been wondering for a long time, why my other friends are so freaking free and always ask for outing? Hahahha. I asked them but no exact answer. Is it my problem? Am I too draggy? Aish. Don't know la! Just feel super tired! Especially weekend classes and my Monday class sometimes till 9pm. #yeahWTH.

Zzzz. =/

The most hyper event happened on October was BigBang Alive Tour Concert! Damnnnn awesome! I was sick that day but I have the urge to join Bigbang and VIPs by buying last minute tickets! I wanna slap myself. Hahahhaa. But its all worth! Damn this concert was so freaking awesome! Till now my mind is full of Taeyang! Hmm I mean five of them. Teehee! I bought 188bucks ticket but I sneaked into 98bucks seats there. Cause that time started to rain n I prefer to sit at above watching them rather than standing there. My tixs were free standing one -.- Too much stories about this concert! Even if u ask me to tell u the whole story, I'm still hyper and energetic like a monkey! But then really thank god rain stopped in a sudden, like there's a miracle. Hahaha! There's hope! Do u see that? :P Maybe u will find me annoying like my sis cause I just can't stop talking like a parrot after the concert. But I can feel that my friend enjoyed my 'talk' a lot! And she can even shout with me along Petaling Street when I told her Taeyang was trying hard to tear off.his singlet! Hahahhahaa! The next day, the concert made me can't concentrate at all during class. Mainly, I was still in the hyper mood, second was I just busy telling them how awesome was it. Lolololololllll!
Really lazy to type much through phone. Update u guys next time! Oh yes! I saw MH that day xD !

Another annoying thing happened. It bothers me quite a long time and it comes again. About the gas inside my stomach. For one week. -.- I went to consult doctor last two days cause I can't even stand properly and vomit for few times already. The doctor said maybe there's bacteria inside and need to do a bloodtest asap. I told her I wil discuss with my sis. (I was driving alone out to clinic that time cause I really can't tahan!) I rest a while in her clinic then only back home. Okie, the climaks part... I paid 105bucks just for consultation and medication. I was so shocked as I'm just a little poor student :( You bloody pretty doctor, why.... T_T
Parents went overseas, don't even dare to tell them I'm not feeling well cause scared they'll worry about me. Sigh. Anyway I will be going to do a bloodtest tmr. I feel better today, Fai-na-li. -__-

Can't recall anything else, just bigbang and studies. I've no idea what's going on with my class and everything, I don't know what are they talking about. Am I retarded or what? Seriously I don't hv any single idea abt it except law of Tort. Kill me la. Essays every week somemore, haih.

Take care people! Bad weather! Bad bad weather! Wanna clear my mind and sleep early! Wow I did write a lot! My fingers are so tired now! And phone low batt! Ciao!