Friday, December 28, 2007

i love to cryyy

I went to LOST WORLD with my couzzieess and sisters before the day of taking PMR result.
I was so nervous to take the result, though!
Everyone thought i am very intelligent enough to get full straight As or at least 5As. But my target just AT LEAST 4As! I prayed to GOD, i cant get enough sleep these days. I was just soooo damn worry!

Many people messaged me to ask me how's my result. I dont know how to tell them. I was just feel so shame n wanna RUN away from school. I definitely call my mum will my full-of-tears-face. Within 4 minutes,my mom arrived. I was crying in front Sook Hui! She got not-a-very-good-result but she's feel nothing!
my brain was saying 'WHAT?!'
She told me,' just a test, tried ur best already okie. No need to cry. Come on, cheer up!'
I was like...i just got 2As. U asked me to CHEER UP?! I just like a crying babe at school.

I was cried like a fool and cried crazily at home. My mum said im stupid to cry because of RESULT. I already do my best, and i only got 2As?! what the hell. I want my BM to get A also! I want my maths to get A also! I called SeeMei to phone me,i was keep crying and she also dont know what to say. I knew she never saw me cried before, and this time...sigh. And i called my sis to phone my back.I told her everything, she said, Its just the beginning, dun cry. Its so stupid to cry lar. And dont do something stupid, take it easy. I was just keep crying and keep ok-ok-ing.She told me anything that can make me feel OK.

Actually i want to tahan my tears to prevent it roll down.but it just CAN'T! I really dont want my friend to worry about me,and i dont want them to see my tears-ly face! I switch off my phone,and when i opened it, i really got many messages. All also warm mesages. Its make me wanna cry again =(

I went to my cousin's house 2day. She also got only 2As. my cousin bro was keep making me laugh and smile. YA! He did it! He keep using 7 7 7 and make many jokes. hahahaha. He really grew up a lots. [he's turnin 14 nex year =] My aunt came back from Aussie, she told me not to sad, let's go celebrate. i was shocked. I cried again cuz' just 2As, u ask me to celebrate?? Cuz' my another cousin bro also unhappy for 2 weeks,bcoz dint reach his target.Nobody giving u pressure,she told me'No nid to be unhappy lar~'

I know every1 was wishing to know my result. I been think of it for whole day. I did my BEST,its okie to tell people abt my result.
2As for BI & BC.
4Bs for BM & SEJ & Maths & Science
2Cs for KH & GEO

Nah.Please dont sms me and just want to ask me how's my result. Please.
After this incident,i really can know how much my family cares about me~ and my friends too. Really thanks a lots. I really love u guys. =]
Btw, Happy New Year! (I do not want to back to school.lols.)

Mun Yi
28th Dec,2007.

Monday, December 17, 2007


PETALING JAYA: The dating game is over for TV personality and ESPN Star Sports presenter Soo Kui Jien and Channel [V] VJ Sarah Tan. The couple will be tying the knot at a low-key reception on Dec 21 at a resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Following a two-and-a-half-year romance, the couple have finally found the time to exchange marriage vows.

"We've always talked about it and have been wanting to do it but have just not found the time ... until now," said the 35-year-old Jien, as he's affectionately known.

While the romance has been sweet, Jien said the proposal process wasn't quite the finished article.

"I'd like to lie and tell you that it was romantic, but it was typically us," he laughed.

Jien had attempted to get a ring in Singapore, where the couple is based, but could not find the right fit.

"I finally found one that fit perfectly while I was in KL. While I was at her parents' place, I asked their permission and then proposed to her. She was upset with me because I had come home late the previous day but she still agreed," he said of his 27-year-old bride-to-be.

(They will get marry on 21st Dec! ) =D

Credits : Celeb Stop

I just can't believe. I saw JIEN again after 2 years! woooo!
Now he looks so ROUND. hehe. Fat a bit already. But for me, he still very good looking!
:) RIGHT?!

He still look so CUTE even though he's 35!!!

HIS RING! hehehehehhe!

My collections of MALAYSIAN IDOL 2004(front page). OMGGOSH. I wasted so much money to buy those magazine abt M.I and pasted here. haha. I think 8TV gonna buy this from ME~

iNSIDE~~ I have many pages. lols. (I am more hardworking to do these compare to my homeworks! Gosh!)

Malaysian Passion. This article i like the MOST!

Okie. I have 3 copies of this article! I am so support JIEN these years!
U guys never know. hehehehe ^^

Handsome and Pretty.
They should be together! :)
(i am HONEST lah)

Congrats once AGAIN!!! ^^

p/s: From seeing back my own cover book of Malaysian Idol, i can know that HOW CRAZY AM I. and most important is MY HAND WRITING WAS SO UGLY that time!
OH NO! Anyway, god bless, i improve LOTS!

Written by Mun Yi.

Friday, December 14, 2007

15-year-old small boi VS 27-year-old lady

First, the thing u have to do is WATCH THE VIDEO.
I have something to share with u guys` =D

2day i watched 8864 only reminded me to watch this MV. lols.

Well, 15 and a 27 lady?! sounds ridiculous!

For me, its impossible. (A 15-year-old lil gal's opinion)
I do not have any special things to post. I cleaned my room few days ago. I was so darn tired. URGH! That's so much dusts. I almost fainted.

I have something to share with u guys.
My recent cellphone wallpaper.
aww. so cute! :D

He's so skinny last 2 years. but now...he is darn muscular! (cheerrs!)
So cute. I wish i can dream of him everynite.

My happiness will END soon. RESULT GONNA COMING OUT SOON!

Pray for me. and i will treat u KFC's Half-Half Meltz~ =)

Monday, December 10, 2007

超級星光大道 第二季 20071207

林健輝 原來我最愛的人士你不是他 PK 曾沛慈 如果沒有你


Part 2

Part 3

eRIC...ERIC...eric! <3


Monday, December 3, 2007

961130 超級星光大道:1 對 1 PK 賽 - 林健輝 VS 曾沛慈

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Say HoHo, say HOHOHO, Let's SCREAM! Ahem...let's 'FIGHT' with this girl again NEXT WEEK...!!!!

GO GO ERIC! wooohoooo!

Friday, November 30, 2007

961123 超級星光大道:1 對 1 PK 賽 - 林健輝 VS 曾沛慈

U all better use ur EAR to listen CAREFULLY who sing BETTER.
This is a WARNING.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I really WONDER WONDER and WONDER WHY hor...why ERIC will lose to that MUSHROOM-HEAD-GIRL?! Urgh. I started watch this show when i knew tht Eric joined it. I hate those st*pid judges.

Nevermind, come back to Malaysia and SING again. I will buy all ur ORI albums!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Money Money~ Come to ME!

ME : Do u have any friends want to back to Korea?

Sista : Why?

ME : I wanna buy SE7EN's CD.

Sista : Let me sms him first.


While my sis is asking, i was THINKING. I really think deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeplyyyyyy!

This is the competition btw


Sista : His friend is going back. Whose album u want to buy?????

ME : SE7EN!!!!!!

Sista : Here don't have meh? How much is that?!

ME : Here got his previous albums only. I already survey the whole Perak. tHE PREVIOUS ALBUM COSTED RM56.90+++!!!

Sista : *shocked* Huh. ARE U SURE U WANT TO BUY?


Sista : U better save ur money first. What is the album's name?

ME : I saved it long time ago what. (But i spent it again. LOL) SE7OLUTION.

Sista : Okie. Rmbr to save ur money! If its TOO expensive, its not my false.

ME : OK!

I would like to collect money now ^^ and for sure, i will TRY to SAVE money from 2day.

No matter DIRTY CASH from the road or MONEY that i picked from road. I LOVE it.

If u wish to donate money to me, please take out ur handset and type

RM100 (Depends how much, but it a MUST more than RM100) and send it to my phone

number. I will surely give u a reply with my account number. LOL.

Thanks a lot. Mun Yi will appreciate what u have done :)

Smile! :D

Friday, November 23, 2007

What Be Ur Nerd Type?

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Drama Nerd

You sure do love the spotlight and probably have a very out-going and loud personality. Or not. That's just a stereotype, of course. Participation in the theatre is something to be very proud of. Whether you have a great voice for musicals, or astounding skills for dramas/comedies; keep up the good work. We need more entertainment these days that isn't television and video games (not that these things are bad, necessarily.)

Social Nerd
Artistic Nerd
Gamer/Computer Nerd
Literature Nerd
Science/Math Nerd
Anime Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
Quizzes for MySpace

I found this QUIZ from a 'stranger's' blog. haha. But its kinda accurate~
U all can try it, its not tht stupid LOVE CALCULATOR, okay?!

Good luck ;)

Eh...Drama Nerd? HAHAHAHHAA~

I just can't believe the first is

  • Social (Yea, MAYBE ^^)

Monday, November 19, 2007


His concert. Use ONE word to describe - AWESOME!!!

I downloaded his WHOLE concert, and i like it very much.

All the music, dancers, background, PA system, and bla bla bla~ *Thumbs UP!!!!*

Even though I'm not watch it LIVE, but i can 'feel' how great is tht concert~
woohooo <3


And i wish i can hold the 7 glowstick too!!!! heehehehehe!!! U're the greatest! U're the BEST!!!!

Everyday, Everynite, Everyminute, Everysecond, i wish
YOU will come to Malaysia to have a CONCERT ^^

세븐 . HWAITING :))

p/s: I am SO GLAD my not-very-addict-to-korean-song's ELDEST sister, SHE loves one of his song. IM SO GLAD TO KNOW THIS. wakaakakkaa.

La La La~ say La La La La La La~~ La La La La La~

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My parents back from China last 2days. I miss them sooo much!
and FINALLY they are BACK!!!


Finally have a new MONITOR to use now!!!!

I was just told him today.
And at nite, he asked me whether want to go Ipoh looking for monitors or not. haha.
Thanks daddy ^^

I love u DADDY. ehehehehe~~ Get well from ur cough soon!

Mummy, i do miss u a lot when u're in China.
And i feel so proud of u when listen the stories of urs in China. =)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happiieee Bday to SE7EN!!!

9th. November, 2007.

2day morning, i told my sista. 2day is Se7en's bday, I do not know how to drive to cake shop and buy a cake for Se7en.(Mum&Dad went to China d,while elder sista back to KL d) But, I'll go to 7-Eleven walk around. I was JUST JOKING tht time cuz' im too lazy to walk even though the distance is less than 1km~hehe.

Its time to eat dinner in my granny's. After 2 and a half hours, my aunt wanna fetch us back. And my aunt asked me to go to 7-11 buy something. And me n my sista looked each other. And i was HA-HA-HA-HA!!! My aunt tot i am not willing to help her. So i got to explain to her. wakakakaa.

I was so happy while stepped into 7-11. I was keep smiling myself and smile to the lady who worked there too! (feel stupid eh?)

Reach HOME. It was showing the finale of 'Project Runway', and i wish Alexandrea will win this.
What...Felix is WON?! But then, i think Alex's is more creative and BRAVE! Felix's just only-OK.

The show was finished. It was 10:30pm. And i think of wanna bake a cake for SE7EN.
Without any preparation AND I BAKE A CAKE SUCCESSFULLY. I know im talented in baking cakes and cooking ^^

Ingredients : Biscuits. Margerine. Eggs. Sugar. (Walao eh...i nvr know without flour also can bake a cake! wahahahahaha) and PLUS...tis is my first time bake a cake! And i nvr watched ppl bake a cake before!

Even snap a simple photo also need to do a stupid pose. :P
Anyway, they helped me lots too. Thanks. Dun eat the biscuits pls!

I wasn't FAT like this okie?!

Juz bake a small one, in case if its not delicious.

35minutes needed =)


Walao! Nice. I keep saying its so WANGI in the kitchen. Smells good! But it seems left something! Candles? or Cream for the word HAPPY BDAY SE7EN?!

Mayb we r too intelligent. hahaha.
Ketupat! Dont alwiz steal my phone n actually u just wan to snap urself!

YES. Its co-co-crunch. I realized there was NO MORE bday candles.
And raisins already expired for 6MONTHS! and it still keep in the fridge! ohmygosh!

It tastes quite good. But i put too many eggs *shy* (Just got eggs' taste =P)
First time mah...sure not so good geh lar. By the way, my cake is sugar-free. I put too lil SUGAR!!! My sister keep complaining that put coco-crunch is much more nicer!!!

And i say i will make a nicer next time. ^__^

Happy Belated Bday to SE7EN again!!!

p/s: I am not FAT. I am SLIM.

Stadium Bukit Jalil~

This post suppose to post 27th Oct.2007~ But my computer's monitor got some problem, so now i only post something in my blog!
Anyway, im glad i can use it now ^^

I went to stadium for a concert, hm...not a really concert, just a malaysia 50 years chinese got many tradisional shows, and got some singers perform too!
Honestly, my daddy paid so much for the tickets.
And I felt so waste lar, already paid so much, and got DannyOne, i want to go there watch him perform LIVE! oh yea~
Finally, we arrived KAY ELL :)

That stadium was HUGE :)

When we reached there, i heard someone singing, its Andrew Chan/Andrew Tan. (LOL. i dont really rmbr his english name. Winner of internasional ATQ singing competition)

And when i steop in there,i LISTEN DANNY'S VOICE!!! YA!!! ITS HIM! WHEN I RUN TO FRONT OF THE STAGE, he said THANK YOU. (He finished his song. and i wonder WHY he only sing ONE song??!?!?!! its UNFAIR to him!)
And i really ONLY ONE singer that i-want-to-WATCH!
Anyway, its HOT there. And in front have many empty tables, and me n my mum just move FRONT THERE. ehehehhe =)

Here's the picssss~~ ^_^

OH MY GOSH! (Just half of the photo only, cuz' that's really SO MUCH people.)

This is the programme tht i want to tell u guys just now.
It wasn't a concert ^__^

Welcoming Prime Minister. Walking red carpet. haha.
And now is ONLY THE TIME started LIVE on ASTRO.

I really really WONDER WHY ASTRO doesn't show his SOLO peformance LIVE. And luckily he appear once again with others kinda XXX singers.
Anyway, i like DANNY. DANNY! DANNY!
(make some noise for danny eh?)

Boring and HOT. then BYE BYE. those waiter and waitress just like ant q-ing up and giving food to the GUESTS. haha.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

bla bla and BLA!

Oh my godness. I only can use the word CRAZY to describe MYSELF. CRAZY with anything, everything.
And i can be CRAZY everyday, everyminute and every second.

Well, my nerves got some problem now.

Don't SCREAM when u watching their videos.

Don't LAUGH alone when u r watching their videos.

Don't SMILE to the comp while watching the videos from YOUTUBE.

Don't IMAGINE they are ur boifrens when watching their video.
Don't PRAISE them everytime u saw them from tv.
Those DON'Ts i think my family want to tell me SINCE IM CRAZY WITH TVXQ!
I knew my problems!

If u have the same problem like me, i would like to meet and be ur good friend.
Hmm...should i say NO to TVXQ now?

Friday, October 19, 2007


Micky u r so cute duhh!

I am definitely CRAZZIIEE with TVXQ! All is tht Popo and M.Q's fault.


They influence ME. But im darn enjoy it! hahahaha!!

Hmm...2day really have a great time ^^ But then i spent so MUCH money!
Anyway, im so generous today. And i don't want to talk about it again.

That's all. Im busy watching TVXQ's videos n waiting for the kindest gal -Kar Mun send all my Micky's photos for me!!!


Gorgeous? Cool? Funny? Handsome?

Anyway, my MICKY already have all these. Dont ever touch my MICKY again. hehehe. Ya! Im saying YOU! :-P

Sunday, October 14, 2007


First, i got a lil bit dissapointed ystrday night. But then, i am quite happy and i am satisfied.
But all happened in-a-RUSH.

but still happy until WALALALA~~


Okie. Took this photo UN-PREPARED-LY. My hair so messy. Sigh. Anyway, i do not like the photo. I do not look great. But the guy...hohoho!

He was so cool~ Waahhahaahhaha!
Anyway, thank GOD, he still remember me :D

Well, i talk a lot with my cousin sister ystrday.
And we just walk around Parade, then she talks a lot abt her school to me, and tell me that ACTUALLY PARADE HAVE MANY GANGSTER. haha.

Yupp. I know this. And have many La La Zai too~ =P

柯有伦~ Alan Kuo~~~ A brand new rocker's voice 'flies' to my ears.

What can i say, i listened his album all day LONG. Don't believe, can asked anyone at my HOME.

All his songs were great!

Now i like ROCK. walalalaa~ ^^

Thursday, October 11, 2007

8th Oct,2007 (Wednesday)

I went to school on 8th Oct, 2007. Tuesday only 6 boys are going to school. And 2day is only 18 or 20 something. Gosh...separuh pun tiada! And...we have no textbooks, class, own table/chairs~ We were placed in the small dewan. And i was soooo boring. So me n my friends keep UNO, UNO, UNO and UNO till 12:40p.m.


I wasted my time like this. And if im at home, same lar. Stay in front the comp ALL DAY LONG.

I will be MAD one day.

I think u should know them-GANGSTER. They r just a POP-Singer and a very very terrible dancer in a drama named OVER THE RAINBOW!
(Someone always complain to me : WHY THIS GROUP IN ONLY IN SERIES? WHY IS IT NOT A REAL ONE?!)

Anyway, they cannot sing lar, but i do like their dance! That's why cannot be a singer~

Ahem...if u r reading. Don't bla bla to me again ar~~

The 1st guy, got a lil bit looks like RAIN. but i prefer RAIN. I like the 2nd girl and the last guy.

The last guy really good in dancin and singing. Dont believe, pls go to YouTube ^^ (he is one of the member of FLY TO THE SKY)


Well, i DO NOT like this ending of tis series. Haven watch it yet, but whn i go to a forum, and every1 is not happy with that. Just watch urself! Cya all!

p/s: Thanks Si Tzen! ^^

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Weeeee! Finally my PMR is finished. This feeling was great.

All the stress seems leave me, i was so relax.

Now i just want to enjoy myself in these 2 month, i cant imagine the day i get my result.

I just dont have confidence to get straight As!


Feel that everyone is changing. Its a good thing. Everyone changing become more mature. One of my friend, she is kinda weird these few weeks. I don't know what happened with her. She just doesn't want to tell her things to anyone. She just keep saying she got a lover. But sometimes she seems lost control, i started don't know who is her.

She changes a lot! She seldom talk with me. She seldom hang out with us! Everyone started hate her. Everyone complain to me. They told their problem to me. And i was just like "Ohh...hmm...mmm...oo...yea...okay...."

What can i do? I already do what i should do. Her attitude already got problem these days.

Change. Changing. Everyone is changing. IN DIFFERENT WAY.

Mun Yi C~
9th Oct, 2007.