Friday, December 14, 2007

I do not have any special things to post. I cleaned my room few days ago. I was so darn tired. URGH! That's so much dusts. I almost fainted.

I have something to share with u guys.
My recent cellphone wallpaper.
aww. so cute! :D

He's so skinny last 2 years. but now...he is darn muscular! (cheerrs!)
So cute. I wish i can dream of him everynite.

My happiness will END soon. RESULT GONNA COMING OUT SOON!

Pray for me. and i will treat u KFC's Half-Half Meltz~ =)

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manda said...

best of luck on ur result-day!

ystday i read that "everybody will dream, and if you dont remember at least 80% of ur dream, it is a significant damage to ur brain".

so, i am a very very normal person.