Friday, December 28, 2007

i love to cryyy

I went to LOST WORLD with my couzzieess and sisters before the day of taking PMR result.
I was so nervous to take the result, though!
Everyone thought i am very intelligent enough to get full straight As or at least 5As. But my target just AT LEAST 4As! I prayed to GOD, i cant get enough sleep these days. I was just soooo damn worry!

Many people messaged me to ask me how's my result. I dont know how to tell them. I was just feel so shame n wanna RUN away from school. I definitely call my mum will my full-of-tears-face. Within 4 minutes,my mom arrived. I was crying in front Sook Hui! She got not-a-very-good-result but she's feel nothing!
my brain was saying 'WHAT?!'
She told me,' just a test, tried ur best already okie. No need to cry. Come on, cheer up!'
I was like...i just got 2As. U asked me to CHEER UP?! I just like a crying babe at school.

I was cried like a fool and cried crazily at home. My mum said im stupid to cry because of RESULT. I already do my best, and i only got 2As?! what the hell. I want my BM to get A also! I want my maths to get A also! I called SeeMei to phone me,i was keep crying and she also dont know what to say. I knew she never saw me cried before, and this time...sigh. And i called my sis to phone my back.I told her everything, she said, Its just the beginning, dun cry. Its so stupid to cry lar. And dont do something stupid, take it easy. I was just keep crying and keep ok-ok-ing.She told me anything that can make me feel OK.

Actually i want to tahan my tears to prevent it roll down.but it just CAN'T! I really dont want my friend to worry about me,and i dont want them to see my tears-ly face! I switch off my phone,and when i opened it, i really got many messages. All also warm mesages. Its make me wanna cry again =(

I went to my cousin's house 2day. She also got only 2As. my cousin bro was keep making me laugh and smile. YA! He did it! He keep using 7 7 7 and make many jokes. hahahaha. He really grew up a lots. [he's turnin 14 nex year =] My aunt came back from Aussie, she told me not to sad, let's go celebrate. i was shocked. I cried again cuz' just 2As, u ask me to celebrate?? Cuz' my another cousin bro also unhappy for 2 weeks,bcoz dint reach his target.Nobody giving u pressure,she told me'No nid to be unhappy lar~'

I know every1 was wishing to know my result. I been think of it for whole day. I did my BEST,its okie to tell people abt my result.
2As for BI & BC.
4Bs for BM & SEJ & Maths & Science
2Cs for KH & GEO

Nah.Please dont sms me and just want to ask me how's my result. Please.
After this incident,i really can know how much my family cares about me~ and my friends too. Really thanks a lots. I really love u guys. =]
Btw, Happy New Year! (I do not want to back to school.lols.)

Mun Yi
28th Dec,2007.


mei hong said...

Mun yi, you really okay now? Not tat you love to cry. But if you wanna cry then cry it out, no nid to prevent your tears or wat... after all im sure you'll feel better. At least you have so many, so many person here to care about you. Oh ya, next time I would wish to see Cheng Mun Yi get number one in your class. =) It's a very good feeling. and soon you will join us back.
Anyway, the sort class thing already done. Su Mun gonna same class with you...
I purposely sign in to leave a comment here.. just wish tat you will better.
Next time can leave a comment for you at here adi, wooohooO~ it's great!
Well, we oso dun wish to go back school..

Anonymous said...

wei. yoochun told junsu, and junsu told me that yoochun doesnt wanna see u cry.

i know how u felt. i felt some rubbish moment like this not long before. then last year, i punished myself for 9 mths, in front of the books, day and night, even weekends, during holz and its all paid off. 9 mths is how much i suffered.

am watching henley's mv - mengapa harus cinta - in 8tv now. 3 minutes time am gonna watch rain concert in the TV!!!!

manda said...

it was me in ur earlier comment

Anonymous said...

Your mum is right, don't beat yourself up about that. There is more to life than A,B & Cs. You will learn that when you're older.

It's natural to feel sad when things don't turn out how you wanted, but there is a time to stop, think and learn from it. A true failure is one that does not know how to pick themself up again. We all know you're stronger than that! Don't put too much pressure on yourself.. -.^v

munyi C said...

thanks darlingsss! friends for LIFE !