Saturday, January 26, 2008

getting bored.

I am getting bored to listen the SAME thing.

I am getting bored to chat with them the SAME thing.

I am getting bored to advise someone SAME thing.

I am getting bored in the new class.

I am getting bored with some friends.

I am getting bored with my Chemistry teacher.

I am really getting BORED with these things!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

the latest meeeee

The latest me still OK lar. Didn't bully by anyone in the class.
This class, i dont know how to describe. But im sure 4sC1 is still the best. I misss all of them, seems all of us having different timetable, different teachers, different thinking now.

dAMN busy these days. Just hope my interest to Maths n Science will be IN and IN.

Gtg, later need to tuition again. Ciaoz~

Dec, 2007.

Okie, i know i should posted these all on Dec, but im busy! hehe. ReaLLY!!!
I would like to share with u guys coz i really have fun on Dec except on 28th~ :'(

24th Dec, 2007.

Xmas Eve (previous post) HEHE. FUN FUN FUN!

25th Dec, 2007.

Went to Ipoh again,and i forgot where i am going. Jusco? Snap the photo using a machine,im still wonder which day is that. whateva! Anyway, having FUN again. Meet my cousins from Aust. and talk lots with them too =D

27th Dec, 2007.

I just want to have FUN before the day get the result! We r wild-wild-wet tht day! LOL!
(Just surprised tht all of us gether together! all the cousins! This is the good chance to know each of us MORE =)
What am i talking about?! All of us just like blind gals running around there! And those games n activities killing me! :P
TOOOOOO FUN! (others dunno where r them,we played our own!)
*thanks to the one who style like DannyOne snap for us.* Dont think too much, he is not leng cai. :P

28th Dec, 2007.

Don't want to talk about it. =] But from that day, i know everyone (EVERYONE!) also care about me~ thanks for the loves!

29th Dec, 200.

MY PLAN again =))
I asked my eldest sis to bring n treat us to HALO cafe. WALALA~ I am soooo happy coz she say YES to ME! We went there at nite.
My mom was going out with my aunt from Aust. coz wanna gather with their old friends! My dad follow house's 5 girls for sure!

Our drinks. Mun Yan's, Mine and my eldest sista - MunMun's.
Each of us got different taste. but daddy and MunTeng's were same.
Its nice anyway =D

9:20p.m. FINALLY GOT 3 PERSONS SANG FOR US. Great day i have AGAIN! :)

Christmas Eveeeee!

Christmas Eve (24/12/2008)
My 2 sisters came back from K.L already. On Xmas eve, I asked two of them don’t go OUT anywhere, coz I got a plan with them tonite. They keep asking me WHY. WHY. WHY.
I told them I want to play candles with them tonite. My eldest sis nvr think too much and say YES. (Even though she bathed d!!!) And I was like WEEEEEEEEE!!! =D And my 2nd elder sister say NO NO NO to us. Me, my eldest sis n my younger sisters beg her again n again, she still say NO. (Coz she said just bath, later become very smelly again.LOL.) Finally, she say SEE HOW LAR.MAYB I WILL JOIN U GUYS. *yays*
We went to grandma’s house first. Then very late only came back.

12:05a.m. We started our plan. We don’t know what shape we need to do. So we just simply put the candles around. *serious*

Then my 2nd elder sis came out and say…just do a ROUND shape lar. HO HO HO! She will be JOIN us! *winks*

Finally the not-so-round-shape is ‘gao dim’!

We all gather inside and snap photo non-stopppp! There’s too much funny photos and some we-look-fleshy photos. When we looked at the photos again, we just can’t stop laughing! Especially my eldest sister. HAHAHAHA. *We r sorry for laughing at u, but we love u. U r our idol!* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

This is the best Christmas Eve tht i had! I love my sisters and dad who non-stop help us snap those photos! I love my mum tooo! HEHE.

p/s: Just few photos here. Others unavailable :P

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Oh NOOO. I almost forgot what is school.

Time flies! Give me back my holidays!

Tomorrow school will open.

I gotta fit into a whole new gang.

I hope i can do better this year!