Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dec, 2007.

Okie, i know i should posted these all on Dec, but im busy! hehe. ReaLLY!!!
I would like to share with u guys coz i really have fun on Dec except on 28th~ :'(

24th Dec, 2007.

Xmas Eve (previous post) HEHE. FUN FUN FUN!

25th Dec, 2007.

Went to Ipoh again,and i forgot where i am going. Jusco? Snap the photo using a machine,im still wonder which day is that. whateva! Anyway, having FUN again. Meet my cousins from Aust. and talk lots with them too =D

27th Dec, 2007.

I just want to have FUN before the day get the result! We r wild-wild-wet tht day! LOL!
(Just surprised tht all of us gether together! all the cousins! This is the good chance to know each of us MORE =)
What am i talking about?! All of us just like blind gals running around there! And those games n activities killing me! :P
TOOOOOO FUN! (others dunno where r them,we played our own!)
*thanks to the one who style like DannyOne snap for us.* Dont think too much, he is not leng cai. :P

28th Dec, 2007.

Don't want to talk about it. =] But from that day, i know everyone (EVERYONE!) also care about me~ thanks for the loves!

29th Dec, 200.

MY PLAN again =))
I asked my eldest sis to bring n treat us to HALO cafe. WALALA~ I am soooo happy coz she say YES to ME! We went there at nite.
My mom was going out with my aunt from Aust. coz wanna gather with their old friends! My dad follow house's 5 girls for sure!

Our drinks. Mun Yan's, Mine and my eldest sista - MunMun's.
Each of us got different taste. but daddy and MunTeng's were same.
Its nice anyway =D

9:20p.m. FINALLY GOT 3 PERSONS SANG FOR US. Great day i have AGAIN! :)

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