Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas Eveeeee!

Christmas Eve (24/12/2008)
My 2 sisters came back from K.L already. On Xmas eve, I asked two of them don’t go OUT anywhere, coz I got a plan with them tonite. They keep asking me WHY. WHY. WHY.
I told them I want to play candles with them tonite. My eldest sis nvr think too much and say YES. (Even though she bathed d!!!) And I was like WEEEEEEEEE!!! =D And my 2nd elder sister say NO NO NO to us. Me, my eldest sis n my younger sisters beg her again n again, she still say NO. (Coz she said just bath, later become very smelly again.LOL.) Finally, she say SEE HOW LAR.MAYB I WILL JOIN U GUYS. *yays*
We went to grandma’s house first. Then very late only came back.

12:05a.m. We started our plan. We don’t know what shape we need to do. So we just simply put the candles around. *serious*

Then my 2nd elder sis came out and say…just do a ROUND shape lar. HO HO HO! She will be JOIN us! *winks*

Finally the not-so-round-shape is ‘gao dim’!

We all gather inside and snap photo non-stopppp! There’s too much funny photos and some we-look-fleshy photos. When we looked at the photos again, we just can’t stop laughing! Especially my eldest sister. HAHAHAHA. *We r sorry for laughing at u, but we love u. U r our idol!* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

This is the best Christmas Eve tht i had! I love my sisters and dad who non-stop help us snap those photos! I love my mum tooo! HEHE.

p/s: Just few photos here. Others unavailable :P

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