Monday, September 28, 2009


I was shocked yet sad.
Actually already can guess what had happened.
I am tired. That was a greatest memory that I had, but it was also a quite-suffer memory for me.
Well, I knew everything had ended.
Today wasn't a great day for me. More and MORE things had irritated me. Seems that you already tried to tell me something by using this way, YEAH, I knew it now. I do hate you. :)

Plus I've goy my trial result today. =/
I do not get good result. I expected that subject will get a higher marks, but...sigh, the mark already fixed :(
Before that I really lazy...I think its time to study hard, though its LATE, but I am sure I can achieve a better grade if I really have the 'heart' to do all these!

YEAH. I AM SAD. hurted too.

My life sure will be more wonderful.
I should enjoy my school life to the FULLEST!

I am surely will be fine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sangat boring~

LOL. I was so bored, and checking facebook. And wanna check the promo details for my friend also.
And I saw something--the NAME, at first I really thought that one was ME. But I never register as member before. And that type of msg really not my style.
SuDAH langgar chinese name. duhh.
Buka mata besar-besaar, dan tengok baik-baik,budak ni dari JOHOR.
hahahaha! ;P

URGH. Just found that One of their song were nice (Y)
Don't compare their faces or looks la, a song named 因为爱你 by them real NICE. GOOOSHH. go to youtube and check it OUT :D
(Don't know which part, i think the voice a bit...hmm...not nice la... don't know who's that. LOL.)
Faced the comp for 4++ hours edi...boring laaaa~~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UP and DOWN~


There's many UPs and DOWNs happened.

Let's start with DOWN first.

My friend's grandma was passed away during her trial. Her grandma was my grandma's best friend. I felt sad and almost cried when heard this. This news was SHOCKED! Really no ones will believe it.

Rest in Peace, aunty.

Rest In Peace, Lion Thomas Varughese.

I do not know what happened to me these days. I got angry easily and I hate the people who really annoying and irritating. I am bored with everything, sometimes felt fed up with my studies. My STUDY spirit gone, I am helpless and hopeless. I am lazy to do anything. Exhausted! Tired! and Bored! All these are just damn....'mah fan'.

I hope I will be better. I hope everything will be fine.

And yea, I found that some of THEM were FAKE.

I just HATE them.

I don't know what to say. Just felt that my life is messy and I am lazy to 'arrange' it. AHHHHHHH.

Besides, there's a stranger keep messaging me. I really feel I wanted to KILL him or throw him into SEA. hey dude, I never reply u, HOW CAN U SMS ME FOR MORE THAN 40 messsages!??! damn u! Muka tembok! Until now my phone can't stop ringing, he miss calling me and messaging me non-stop. I already very keliru with what am I thinking, and now got this type of fella disturb me! Just a bastard!
hey. GET OUT FROM MY LIFE or else I may use DIRTY WORDS to scold u.



Trial was finally ended, the time I waited for a long time. I went to MM's house after trial that day with MH and RP. =)
Found that her bro's book shelf many NEEEEWWWW books. I wanna borrow that The Kite Runner, but then I know I won't spend my time with it during my ONE-WEEK-HOLS.

I didn't went to anywhere during this holiday, most probably will just stay at homeee. Time doesn't let us travel around =( My younger sis gonna back to school on tHURS. bahhhh!

And my cousin's wedding will be on this saturday =]

So...during this hol, i was just sitting in front or tv either COMPUTER.
I am going to be crazy. (but better than study right?)

He is back!!! He reached Batu Gajah ystrday afternoon =)
I do miss him so much!!! gosh!
I never expected he will brought us (me and younger sisters) something GREAT from London. Thanks for the lovely bday card on July. And ystrday before having dinner, he gave me something :):):)


Its Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Fragrance ;)

He told me got 4 or 5 types. This smells greatest ;P

The behind picca! The fragrance is same as this LOVE Cartoon =D

Awww. What else can I say? It was soooo awesome!


While my 2 sis got Lacoste branded baggiess. I wish I own it too.. hehehe.


Thanks Uncle!

Happy Holidays Friends! ^_^

p/s: Taiwan peeps are lucky. HIM.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Drop by and just wanna



I am OK now. Everything will be OK.