Monday, September 28, 2009


I was shocked yet sad.
Actually already can guess what had happened.
I am tired. That was a greatest memory that I had, but it was also a quite-suffer memory for me.
Well, I knew everything had ended.
Today wasn't a great day for me. More and MORE things had irritated me. Seems that you already tried to tell me something by using this way, YEAH, I knew it now. I do hate you. :)

Plus I've goy my trial result today. =/
I do not get good result. I expected that subject will get a higher marks, but...sigh, the mark already fixed :(
Before that I really lazy...I think its time to study hard, though its LATE, but I am sure I can achieve a better grade if I really have the 'heart' to do all these!

YEAH. I AM SAD. hurted too.

My life sure will be more wonderful.
I should enjoy my school life to the FULLEST!

I am surely will be fine.

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leo boo said...

gambateh !!!! i know you can de!!! you are the best !!! hahaha!!