Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am sorry who wanted to date me during last week's hols! haha. I was BUSYYYY. (my friends always complaint and asked why I have so much things to do during hols! minta minta maaf maaf la...:P)

Last 2 weeks, my cousin got a wedding. My relatives came back. My uncle came back from Aussie, brought his camera back! THIS WAS REALLY COOOL. I AM SERIOUS. [I am still saving money to buy Fisheye cameraaaa!]

How great if IT was a lomo camera =D

Last week, I went to KL (: Same cousin. her husband was not perakians, so surely went to the place he borned (swt!) -KL.

That was my first time attend church wedding =) It was just so sweet! >.<

Sorry, doesn't have any pictures on my hands :)

Then, we went to Pavilion. Ning Baizura was there. hahaha. Takde any minat, then walked away =P

Niteee. Went to Sheraton Hotel for wedding dinner. I saw a guy. awesome! nice! sweet! for sure he was SO CHARMING ^_^ Though he was not that superb-handsome guy, but he does has a charming sMILe =) i think CKM will scream if saw him...:P

This is my cousin. Not the charmmieee *winks*

The dinner was just-OK. Though it was damn expensive per table, but...the food not ok la.hehe. bUt not bad lar, the music and the FEEEEL...good! thumbs up!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. When we're all stucked on the traffic, I saw some indians actors acting there. hahahhahaa. I can't stop laughing. Just don't know why. maybe I was too excited to see those indians :P (tak ada isu sensitif ah!) It's too bad, I don't have chance to see them dancing there =/

BLURRRR. Car was moving that time. hehe.

Okie. I have nothing to post already, I saved it as draft for almost 4 days... Happy day everyone! <3


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