Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys!

Rush...RuSH...i needa go now ;)

Later still need to go to couzie's house to countdown!

I will be FUN yea?

Okie.I will miss 2008 =( Much thing happened in 2008, time really flies.

i miss SU MUN !

Holiday haven't finished yet, PART2 haven't finish. ehehehhhe :P

take super GOOD care guys.


Say YES for more HOLIDAY!!! :P

Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday PART1 =P

Heyyoooo! I’ll let u guys know how I wasted my time in this holiday. I am lazy I still dare to say it out, I do have a SUPERB THICK face. *admit-ING*
This post is just like ROJAK, I forgot when happens first or last. So just have a READ ya guys. *winks*

Well, I have watched 2 movies in a month. But then it should be THREE okay? I just flied my couzziees’ aeroplane (sweat) but it’s not my fault. So we just yum cha in HONG KONG FOOD&TEA. Tastes great :)


I went to Ipoh with my funniest and greatest best friend watch TWILIGHT. Edward Cullen u’re mine. DEFINITELY MINE. Aww. He’s a hottie. HOT AND SPICY! Then we had our lunch in The Black Canyon. ( I am not rich!) Anyway, from that day I only knew that I can play basketball well. Not that type in basketball court :P

Conclusion : I had a very great day with her and I wasted a lot of money =) pay me back stingy gal!


Another week, I went out with her and another girl again. She brought us souvenir! Thanks ya ^^. And we watch IP! Oh my goodness. I have fall in love with DONNIE YEN. His wushu…my eyes and mouth just can’t close when I watch the movie! Because I have no money, they got to eat lunch with me in FOODCOURT. Wahahahahaa!!!

Conclusion : My day become brighter after watched Donnie Yen and the MOVIE. Never regret spent RM9 for the movie. All money GONE =( I am waiting for IP MAN 2! (Donnie Yen called me and tell me this! Ngek ngek ngek!) But its true IP MAN 2 will be shooting soon. I felt that im childish? hmm.

CAN U LOOK AT IT? hehehhe.

And….YES! I got my first ear-piercing. Kinda shames to say it here, sweet sixteen BIG GIRL only pierce ears! My uncle FORCE me to do so, I have to follow okay. I shouted in POH KONG, its damn shame. My cousin bro recorded it ALL!!!! I am just like a little girl…shout, and then my tears almost came out. Sigh. I know it all for MY OWN GOOD. Anyway, I know I looked great now. Buahhahahaha! Just joke okie =P

Organized by 5 or 6 Leo Clubs in Ipoh…and Gopeng?
I saw ZAINAL BAKI. I think he’s the cutest host in 8TV? He knew how to read and speak mandarin! Hahahaha. I know he felt so ‘shuang’ when I said I LIKE TO WATCH U HOST!!!! And he asked for my name. And surely I gave him my name card. And he asked me to go to facebook to add him =) teeehheeeeeeee!

Soong Huey asked : Are you really going to open a facebook account?
I replied : YES. MAYBE. *grins*

Soong Huey & LION MARY GOH & Mun Yi.
She's so 'yeah' on that day. ahhaahhaha!

WE lurv TRACY!!!! i met a new friend =)

Kwai Sheong snapped photo with me too. He is a kind guy :P I admit I like him as friend, but not that LOVE okay? LOL. Photo at his side. Thanks ya buddy!

Oh ya ya. I saw some numbers of Japanese boys and girls, they are coming cause having Youth Exchange. The boy was look so girlish and he’s cute. Ahahhaha. Well, I am not joining Y.E Programme this year, cause my private problem. But I feel quite sad about it. I will replace it with my China Camp next year =) wahahahhaa.

To Be Continued :) Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


heyyyyaaaa buddies! Once again..i know I should post this on NOV. know lar, i am TOTALLY a LAZY person =P
But then I still can write out how i FEEL on the beginning of the holiday.

YAY! The holiday...I've been waiting for a SUPERB LONG TIME.
I can scream at home : HOLIDAY ! weeeeeeee!

Firstly, wish u guys have a super duper cool holidayyy =]

9th Nov., 2008. my darling's bday. I dint make many cakes this year.
aww.i am sorry =(
What I hope is just only can go to ur concert....... :'( Come to MALAYSIA babe!

I miss this BABY. DEFINITELY...i miss him =(
When I was still in my own house, he came to our house every evening.
He's my little chubby cutie neighhbour =P
I moved. ermm...moved to grandpa's house since September.
When i back to my 'old' house to take my thing, he saw me...n din't say anything to me ANYMORE. He forgot me!!! What to do...this feeling like 'PUTUS CINTA'.
but...he's really cute >.<
Really look like J.J... :-P

My NEW house's CAT - mou mou~ look at its FUR.

Before that, my grandma take SUPER good care of it. But since my grandma got sick, she nvr mandi...i mean BATH! GOSH. and Mou Mou hates water! hahahha.

It has 3 colour on its body. It's cool u know. SHE should be proud cause' SHEs the first FURry animal i touched! i love HER. :) Everyday it loves to lepak. I wonder where IT went to. But its FUN, she will knock the door or kept meow-meow-ING to ask us to open the door for her at nite. SHE LOVES TO SLEEP. =P

I went to Cameron with cousin and cousin's DADDY & MOMMY.hehe. FUN MAN. Weather was still Ok. You can go there anytime when u're bored. Because it isn't tooooooo COLD or HOT.

I went to K.L too. ERM.SHOP SHOP SHOP. i lurv PAVILION. =P

Besides all these...I forgot what I have done in this holiday. But then I know i have a great time. hehe. One thing i am so SURE is...i never STUDY. except 29th Nov, hold and READ BIOLOGI book for 15minutes. :)

I do not wish my dad see this! He asked me DON'T pretend study. I told him I NEVER PRETEND. hahahahhha!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

what to do?
what to do?
what to do?

and the last question :