Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 48th post for 2009.

Hola Hola.
This will be my last post for this year and this is the 48th post!
Today is New Year's Eve and I'll be countdown with my relatives who came back from Australia ;)

Well, will try my best to enjoy this LAST day with my lovely cousins and family !


"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."

:D No much to say, hope next year will be a better year for me. I will work and study hard! I wanted to kick my laziness away! and...hope i can adapt with new environment! Miss my 2009! Miss my school life!
I want to be a happier person! Most important is...I want to learn how to make friend with STRESS (:

"花多一些時間在新事物上,不要再和舊包袱周旋,那麼我才能往前走得更暢快。" said Mr.Tan. Love this sentence.

once again!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am so confused with my future. I am worried.

Honestly, not really wanted to go to K.L for studies. But...Ipoh's a-levels really...not really that great. Still choosing which college to get into. I am quite shocked cuz' ystrday my dad tasked me to join TARC or ATC January intake. Well, hmm...I told him that was so rush! And...I haven't get my car license yet =(
I am so regret for late taking the undang test and driving lesson =/

I went to Sunway College Ipoh. AHha. Until now, haven't got student sign up for a-levels there. My dad was quite worried about the lecturer and the condition there was a bit...hmm...not very good. aNyway, I think if u wanna take diploma or accounting, there will be a not-bad-choice.

Olympia College Ipoh? A big NO NO for me.

I think I only have 3 choices for now. ATC. TARC. Brickfields.

Nah. I am very confused now.
I really need to study harder next year.
This time really need to wave hand and say BYEBYE to my laziness la.
I am going to fit into another new environment.

Still checking. Still thinking.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy so....just S-I-N-G !

Hello. Hello. and HELLO!
I was like walking on air these days! ;D

Anyway, I came back from KL ystrday afternoon. Suppose to be at there for 3 days, but wanna meet parents' old friend, became 4 days at KL! Anyway, had fun at there too =) Met handsomes and cuties. hahahaha.

I went to TARCollege's Open Day. Just accidentally saw the banner that hanging outside and just walked in there. Surroundings and all were good, the course costs not too expensive(if compare with TAYLOR'S), but just cannot make sure how's the lecturers.
Well, cuties around there ;)

After that, went to ATC. It's kinda "messy" there. But...since my sis said there can teach A-Levels very well and blah... Anyway, just had a visit there. That's not really my choice. I's all the c-a-m-p-u-s matter ;(

Well, the third day planned is to shop at Sunway Pyramid! This shopping complex located at Subang sis asked my parents to contact Uncle Y.K to have a meet. No objection~ Cuz' it's been a long time they never met, so we all were sitting at his home for more than 2 hours and Aunty Joanne asked us to have dinner together. And his son went to Taylor's Open Day, and asked us to have a look there, cuz' IT'S NEAAAAR!

Gosh. Honestly, I was truly attracted with TAYLOR'S :D I went to their new campus. LOVE IT LOVE IT.
Went to the new hall, and Mr.Kreisler met us and asked how can he helped us. The way he talked was humurous yet funny! But he told me that Pre-U student gonna stay in OLD ones, so...too bad, I can't join in the new campus here. *heart bROKEN!*
My sis seemed excited to move into there, she was LUCKYY :) She's going to move in this campus next year! *smilees*
Anyway, I am sure can't study here. I don't think I have the qualification to get it. The course costed there was times2 of ATC's. hmm =/

Have a walk there. Then went to Sunway Pyramid! SALES. SALES. SALES. AND

After that, went to have dinner with uncle, aunty and their children. They are my friends when I were 1/2/3/4 years old :D Too bad, hardly to open my mouth and talk again. *sweats* Anyway, their son was so good-looking eh ;) and CUTEEEEEE!
I hope he didn't view my blog ! O.O

Chat until late at night, mom said let's have another at KL. =)

Yeah! Back to Batu Gajah. Then went to Pei Ley's BBQ.
Gang gathered together again!
AWWW. LOVE U GIRLSS! *huggies*

Though one of our girls can't attend, but...we are still CONCENTRIC. naaaw.
I do miss u girls always!

p/s: Tomorrow there's a education fair. Hope will enjoy my day and...hope it will be a FUN day as well! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's all ENDed =)

Actually I have so much need to post here,'s kinda late now, and.... I am not in blogging-MOOD. hahahaha.

Anywway, the WAR that I faced ended! Quite worry with the subjects~!

It's TOO late to regret for not studyied hard last month. LOL.

Let's start.

I won Manhand's DvD from 8TV. Quite shocked.

Very EFFICIENCY ;) Got it after 3 days!

Na na na.

Postcards. :)

After Chemistry, straightly went to eldest's sis's another convo. Congrats for ur success! and...C.L.P :D
Proud of u eh! U always know it right? Kisses for you. U sure do still remember what u owe me ;)

naaw =]


Finally school life ends.
Going to return textbooks to school tomorrow (:

Gonna miss u guys so muchie!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I don't know what am I afraid for? SPM? or FUTURE? I'm confused!
I can't sleep well and tight these days, and I can't imagine what will happen to me during my exam! Maybe I've thought too much or over-worry? Stress...stress...GO away! I do not have high expectations with my SPM results, but I just hope I can do my best and get better grades. and hell...I just can't concentrate with what I've studied! I am serious! Do I need some milk? I mean childrens' milk? In all those commercial, there were many kinds of milks, and inside got DHA, MMA, and WHATEVER A to tingkatkan my daya ingatan. Seriously, I do need it.

Well, I am speechless with myself. I am lazy. TOTALLY LAZY. I've forgotten my promise with my sisters. Sometimes fade out lah! All these made me felt so panic !


A bit annoyed of having him as friend in fb. The words in his page used quite DIFFERENT. urgh. He used to be a very very great guy, I treasured my moments with him, but lastly all ended, I am sure he cheated me, though he denied. I can't do anything. I am the one who wished to say byebye. I believed he never cheated me until my feeling gone. Well, I am not sure how's his condition now. I hope he is doing g-r-e-a-t. (sweaty) Anyway, all past! Almost one year now..I always hope will not recall all the memories. What can I say is...我只是一步步地陷入这种大量被肯定及需要当中,当已经失去了之后,不敢接受事实.Anyway, I am sure he * me before. Well,just crapping here.
I wonder, why nowadays all the teenagers need a boyfriend or girlfriend? (I mean those who aged 12 or 13 or 14 and even younger? U all should enjoy ur time to the fullest with buddies!) I just cannot understand, maybe its my own problem,if me [FOR NOW], I can't even manage my time to go out and dating or what. Texting each other I think will waste my time? This is my thinking for this year la. maybe its the SPM fault. hhahahaaha. I am enjoying my single life! Single life not bad, even I know that coupling will be sweeter. naaw. Maybe it will happens with me after SPM? wHO knows!


Pn.Jeya talked with me today. She's such a nice teacher. tHAnks teacher! Hmm...god blessed, yesterday I enjoyed my night with my gang. Thanks for supporting me! haha! U guys are surely are the best!

Kisses and Huggies for u guys! ♥

It was exhausted, but energy regain when u all beside me!

Today went back to school. TAK-TAU-NAK-CAKAP-APA.
Why u guys just can't speak?! I gathered u all and u guys should discuss about our graduation day! Everyone seemed fight against HER. or fight against another HER. Pn.Foong really have a difficult year(her first time to become a guru tingkatan). Because of our class. Not cooperate langsung! Pity her lar, but she should feel lucky cuz' she still got me and others good students!
Finally there's a conclusion, I felt satisfied. (FINALLY THERE'S CONCLUSION! I DIDN'T WASTED MY TIME~!)

I've wrote too much for today. No picca for today!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Kisses for u all!

p/s: I really hope my class can cooperate.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

rusty brain.

I am easily affected by anything. i mean it. anything.

Kinda rush here, can't write too much, I got to ask my mom to fetch my friend to my gang's house soon.
Seriously, I hope I will enjoy my night. or should I say "I am sure I will enjoy my day." ?

My brain rusted. Hardly to think anything. Well, hardly to memorize important things too!

Gang will surely entertain me? bahh! :P
Friends Forever~ Can't wait to get u guys' presents =] naaww.

=) I will enjoy my night right?

p/s: WTH...Ful*** won the football match ystrday :( Liverpool...sigh! Shit la..they've got 2 red cards! And the "coach" kept Torres! He is the main player lar wei! Jerrard was injured :'( Bennayoun looked tiring ystrday! Not a good game + match.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

... ♥

Today is the most relax day for me. Last few days I was just too stress and can't sleep well. (I am serious.)

What a delightful day for me today! Though just a few hours with my friends, but I enjoyed it every much :D

Oh. Thanks to that police too. What a humorous police that I ever met!
hahahaha. I just can't stop laughing, but I think they are too free lar, but what they did entertained me also, not bad not bad.

Okie, check This Out! LINK ,
I think what he wrote was true too ;)
What do u think?

My heart back to SE7EN again since few days ago *winks*


(REAL girlfriend.)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

หนังสือ !

B O O K S !

My personal message in my msn :
Just finished ONE chapter of Sejarah.

Someone nudged me.
"I am HAPPY =) Good Job! This month has to sacrifice. No entertainment no TV, u'll feel even happier to get back the things u normally get to do. You study hard for ur exam, after everything's over i'll bring you out to the restaurant you want. Korean...Japanese...sushi? Deal?!"

"sweat... DEAAAALLL! I am not like before 24-hour-tv-addictor. I watched 3 hours each day! *winks*"

"Still three hours! save some time! Try to use ur dinner break to watch tv as well!"

"aLRIGHTTT. I'll try to cut down to 2hours then. =/ Don't dare to watch too much, afraid will addicted."

"Yes! Please!"

Yeah, she's my eldest sister. One of the family members that cares a lot about me. She had passed her CLP! :D A great news for all of us!!!

Congratulations, Lawyer-Soon-To-Be :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am sorry who wanted to date me during last week's hols! haha. I was BUSYYYY. (my friends always complaint and asked why I have so much things to do during hols! minta minta maaf maaf la...:P)

Last 2 weeks, my cousin got a wedding. My relatives came back. My uncle came back from Aussie, brought his camera back! THIS WAS REALLY COOOL. I AM SERIOUS. [I am still saving money to buy Fisheye cameraaaa!]

How great if IT was a lomo camera =D

Last week, I went to KL (: Same cousin. her husband was not perakians, so surely went to the place he borned (swt!) -KL.

That was my first time attend church wedding =) It was just so sweet! >.<

Sorry, doesn't have any pictures on my hands :)

Then, we went to Pavilion. Ning Baizura was there. hahaha. Takde any minat, then walked away =P

Niteee. Went to Sheraton Hotel for wedding dinner. I saw a guy. awesome! nice! sweet! for sure he was SO CHARMING ^_^ Though he was not that superb-handsome guy, but he does has a charming sMILe =) i think CKM will scream if saw him...:P

This is my cousin. Not the charmmieee *winks*

The dinner was just-OK. Though it was damn expensive per table, but...the food not ok la.hehe. bUt not bad lar, the music and the FEEEEL...good! thumbs up!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. When we're all stucked on the traffic, I saw some indians actors acting there. hahahhahaa. I can't stop laughing. Just don't know why. maybe I was too excited to see those indians :P (tak ada isu sensitif ah!) It's too bad, I don't have chance to see them dancing there =/

BLURRRR. Car was moving that time. hehe.

Okie. I have nothing to post already, I saved it as draft for almost 4 days... Happy day everyone! <3


Monday, September 28, 2009


I was shocked yet sad.
Actually already can guess what had happened.
I am tired. That was a greatest memory that I had, but it was also a quite-suffer memory for me.
Well, I knew everything had ended.
Today wasn't a great day for me. More and MORE things had irritated me. Seems that you already tried to tell me something by using this way, YEAH, I knew it now. I do hate you. :)

Plus I've goy my trial result today. =/
I do not get good result. I expected that subject will get a higher marks, but...sigh, the mark already fixed :(
Before that I really lazy...I think its time to study hard, though its LATE, but I am sure I can achieve a better grade if I really have the 'heart' to do all these!

YEAH. I AM SAD. hurted too.

My life sure will be more wonderful.
I should enjoy my school life to the FULLEST!

I am surely will be fine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sangat boring~

LOL. I was so bored, and checking facebook. And wanna check the promo details for my friend also.
And I saw something--the NAME, at first I really thought that one was ME. But I never register as member before. And that type of msg really not my style.
SuDAH langgar chinese name. duhh.
Buka mata besar-besaar, dan tengok baik-baik,budak ni dari JOHOR.
hahahaha! ;P

URGH. Just found that One of their song were nice (Y)
Don't compare their faces or looks la, a song named 因为爱你 by them real NICE. GOOOSHH. go to youtube and check it OUT :D
(Don't know which part, i think the voice a bit...hmm...not nice la... don't know who's that. LOL.)
Faced the comp for 4++ hours edi...boring laaaa~~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UP and DOWN~


There's many UPs and DOWNs happened.

Let's start with DOWN first.

My friend's grandma was passed away during her trial. Her grandma was my grandma's best friend. I felt sad and almost cried when heard this. This news was SHOCKED! Really no ones will believe it.

Rest in Peace, aunty.

Rest In Peace, Lion Thomas Varughese.

I do not know what happened to me these days. I got angry easily and I hate the people who really annoying and irritating. I am bored with everything, sometimes felt fed up with my studies. My STUDY spirit gone, I am helpless and hopeless. I am lazy to do anything. Exhausted! Tired! and Bored! All these are just damn....'mah fan'.

I hope I will be better. I hope everything will be fine.

And yea, I found that some of THEM were FAKE.

I just HATE them.

I don't know what to say. Just felt that my life is messy and I am lazy to 'arrange' it. AHHHHHHH.

Besides, there's a stranger keep messaging me. I really feel I wanted to KILL him or throw him into SEA. hey dude, I never reply u, HOW CAN U SMS ME FOR MORE THAN 40 messsages!??! damn u! Muka tembok! Until now my phone can't stop ringing, he miss calling me and messaging me non-stop. I already very keliru with what am I thinking, and now got this type of fella disturb me! Just a bastard!
hey. GET OUT FROM MY LIFE or else I may use DIRTY WORDS to scold u.



Trial was finally ended, the time I waited for a long time. I went to MM's house after trial that day with MH and RP. =)
Found that her bro's book shelf many NEEEEWWWW books. I wanna borrow that The Kite Runner, but then I know I won't spend my time with it during my ONE-WEEK-HOLS.

I didn't went to anywhere during this holiday, most probably will just stay at homeee. Time doesn't let us travel around =( My younger sis gonna back to school on tHURS. bahhhh!

And my cousin's wedding will be on this saturday =]

So...during this hol, i was just sitting in front or tv either COMPUTER.
I am going to be crazy. (but better than study right?)

He is back!!! He reached Batu Gajah ystrday afternoon =)
I do miss him so much!!! gosh!
I never expected he will brought us (me and younger sisters) something GREAT from London. Thanks for the lovely bday card on July. And ystrday before having dinner, he gave me something :):):)


Its Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Fragrance ;)

He told me got 4 or 5 types. This smells greatest ;P

The behind picca! The fragrance is same as this LOVE Cartoon =D

Awww. What else can I say? It was soooo awesome!


While my 2 sis got Lacoste branded baggiess. I wish I own it too.. hehehe.


Thanks Uncle!

Happy Holidays Friends! ^_^

p/s: Taiwan peeps are lucky. HIM.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Drop by and just wanna



I am OK now. Everything will be OK.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Anyway, trial will be coming very soon. countdown ... days~
I started touched and read my book since 2days ago.
I hope I still can remember till the day I will be having my exam.

Okie. I went to eat dimsum ystrday morning, and did not went to Pn.Sasi's tuition hehe.
I may be going to kayEll on friday till saturday just for bookfair or SHOPPING? MM went there on mondayyy. she could not found that book!!! I MUST GOT IT since its having SALES right? *grins*winks*
I am eager to buy a book by 九把刀 entitled 后青春期的诗!
Hmm..maybe I can find some Lomophotography bookiess?

Sunday, July 26, 2009





Special thanks to,
Daddy. Mommy. Uncle Lawrence. Aunty Kheng. Uncle Mong. Sisters. Grandpa. Chanel. Charmaine.

Mei Mei. Hooi Vian. Wai Hou. Young Yei. Wai Mun (the guy). Pooi Yee. Kar Mun. See Mei. Su Mun. Yung Wei. Kam Cheng. Boo. Soon. Kok Siang. Kien Min. Mee Kheng. Mun Ee. Hui Yee. Jess. Pei Ley. Chia Hui. Kai Yan. Siew Kuan. Lih Sung. Zu Vui. Soong Huey. Wai Yoke. Li Yoong. Aunty FLY. Sean. James. Geston. Pei Yin. Chi Cheng. Vin Son. Jack. Irence. Chee Yung. SkyHo. Pui Ching. Hui Zhie. Ze Ling. Careen. Kiat Keong. Fong Mun. Yik Mun. Pei Yew. Wun Hui. Poh Yee. Yoon Nam. Sin Yee. Mei Hong. Hon Yuen. Zhe Yin. WJ.

and more more MOREEEEE.
I just cannot remember all the names.

Thanks and KISSES for u all! :D ♥

Saturday, July 18, 2009



Thursday, July 9, 2009


I read py's blog and saw that i got tagged.
And I am boring here, so..just take this la.

1. Last beverage - sky juice.

2. Last phone call - Mommy.

3. Last text message - Pei Ley.

4. Last song you listened to - Tanpa by Sixth Sense.

5. Last time you cried - Just now = =. Just because of a SIU PAU =/

6. Dated someone twice - what do u think?
7. Been cheated on - sure.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it - nope.
9. Lost someone special - yeaaa.
10. Been depressed - yup.
1. Been drunk and threw up - UNDER AGE. no BEERS.


15. Made a new friend - yea!

16. Fallen out of love - LOL.

17. Laughed until you cried - hahahah!! yea yea!!!

18. Met someone who changed you - this year? nope!

19. Found out who your true friends were - yup!

20. Found out someone was talking about you - not really.

21. Kissed anyone on your friend's lips - no way.

22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life - what is the meanin'? zzz

23. How many kids do you want to have - i don't know!

24. Do you have any pets - yea.

25. Do you want to change your name - munyi sounds great =) hahahaha.

26. What did you do for your last birthday? - last year? i forgot =X

27. What time did you wake up today - 6.18am

28. What were you doing at midnight last night - tv.

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for - the day before my bdayy =D

30. Last time you saw your Mother - ystrday nite.

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life - get better grades.

32. What are you listening to right now - ku sendiri by aliff aziz.

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom - nope.

34. What's getting on your nerves right now - errmm...

35. Most visited webpage -

36. Whats your real name - u guess.

37. Nicknames - gosh.many!!!!!!!!!!!

38. Relationship Status - single but taken. hahaha.

39. Zodiac sign - LEO.

40. Male or female - female.

41. Elementary? - apa ni?

42. Middle School? - my dearest smk yuk kwan =]

43. High school/college? - depends on my grades.

44. Hair colour - dark dark dark dark black.

45. Long or short - long

46. Height - 165? 166? 167?

47. Do you have a crush on someone? - now nope.

48. What do you like about yourself? - i am GOOD. and KIND. ngek ngek ngek.

49. Piercings - yes since form4.

50. Tattoos - No.

51. Righty or lefty - left handed.

52. First surgery - no.
53. First piercing - last year's october.
54. First best friend - jess.
55. First sport you joined - standard 1 : rabbit jump.
56. First vacation - don't know.
58. First pair of trainers - no?
59. Eating. - YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
60. Drinking - just now....
61. I'm about to - eat my 2nd siu pau XD
62. Listening - asked edi!
63. Waiting - ASKED EDI!!!!!!!!
64. Want kids? - don't know!
65. Get Married? - maybe tmr? LOL.
66. Career? - feng shui master. =.=


67. Lips or eyes - waist? hahahha!

68. Hugs or kisses - both.

69. Shorter or taller - mestilah taller.

70. Older or Younger - BOTH = =

71. Romantic or spontaneous - both.

72. Nice stomach or nice arms - BOTH.

73. Sensitive or loud - BOTH.

74. Hook-up or relationship - BOTH?!

75. Trouble maker or hesitant - BOTH. zzz!


76. Kissed a stranger - what do u think?

77. Drank hard liquor - NOPE.

78. Lost glasses/contacts - NO!

79. Sex on first datewhat? - WTH...

80. Broken someone's heartbroken - maybe?

Where's no.81? LOL.

82. Been arrested - No!

83. Turned someone down - think so.

84. Cried when someone died - YA!

85. Fallen for a friend? - no.

86. Yourself - not really.
87. Miracles - YESS.
88. Love at first sight - yeaa...
89. Heaven - maybe?
90. Santa Claus - YEA!
91. Kiss on the first date - no thriller's monster kisses.
92. Angels - nope.
Where's 93? zzz!


94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time - no lar sure.

95. Did you sing today? - yes.everyday!

96. Ever cheated on somebody? - yea...hehe,

97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? - i am not sure.

98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? - hmmmmm...

99. Are you afraid of falling in love? - sometimes...

100. Posting this as 100 truths? - 99.85%

101. At the end, you need to choose 15 people to be tagged .
- People who read it.
Will be seldom online. Studies.Tuition.Hang-Out.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The KING of POP.

Michael Jackson.


I like him since I watched his concert last week, it was SOOOOO AWESOME !

But now he's gone =(

I think there's no SECOND MJ will appear?


Thursday, June 25, 2009





无所不在。无处不玩。果然是郑X X!

Friday, June 12, 2009

TheGreenGang WON =D

Everything happened on 1st June, 2009.
I woke up so early in the morning-8a.m., though I slept so late last night, can't continue sleep.
Urgh.So I
took out my MP3, and listen to the songs. I felt that those songs quite bored, and I switched it to radio - ONE FM.
After 2 hours...I heard they are giving out V.I.P tickets for the 8TV's reality show named Ultimate Power Group (UPG). I was excited like walking on air. AndYouMustBeThe8thPerson. They said when they gave the hints, we need to sms to their special line there. Okieee. I've asked my sister to take the tixs for me, but SHE SAID SHE WON'T DO THAT.

The speed of my typing is incredible FAST. I send TWICE. Cause my sixth sense told me I WILL BE THE FIRST and NOT 8TH.
I am so eager to get the tixs, and I am TOTALLY NERVOUS.

After two minutes, I got a CALL. and I saw a KL number.
AHHA?!?!?!!!?!? IT WAS OneFM phone numberrrrrr!!!!

The D.J - Lucas, ME - MunYi
L : HELLO!!!!
L : ARE YOU MUN YII ?!?! (I registered as a member since 3 months ago. He alwiz talk with a EXCITED and HAPPPPPYYYY tune)
MY : ermm..ya... (shy)
MY : hmm...FRIENDZ?
L : OH? Tell me..why do u think is FRIENDZ?
MY : Well, i think they can sing very well compared with another 2 groups.
L : HUH? Okay...what do u want to tell them?
MY : Jia you la...jia you lor... (ewww.I really don't know what to say!)
L : Just two words? hey...tell something that hided bottom of ur heart. say it OUT!
MY : [GOSHHH.SHOULD I SAY I LOVE THEM? THOUSANDS OF NO WAY!] I know they will WIN in the final show this saturday! they will!!! *whisper* I just wanna get the VIP tickets *grins*
L : [he stopped. and we laughed for almost 3 seconds. swt.] erm..munyii, now we will give u away 2 VIP tickets!!!!! yay!
MY : HAHAHAHA. THANKS THANKS. (i was super nervous. and i suddenly thought of...WILL MY VOICE APPEAR ON RADIO LATER?!) Ermm...actually I am so happy, too happy, so don't know what to say...hehe. Thank you!
L : Alright. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA. ok, say thank you to 8tv. =)
MY : Thank you...ONE FM & 8TV =D
L : We will call u for ur further information later.
MY : Alright...

Ewww.what am I saying?! I think those who sent hundreds of sms will scold ME. cause i was talking non-sense! GOSH. GodBless. No one listens to OneFm that morning.

I told my mother and sisters and cousins.
They said I am super lucky.
NA NA NA. I got 4 tickets and special guest are BANGBANGTANG.
Uhm...sorry, not interested =)

No ones want to experience this muimuizai show with me on 6th June [FINAL].
Except my two younger sisters. my mom 50%-50%.
ME. YOUNGER SISTERS. and DADDY. will be going there.

Colours that represent the group.
GREEN - Friendz
RED - YaTou
ORANGE - XingJi (they translate their group name into english is totally..eeww..normally me n my sisters called them GO GO Boys.)

Time FLIES. its 6th June.
All of us went to KL to visit my sisters and going for this concert for sure.

These are the tickets.
I am not sure whether that incharged person gave the wrong tickets or my sis took the wrong tickets. I've asked OneFm person, I was really angry and I told them i want my VIP seats.
They said they can't do anything.
MY DAD SAID ITS OKIE. Cause we still can watch it clearly =)

Ini adalah seats kami!

Argh. nvm.
Luckily still got a BIG SCREEEN.

I am not sure how many people were there.
But it is incredible MANY. = =


While tv showing the introduction or whateva, they already at there.
hehe. No ones watches the screen and kept looking at the stage.
This performance of them was just OK only.

During advertisement time.
Playing games.

This was also just OK only.

This green fellows were so quiet when others performing.
I like them, especially the LEADER.
so supportive.
They got SLOGAN one eh!


The judges sit and stand.
Stand and walk.
Walk and back to their seats.
This happens during advertisement.
I don't like the white-coated-man.
i mean...uncle.

Voting Results =D
(my friend really voted for them a lot. I don't even vote once.
hahahha. I AM SERIOUS!)

Everyone fall in lurv with Ash since he sang the first sentence.

Why they sang like scolding people!
I wish i can turn it to MUTE.
(really tak boleh la this song. hmmm.)

About the GO GO BOYS.
Their english was killing me!
(my dad shaked his hand non-stop.I think this performance made him feel worst :P
Cause I don't think he will like this muimuizai shows. haha)

He can RAP.
He can Dance.
He can Judge.
But...please don't SING.

Orange fellows were totally dissapointed.
Red people were EXCITED. and wish to be higher than GREEN.

The last performance.
Ahh. All the audience revel in their nice performance.
(Honestly, this is the best performance during the 2 hours and 30minutes show.


Their singing is good.
But...the voice was hardly to listen.
9.2 ? HUH?!

The chubbies.

Nah.Highest scores.

Gosh. These guys...nicer and better than those final 3 groups.
(Hooi Vian and Sin Yee, Look at ur guys!)

Look at those fans.
Pengawal also scared!

Bravo guys!
U all really deserve it la.

VIP seats have most ORANGE.
Fewest RED.

I don't wear any related colour.

Okay. I saw many 'true conditions' during this LIVE show.

Well, we reached KL homeee on 12a.m.
And 1a.m. we decided to go for a drink.
Can u imagine 7 people squeeze in a car? And without any little children.
We went to 24-Hour-McDonalds.

daddy said, Luckily we are not sit that near just now.
I replied, WHY? Oh...okay, i got wha tu mean.
DADDY : YEAH. They weren't good looking.
I was like...yeah, u are right.
XX : LAME lar wei.

And returned home again on 3a.m.

P/S: I received many sms that nite during and after the show. They said they saw me jumping around, fooling around, laughing until very HIGH, picking things and bla bla bla.
They asked me why they can't saw me on the tv!! because they are busy searching me.
hahahahhaa. very funny :P
I was truly shocked cause someone said SHE REALLY SAW ME.
Thanks for searching me all night long buddiesss!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

teacher's day.

Finally I remember the date.

DATE : 29th May, 2009.

We played around with this 'waxen statue'.
We cannot bully him.
Cause HE is HERS =)
na na na na

HaHa Group's EP's cover.
Our style : Talkative, Funny and must be EXAGGERATE.

Honestly,many of us hided in bilik pengawas the whole day until the activity ended.

Anyway, happy teacher's day to Pn.Foong. Pn.Yip. Pn.Lim. En.BigChee. En.SmallChee. En.XXX (sorry, i really forgot ur name...ahh). Pn.Jeya. (Totally like this teacher) En.Gan. En.Chan. and many many many moreee... [sorry la, now having holidays, hardly remember all the teachers' name...]


Got chance to sit on karmun's car.
I mean she drove us there.
( daughter eh! hahaha)

Singing K. Luckily not all malay songs. many new songs!!!
We don't even know there's a small room for us to sing.
But its quite EXPENSIVE. THAT'S WHY I AM GERAM here.

HAHA GROUP performing.
Both of us love to grab the mic!
always! arms are BIG.

Luv u all =)

Don't know what so proud.
We always PEACE here PEACE there.
(Just like we WON the first prize on a singing competition, and got 1million!

Dont save this pic.
(because its too...hmm...i decided to remove it!

After a long time....
We walk walk walk.
We talk talk talk.
We sit sit sit.
We scream scream scream.
We seriously think that we need some drinks. comes out with this, cause its me order one.
Our very first time eat dishes. Normally we will order these with family rite?
(Excuse me, Can i have a bowl of RICE please?)
The waitress looked weirdly at us. WE JUST SNAPPED NON-STOP.

I think they need to say THANK YOU to us cause we help them GAIN so much money and BUSINESSSS.
GERAM again :)
SEE. I AM still enjoying.

Still taking the mic.
Saw all the photos, i really think that I REALLY NEED TO DIET...

This weirdo is TOTALLY SPEECHLESS.....

Left .... days.