Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy so....just S-I-N-G !

Hello. Hello. and HELLO!
I was like walking on air these days! ;D

Anyway, I came back from KL ystrday afternoon. Suppose to be at there for 3 days, but wanna meet parents' old friend, so...it became 4 days at KL! Anyway, had fun at there too =) Met handsomes and cuties. hahahaha.

I went to TARCollege's Open Day. Just accidentally saw the banner that hanging outside and just walked in there. Surroundings and all were good, the course costs not too expensive(if compare with TAYLOR'S), but just cannot make sure how's the lecturers.
Well, cuties around there ;)

After that, went to ATC. It's kinda "messy" there. But...since my sis said there can teach A-Levels very well and blah... Anyway, just had a visit there. That's not really my choice. I think..it's all the c-a-m-p-u-s matter ;(

Well, the third day planned is to shop at Sunway Pyramid! This shopping complex located at Subang there..so...my sis asked my parents to contact Uncle Y.K to have a meet. No objection~ Cuz' it's been a long time they never met, so we all were sitting at his home for more than 2 hours and Aunty Joanne asked us to have dinner together. And his son went to Taylor's Open Day, and asked us to have a look there, cuz' IT'S NEAAAAR!

Gosh. Honestly, I was truly attracted with TAYLOR'S :D I went to their new campus. LOVE IT LOVE IT.
Went to the new hall, and Mr.Kreisler met us and asked how can he helped us. The way he talked was humurous yet funny! But he told me that Pre-U student gonna stay in OLD ones, so...too bad, I can't join in the new campus here. *heart bROKEN!*
My sis seemed excited to move into there, she was LUCKYY :) She's going to move in this campus next year! *smilees*
Anyway, I am sure can't study here. I don't think I have the qualification to get it. The course costed there was times2 of ATC's. hmm =/

Have a walk there. Then went to Sunway Pyramid! SALES. SALES. SALES. AND

After that, went to have dinner with uncle, aunty and their children. They are my friends when I were 1/2/3/4 years old :D Too bad, hardly to open my mouth and talk again. *sweats* Anyway, their son was so good-looking eh ;) and CUTEEEEEE!
I hope he didn't view my blog ! O.O

Chat until late at night, then...my mom said let's have another at KL. =)

Yeah! Back to Batu Gajah. Then went to Pei Ley's BBQ.
Gang gathered together again!
AWWW. LOVE U GIRLSS! *huggies*

Though one of our girls can't attend, but...we are still CONCENTRIC. naaaw.
I do miss u girls always!

p/s: Tomorrow there's a education fair. Hope will enjoy my day and...hope it will be a FUN day as well! :)

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Hieya munnnnyiiiiii! ^____^ Just drop by!