Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am so confused with my future. I am worried.

Honestly, not really wanted to go to K.L for studies. But...Ipoh's a-levels really...not really that great. Still choosing which college to get into. I am quite shocked cuz' ystrday my dad tasked me to join TARC or ATC January intake. Well, hmm...I told him that was so rush! And...I haven't get my car license yet =(
I am so regret for late taking the undang test and driving lesson =/

I went to Sunway College Ipoh. AHha. Until now, haven't got student sign up for a-levels there. My dad was quite worried about the lecturer and the condition there was a bit...hmm...not very good. aNyway, I think if u wanna take diploma or accounting, there will be a not-bad-choice.

Olympia College Ipoh? A big NO NO for me.

I think I only have 3 choices for now. ATC. TARC. Brickfields.

Nah. I am very confused now.
I really need to study harder next year.
This time really need to wave hand and say BYEBYE to my laziness la.
I am going to fit into another new environment.

Still checking. Still thinking.


NICK Hon Yuen said...

haiz~ future, i dunno wat to do abt it, i m just desperate~ haiz~

佩仪 said...

come utar la..^^

MunYi C said...

Wow! 土姐! so shock to see u! =P utar? I saw ur photos, knew that u enjoy ur life so much! and got a BOYFRIEND too @@ HEHEHEH

佩仪 said...

haha..don call me 土姐啦..
haha..yala..v enjoy la..
bt v stress d leh..
utar no choice=p