Monday, December 14, 2009

It's all ENDed =)

Actually I have so much need to post here,'s kinda late now, and.... I am not in blogging-MOOD. hahahaha.

Anywway, the WAR that I faced ended! Quite worry with the subjects~!

It's TOO late to regret for not studyied hard last month. LOL.

Let's start.

I won Manhand's DvD from 8TV. Quite shocked.

Very EFFICIENCY ;) Got it after 3 days!

Na na na.

Postcards. :)

After Chemistry, straightly went to eldest's sis's another convo. Congrats for ur success! and...C.L.P :D
Proud of u eh! U always know it right? Kisses for you. U sure do still remember what u owe me ;)

naaw =]


Finally school life ends.
Going to return textbooks to school tomorrow (:

Gonna miss u guys so muchie!

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