Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sangat boring~

LOL. I was so bored, and checking facebook. And wanna check the promo details for my friend also.
And I saw something--the NAME, at first I really thought that one was ME. But I never register as member before. And that type of msg really not my style.
SuDAH langgar chinese name. duhh.
Buka mata besar-besaar, dan tengok baik-baik,budak ni dari JOHOR.
hahahaha! ;P

URGH. Just found that One of their song were nice (Y)
Don't compare their faces or looks la, a song named 因为爱你 by them real NICE. GOOOSHH. go to youtube and check it OUT :D
(Don't know which part, i think the voice a bit...hmm...not nice la... don't know who's that. LOL.)
Faced the comp for 4++ hours edi...boring laaaa~~


MH Wong said...

Same situation here. Nothing to surf, but yet don't want to shut down the computer. =_=

NICK Hon Yuen said...

hey.. i m ntg to surf too...hahaha~
really sienz!
now addicted in restaurant city liao... wahahahaha~

MunYi C said...

i am always log into fb and play the games. urggghh. yea. dont feel like want to shut down the comppppp