Tuesday, October 13, 2009

หนังสือ !

B O O K S !

My personal message in my msn :
Just finished ONE chapter of Sejarah.

Someone nudged me.
"I am HAPPY =) Good Job! This month has to sacrifice. No entertainment no TV, u'll feel even happier to get back the things u normally get to do. You study hard for ur exam, after everything's over i'll bring you out to the restaurant you want. Korean...Japanese...sushi? Deal?!"

"sweat... DEAAAALLL! I am not like before 24-hour-tv-addictor. I watched 3 hours each day! *winks*"

"Still three hours! save some time! Try to use ur dinner break to watch tv as well!"

"aLRIGHTTT. I'll try to cut down to 2hours then. =/ Don't dare to watch too much, afraid will addicted."

"Yes! Please!"

Yeah, she's my eldest sister. One of the family members that cares a lot about me. She had passed her CLP! :D A great news for all of us!!!

Congratulations, Lawyer-Soon-To-Be :)

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MH Wong said...

What's your title means eh?
HAHA. Ka Yau :D