Monday, December 17, 2007


PETALING JAYA: The dating game is over for TV personality and ESPN Star Sports presenter Soo Kui Jien and Channel [V] VJ Sarah Tan. The couple will be tying the knot at a low-key reception on Dec 21 at a resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Following a two-and-a-half-year romance, the couple have finally found the time to exchange marriage vows.

"We've always talked about it and have been wanting to do it but have just not found the time ... until now," said the 35-year-old Jien, as he's affectionately known.

While the romance has been sweet, Jien said the proposal process wasn't quite the finished article.

"I'd like to lie and tell you that it was romantic, but it was typically us," he laughed.

Jien had attempted to get a ring in Singapore, where the couple is based, but could not find the right fit.

"I finally found one that fit perfectly while I was in KL. While I was at her parents' place, I asked their permission and then proposed to her. She was upset with me because I had come home late the previous day but she still agreed," he said of his 27-year-old bride-to-be.

(They will get marry on 21st Dec! ) =D

Credits : Celeb Stop

I just can't believe. I saw JIEN again after 2 years! woooo!
Now he looks so ROUND. hehe. Fat a bit already. But for me, he still very good looking!
:) RIGHT?!

He still look so CUTE even though he's 35!!!

HIS RING! hehehehehhe!

My collections of MALAYSIAN IDOL 2004(front page). OMGGOSH. I wasted so much money to buy those magazine abt M.I and pasted here. haha. I think 8TV gonna buy this from ME~

iNSIDE~~ I have many pages. lols. (I am more hardworking to do these compare to my homeworks! Gosh!)

Malaysian Passion. This article i like the MOST!

Okie. I have 3 copies of this article! I am so support JIEN these years!
U guys never know. hehehehe ^^

Handsome and Pretty.
They should be together! :)
(i am HONEST lah)

Congrats once AGAIN!!! ^^

p/s: From seeing back my own cover book of Malaysian Idol, i can know that HOW CRAZY AM I. and most important is MY HAND WRITING WAS SO UGLY that time!
OH NO! Anyway, god bless, i improve LOTS!

Written by Mun Yi.


yukari said...

ai yer
wat hell u r writing
malaysian idol?
it's ou of date!
u r really an old aunty

manda said...

OMG! cant believe that u are so-very-crazy!!

u ACTUALLY made MI into a scrapbook kinda thingy!!!
u are like ONE IN A MILLION FANS will do that.

wei, i have a huge calendar posters of wuwu, which my bro gave me as a surprise. am so happy and was like shouting when i saw it in my wardrobe.

mun yi said...

manda-Do u huggggg ur bro of giving a huge WUWU's calendar poster for u? Hehehee! I do not like One In A Million. sweat~ Anyway,hope u will be back from Hanoi soon!