Sunday, October 14, 2007


First, i got a lil bit dissapointed ystrday night. But then, i am quite happy and i am satisfied.
But all happened in-a-RUSH.

but still happy until WALALALA~~


Okie. Took this photo UN-PREPARED-LY. My hair so messy. Sigh. Anyway, i do not like the photo. I do not look great. But the guy...hohoho!

He was so cool~ Waahhahaahhaha!
Anyway, thank GOD, he still remember me :D

Well, i talk a lot with my cousin sister ystrday.
And we just walk around Parade, then she talks a lot abt her school to me, and tell me that ACTUALLY PARADE HAVE MANY GANGSTER. haha.

Yupp. I know this. And have many La La Zai too~ =P

柯有伦~ Alan Kuo~~~ A brand new rocker's voice 'flies' to my ears.

What can i say, i listened his album all day LONG. Don't believe, can asked anyone at my HOME.

All his songs were great!

Now i like ROCK. walalalaa~ ^^

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Princess in hurt said...

yor girl!!that nite really very cool...unlucky we r late!!Haih...anyway..that the first time v chat so long geh...keke