Friday, October 19, 2007


Micky u r so cute duhh!

I am definitely CRAZZIIEE with TVXQ! All is tht Popo and M.Q's fault.


They influence ME. But im darn enjoy it! hahahaha!!

Hmm...2day really have a great time ^^ But then i spent so MUCH money!
Anyway, im so generous today. And i don't want to talk about it again.

That's all. Im busy watching TVXQ's videos n waiting for the kindest gal -Kar Mun send all my Micky's photos for me!!!


Gorgeous? Cool? Funny? Handsome?

Anyway, my MICKY already have all these. Dont ever touch my MICKY again. hehehe. Ya! Im saying YOU! :-P


Hayasaka Yukari said...

yoyo....anyway u said i'm generous and kind it's enough 4 me
XD haha
but ur destiny husband is fat fat lol!
i love my yunho 4rever!!

mandee said...

omg. who is this hayasaka japanese girl liking yunho?????

dont tell me its that fella who touch wuwu!??????

MunYi C said...

KarMun : Dont say forever. U like ur Xuan Bin better :P or ur Zhu Meng!

Mandee : Aiyoyo..who dare to touch ur wuwu lar! She's my classmate okie~ walalaa~~