Wednesday, October 24, 2007

bla bla and BLA!

Oh my godness. I only can use the word CRAZY to describe MYSELF. CRAZY with anything, everything.
And i can be CRAZY everyday, everyminute and every second.

Well, my nerves got some problem now.

Don't SCREAM when u watching their videos.

Don't LAUGH alone when u r watching their videos.

Don't SMILE to the comp while watching the videos from YOUTUBE.

Don't IMAGINE they are ur boifrens when watching their video.
Don't PRAISE them everytime u saw them from tv.
Those DON'Ts i think my family want to tell me SINCE IM CRAZY WITH TVXQ!
I knew my problems!

If u have the same problem like me, i would like to meet and be ur good friend.
Hmm...should i say NO to TVXQ now?

1 comment:

mandee said...

ah.. my micky looks cute here. :)

eeh... ur lil poem sounds like i am the one.