Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stadium Bukit Jalil~

This post suppose to post 27th Oct.2007~ But my computer's monitor got some problem, so now i only post something in my blog!
Anyway, im glad i can use it now ^^

I went to stadium for a concert, hm...not a really concert, just a malaysia 50 years chinese got many tradisional shows, and got some singers perform too!
Honestly, my daddy paid so much for the tickets.
And I felt so waste lar, already paid so much, and got DannyOne, i want to go there watch him perform LIVE! oh yea~
Finally, we arrived KAY ELL :)

That stadium was HUGE :)

When we reached there, i heard someone singing, its Andrew Chan/Andrew Tan. (LOL. i dont really rmbr his english name. Winner of internasional ATQ singing competition)

And when i steop in there,i LISTEN DANNY'S VOICE!!! YA!!! ITS HIM! WHEN I RUN TO FRONT OF THE STAGE, he said THANK YOU. (He finished his song. and i wonder WHY he only sing ONE song??!?!?!! its UNFAIR to him!)
And i really dissapointed....my ONLY ONE singer that i-want-to-WATCH!
Anyway, its HOT there. And in front have many empty tables, and me n my mum just move FRONT THERE. ehehehhe =)

Here's the picssss~~ ^_^

OH MY GOSH! (Just half of the photo only, cuz' that's really SO MUCH people.)

This is the programme tht i want to tell u guys just now.
It wasn't a concert ^__^

Welcoming Prime Minister. Walking red carpet. haha.
And now is ONLY THE TIME started LIVE on ASTRO.

I really really WONDER WHY ASTRO doesn't show his SOLO peformance LIVE. And luckily he appear once again with others kinda XXX singers.
Anyway, i like DANNY. DANNY! DANNY!
(make some noise for danny eh?)

Boring and HOT. then BYE BYE. those waiter and waitress just like ant q-ing up and giving food to the GUESTS. haha.

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