Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happiieee Bday to SE7EN!!!

9th. November, 2007.

2day morning, i told my sista. 2day is Se7en's bday, I do not know how to drive to cake shop and buy a cake for Se7en.(Mum&Dad went to China d,while elder sista back to KL d) But, I'll go to 7-Eleven walk around. I was JUST JOKING tht time cuz' im too lazy to walk even though the distance is less than 1km~hehe.

Its time to eat dinner in my granny's. After 2 and a half hours, my aunt wanna fetch us back. And my aunt asked me to go to 7-11 buy something. And me n my sista looked each other. And i was HA-HA-HA-HA!!! My aunt tot i am not willing to help her. So i got to explain to her. wakakakaa.

I was so happy while stepped into 7-11. I was keep smiling myself and smile to the lady who worked there too! (feel stupid eh?)

Reach HOME. It was showing the finale of 'Project Runway', and i wish Alexandrea will win this.
What...Felix is WON?! But then, i think Alex's is more creative and BRAVE! Felix's just only-OK.

The show was finished. It was 10:30pm. And i think of wanna bake a cake for SE7EN.
Without any preparation AND I BAKE A CAKE SUCCESSFULLY. I know im talented in baking cakes and cooking ^^

Ingredients : Biscuits. Margerine. Eggs. Sugar. (Walao eh...i nvr know without flour also can bake a cake! wahahahahaha) and PLUS...tis is my first time bake a cake! And i nvr watched ppl bake a cake before!

Even snap a simple photo also need to do a stupid pose. :P
Anyway, they helped me lots too. Thanks. Dun eat the biscuits pls!

I wasn't FAT like this okie?!

Juz bake a small one, in case if its not delicious.

35minutes needed =)


Walao! Nice. I keep saying its so WANGI in the kitchen. Smells good! But it seems left something! Candles? or Cream for the word HAPPY BDAY SE7EN?!

Mayb we r too intelligent. hahaha.
Ketupat! Dont alwiz steal my phone n actually u just wan to snap urself!

YES. Its co-co-crunch. I realized there was NO MORE bday candles.
And raisins already expired for 6MONTHS! and it still keep in the fridge! ohmygosh!

It tastes quite good. But i put too many eggs *shy* (Just got eggs' taste =P)
First time mah...sure not so good geh lar. By the way, my cake is sugar-free. I put too lil SUGAR!!! My sister keep complaining that put coco-crunch is much more nicer!!!

And i say i will make a nicer next time. ^__^

Happy Belated Bday to SE7EN again!!!

p/s: I am not FAT. I am SLIM.


manda said...

walau eeh!!

u r really crazy!! the most i go crazy over that idiot is by dreaming of him. why dont u sent that blog page to se7en?

MunYi C said...

Yea!!! You're right! How come i dint think of it! I gotta find SE7EN's company's email first!
SE7EN will be touched...and...come to MALAYSIA find me!! =P *deaming*