Thursday, November 29, 2007

Money Money~ Come to ME!

ME : Do u have any friends want to back to Korea?

Sista : Why?

ME : I wanna buy SE7EN's CD.

Sista : Let me sms him first.


While my sis is asking, i was THINKING. I really think deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeplyyyyyy!

This is the competition btw


Sista : His friend is going back. Whose album u want to buy?????

ME : SE7EN!!!!!!

Sista : Here don't have meh? How much is that?!

ME : Here got his previous albums only. I already survey the whole Perak. tHE PREVIOUS ALBUM COSTED RM56.90+++!!!

Sista : *shocked* Huh. ARE U SURE U WANT TO BUY?


Sista : U better save ur money first. What is the album's name?

ME : I saved it long time ago what. (But i spent it again. LOL) SE7OLUTION.

Sista : Okie. Rmbr to save ur money! If its TOO expensive, its not my false.

ME : OK!

I would like to collect money now ^^ and for sure, i will TRY to SAVE money from 2day.

No matter DIRTY CASH from the road or MONEY that i picked from road. I LOVE it.

If u wish to donate money to me, please take out ur handset and type

RM100 (Depends how much, but it a MUST more than RM100) and send it to my phone

number. I will surely give u a reply with my account number. LOL.

Thanks a lot. Mun Yi will appreciate what u have done :)

Smile! :D

2 comments: is Milky Terrapin said...


Give your hand to me..
I give you some..

what can i say?

Gambateh for your money then.

manda said...

dreaming la u!! time to wake up!!