Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good day!

Today is Wednesday. Should not be having any classes today, but replacement class for Commercial forced me to spend 5bucks for parking again, means I got class la. What the heck I was talking about. Sweat. Before class, I went Leisure Mall for movie. Met my friend there, we decided to watch different movie cause we think its too geli to watch a romantic movie together. She watched Breaking Dawn ; Me watch Cold War! Anyway I'm so satisfy with Coldwar till now! This is the movie that made me eyes feel so comfortable all the time, so many good looking! And quite ci gik, cause suddenly will have BOMB. -.- Watching movie alone is not as pathetic as you think. I enjoyed! :D

After that, bargain bargain! Speedy got sale! I bought a Japanese drama named The Boss, The Hero starred by Tomoya Nagase! My very first Jpop idol. Hahaha. Then bought Alan Kuo's 5 years ago's album! The album that I really loved it! I loved all 10songs by him! This album is really worth! Lastly, brain dah rosak I guess, I bought Kim Hyunjoong's this year album - Break Down. Haha, cheated,cause it has only 6 songs, two songs are the same just one in normal another in Instrumental version. Its okay. My mood very good after the movie!

After movie, Cds, lunch then head to college. Rain and thunder are distractions. Can't focus on 2nd part of tutorial. -.-
That's all! Too much fun things! Tired of pressing my phone, haha. Good night and November going to end real soon. :( Means my bestie gonna leave to Bangkok soon. =/

Life goes on cmy! And and and I'm so happy that I studied these two days! :) Nights!

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