Monday, November 5, 2012


At this late night, I'm thinking a lot again. I'm actually suspecting someone dislikes me. I don't know what's happening, ehh tell la please -.-
Mr.Suresh back in action today! Feel so happy when I stepped into class and saw he's standing there start lecturing! Normally he will b teaching in JB and Singapore only! My energy are all back and I manage to pay full attention in that 2hours & 30mins lecture! Trust is one of the subject I'm blank with, but with his guidance, at least there's one topic is in my hands now. Weeee! Seriously, he should teach in Kl! I'm ok if its him teaches me all four subjects. -.- Bcause of his appearance during my first year revision class, I managed to get higher marks in contract. Hehehehhee. Bangga!

Anywayyyy... Its 1a.m. now,gotta sleep! Good luck to my sis who gonna face SPM tmr! Should be today! Best of luck! :D

Tomorrow my class till 8:30pm. Zzzz!

Miss kawan karibsss ku in Perak! Aih. Its been a long time never see them :( Hopefully can have a crazy... I mean happy gathering during deepavali. Hehehehe.

Sweet dreams people!

P/s: In case u miss me, I attached one silly photo of mine along this post! Haha. If you're moody, hopefully this will cheer u up! If you're mad, pls close my blog immediately, don't curse me. -.- Hey! My mouth can insert one cow already. Haha.

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