Sunday, April 13, 2008


After my Chemistry tuition today,i decided to go to KFC with my friends ot have my breakfast.
I chat a lot with my good friend, she's really a great friend, what can i say, she is very understanding. I listened to her stories, quite touched. haha.
Suddenly she talked about her grandma, I can knew how happy n how GREAT her smile when she talked about it. I knew she loves her, and her grandma loves her much too.
What to do,i can't control myself n talked about my mah mah too.

I still remembered how cute is my dearest mah mah. She will shout at the tv when she knew a KILLER putting some 'toxic' into an actor's cup, she keep asking the actor not to drink it.
Finally, the actor was not drink it. Haha. I felt so funny and how can an elegant lady so cute like this!

Sddenly,i really miss my mah mah. I cried alone. I cried, i cried, tears rolling down...
My family members all went out.

I cannot control my tears.

Actually I blame myself that im not always beside u when u're sick. I felt so sorry. I knew u love us. I really do! How can i complainso much when mom said we need to go to ur house. I wish to see u sit in the living room and watch tv with us, having breakfast with us, go n shopping with us, went to morning market with u, dance or sing for u.

I remembered u asked me don't be too sad when i only got 2As in PMR. That time i was so shame n dun dare to face anyone. Thanks for all the loves n encouragement in my life. Sometimes i felt like missing something when u're not here anymore. I miss u when i looked at ur photo in yeh yeh's home. U really look pretty n nice.

I remembered that nite u're very very tired, i called u so much times u opened ur eyes for a while n say ERM? Then u close ur eyes again. I was so worried that time. I wish i can RUN into KFC n get some mashed potato for u. Since u said u feel u want to have some.

My tears rolling down again. I really miss u. I really miss u.

Please don't worry about me, ok? I will study hard n enter a great Uni. U told me before right?
I will nvr forgot what u told me. We will always go to yeh yeh's place to accompany him. no worries =)

I love you.
mah mah, rest in peace.


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Mei Hong said...

mun yi, ka yau.
support u, k?

amanda said...

hey yoh!

u will never walk alone! sometimes i cry too thinking bout my grandma although it has been 7 years!