Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I miss her.

I wanna hug her more.
I wanna KISS her more.
I want her to stay beside us.

Unfortunately, she can't stay longer time. It already pass a week.
I will miss her, and i won't forget how she looks like.
She is always the elegant n pretty lady in my heart.

I love u, grandma.


wuwu's. said...


sorry to hear that.
cheer up. be strong yah. se7en will always support u.

Cz Billson said...

time will fix everything ya, just patiently take care of urself ya, friends are always aroudn you~!!!

i'm one of them ya.

mun yi said...

thx a lots :D

p/s: SE7EN beside me now. haha! :-P