Friday, August 22, 2008

olympics druggs!

I was so darn busy till I forgot how’s my blog now. LOL.
Leo Club ; Olympics! ; cleaning my stuffs?! ; hanging out with family and friends? ; and bla~
Early in the morning now, ayam dah berkokok, I know its time to update my blog.
I was so addicted to my Olympics these days. But…now, no lar, stop already. Liu Xiang got injured =( I stopped and switched to watch others. No only because Liu Xiang okie, all my favs finished.

Anyway, lets get started ;)

I was so glad that Lee Chong Wei got SILVER medal for us. Stop blame-ing him! He already done his best! Those ppl who said he played like SHIT that day, why don’t u join in a small competition in ur school and see how’s ur standard?! LCW is World No.2 =) I think he will beat Lin Dan another day. Just another day. Ahahaha. LCW bakal menerima gelaran Dato’ daahahhahaha! 26-year-old got Dato =) Not bad not bad.

Mr.Liu Xiang

Hmm. Kinda disappointed. Honestly, I’ve been waited to watch him again. And I waited him for 4 years. Duhh. I never lie okie winks* That day I watched it LIVE in Florex Restaurant while having lunch with my mom. It was kinda blur and I gotto watched it FAR AWAY though there was showing by a thingy…LOL,I forgot what it called,school used it That’s why I feel the way he walked was freaking weird! Until he RUN slowly and looked at his expression, I can predict what the h*ll is happened. While he walking out formt here, everyone was looking at him. Some of them were cried a lot,their face full of tears. Urgh. Im definitely sad sad sad sad. Nvm. More 4 years. LONDON =) Rest more Xianggg!
Its better if he quit from the competition. 医学教授:刘翔退赛是保护 没有特效药复发率高 (credit: Sohu)

“我相信刘翔能跑到2012年伦敦奥运会。”孙海平肯定地说。HAHAHA. Great!

I watched it LIVE through TV :(

Those reporters. Uhmm :’(

I bet that THIS FELLA must very happy now. Ish! Blackiesh! Watch out!!
Like a MOO MOO face!

刘翔退赛后,古巴名将罗伯斯毫无疑问拿下了110米栏的金牌。看看他超“牛”的表情,没有了刘翔的赛场仿佛成了他一个人的舞台。(credit: SOHU =)

U will break the RECORD again and get GOLD medal while in London! 2012!

The Robinhood - CHENG!!!

Ok, Malaysia still Boleh.
Cheng Chu Sian =) (Malaysia’s Robinhood. daaahahaha) :P
He got into top8! Yaysss!

See his perfect SHOOT. Final shooooooot! ;)

Blogging is good and GREAT. But...i have to take almost an hour to updat this post.
I am slow or what? whatva~
haha. Have a cool holiday!


Anonymous said...

mum just 4get ur lcw n liu xiang
continue ur life wif darlie ok
lcwe wanna get married liao
so stop thinking of him
but i will always think of my phelps

meihong said...

why liu xiang left the match?!

MunYi C said...

liu xiang got injured. phelps? ewww. =P i was just joking alrite.