Saturday, February 23, 2008

busy lifeeee

I felt so sorry to my blog cause i really have a long time not really update my blog.
OMG. I was so shock when i knw my last updated is LAST 2 MONTHS!
Darn busy these days.
Studies, school activities, homeworks, clubs, tuitions and lots.
(including watching the second toufu? LOL)

Now...I really felt that TIME isn't enough for me!
My brain really can EXPLODE when i think of the AddMaths questions. OMGODNESS.
And Chinese New Year passed, also don't have any special feeling.
On the first day of CNY, I feel its so...hmm....NORMAL. haha.
Maybe I grow up already or I AM OLD ALREADY? or no ones really cares abt CNY?
Everyone was so busy, UNTIL NOW.

Yeap.My sister's friend from Japan came to Malaysia for two weeks or three weeks? She came Batu Gajah to celebrate CNY. Japan doesnt have CNY! I think its really a good experience for HER. hehe. Even though she can't speak English well,i still feel sad when she wanna leave us. SIGH. We will miss u, Chie =) I will surely go to find u if i have a chance to FLY to JAPAN ^^

I treat her eat and drink. HEHEHE. Anyway, i looked fat in tis photo. The REAL of me wasnt that FAT =)

I woke up early and make myself to look good. BUAHAAHAHAa. Coz i want to look at my BLACK PRINCE. muahahhahaa. Okie. Just think that i was joking. Take it easy guys.
I would like to announce here that


omgggggggg! I was feel so proud cause im from RED HOUSE too. Though i doesn't give any sumbangan. LOL. hehe. But...i think this is the best year tht red house have! And plus, wish nex year is our YEAR too! RED IS THE BEST EVER!
Anyway,this year really have to thank our ketua rumah. Bcoz of him we got lots of points!
St.John WON the best MARCHING TEAM!
Okie, i was so so so glad to listen it. (i am not a St.John memeber,i am a prefect =)
Cause St.John is always my IDOL. I think they r cool. *winks*
I do not join any abt marching this year.
I was DEFINITELY n INCREDIBLE-ly REGRET! At first, i think of my own health. I was just recover from fever! Second,i felt so bored to march under the HOT SUN! And now..i was regret, can i back to last week? I want to join RED HOUSE marching team, n not prefect's :-P

HEHEHEHE. i am not a betrayer.

CHENG MUN YI felt so PROUD at this moment.


Exam will be coming soon, cannot laugh too much d. Must keep my playful mind. And crazy thinking. Okay, good luck to me! I wish i can get the 1ST in my class =)

All the best to me!!!



Anonymous said...

i like red too. uh.. we like RED too!!! WE are the red+Prefect~ I always like RED one. Red is my colour. hohoho~ since primary school i wanted to go into the red house already. hehhee~ red house is the best of the best of the best! mun yi, u sure will get the 1st. and mayb masuk our class too. add oIL~!!

Anonymous said...

i am mei hong.

mun yi said...

thx mei hong! im RED since standard one =)

mEI hOng said...

hidung tinggi adi?
hehhe, so did u get number 1?

mun yi said...

NOPE. urgh.