Saturday, June 14, 2008


Woah. I never knew that being a leader such a hard thing! Mayb im not the one who is suitable to be a leader, or GOD wants to train me?
I am so darn busy with my studies & school activities, clubbing too! Organising a camp, having a major project, speak louder n clearer, be active & bla! Its what a leader should have!
Suddenly everything come true to my mind, I can manage it. Everything for me just so suffer. Next Saturday is Parents' Day at school. I am so worry how's my parents react when they knew my result! I had been promised them I need to get good result and go back to the first class.
Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

I felt I wanna cry, but i told myself to be tough. Everything doesn't goes smoothly, i think this is what we called- LIFE. I think i need to oevercome all these FEARs and SCAREDs and for surely, PRESSUREs. And really thanks to the friend who always ready to listen to ME.
Thank you very much. I really do feel better when i told u guys all these things.
Ohya. The feeling that wanna go to find a counsellor teacher was GONE =)

Just hope i can do better now.

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